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Outsiders, a Vi and Pantheon story

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Ok, so I may be just a little bit of an idiot. I've had this finished for around three weeks, and I just now realized that I forgot to publish it on this page... so... uh... incoming ridicule. Chapter 2 everyone!

Chapter 2: Rematch

When Vi woke, the first thought in her head was “Damn, my head hurts.” Her second thought: “Where the hell am I?” She staggered off of the bed she was sleeping in. The room had a helm, a spear, and an aegis on the wall. Under normal circumstances she should have made the connection, but it took her a bit longer in her groggy state. She opened the door, tripped and fell, and when she got up, came face to face with Leona.

“Feeling better?” She asked.

“A bit sore, but yes. How long was I out?” Vi replied.

“About nineteen hours. You were hurt pretty bad. Garen found you a little after Pantheon and helped take you back here.”

“What?” Vi was confused, but then remembered. Darius. He and his cronies had gang beaten her, and almost killed her. “Oh right… What happened to them?”

“Darius got off easy, but only because you were our priority. When I see him again, he’s going to regret crossing me,” came Pantheon’s voice. Shortly after, the unmasked warrior entered the room. He had a great big scar across the left side of his face, and short, scruffy black hair.

“But, why would you help me? You were on his team.” Vi asked

“Darius is a sore loser. He blamed Leona and I for their loss, even after our win against Ionia beforehand, and because I enjoyed fighting you.”

“Oh,” Vi said, feeling slightly pleased with herself. “Wait a second, where am I?”

“You’re in Targon’s champion quarters, dear. We tried to get you into the Piltover quarters, but no one was there to let you in.” Leona said.

“Vi! You in there, love?” Caitlyn’s voice came.

“She’s in here, honey, one moment.” Leona called as she unlocked the door. Caitlyn looked at Vi, who could only look awful. She grinned.

“Well, love, I always thought you were the one that gave the black eyes, never thought you’d get a few in return,” Caitlyn chuckled.

Vi cracked a smile, but it was removed shortly after. “I’ve decided to have Ezreal take my spot in our match against Noxus. Someone needs to take care of you until you feel better.”

“Cait, you’ve GOT to let me play. I need to get that ******* Darius back!”

“Darling, you’re in no shape to fight.”

“Of course I am! Cait, you’ve known me forever, when am I NOT in shape to fight?”

Caitlyn sighed. “You have a point. Fine, Ezreal won’t take my spot.” She turned to Pantheon and Leona. “Would the two of you like to play for us against Noxus later today?”

Leona nodded, and Pantheon responded by lifting his spear and yelling a Rakkor war cry.

The timer for the match lay at one hour. Caitlyn, Pantheon, Vi, Leona, and Ziggs lay in the tactics room, preparing for battle.

“Ahem,” Caitlyn said, “Top lane and the jungle. Which of you is going where?” She gestured to Vi and Pantheon.

Vi looked at Pantheon and said, “I don’t care. I would like to beat up Darius, but I bet Pantheon does too.”

“I’ll fight Darius,” Pantheon declared.

“Alright, next up, Ziggs. You know Katarina’s tactics inside and out, which is why they likely will have found someone else to play for them. One of my sources tell me that they have gotten Viktor, so be aware of that. Noxus has likely called in someone to support them from elsewhere, and I feel it may be that one with the big shield that joined recently. What was his name again?”

“Braum,” said Leona, “I’ve practiced with him a lot, he’s a real sweetheart.”

“Yes, that one. If you can knock down his shield he should be no problem.”

“Attention Champions! Please come to the summoning room to start the match!” A voice over the loudspeaker demanded.

The five made their way to the summoning room, and faced the Noxians. Their team consisted of: Darius, Lee Sin, Diana, Draven, and as Caitlyn predicted, Braum.

“Teams, shake hands.”

Vi shook Diana’s, Braum’s, and Lee Sin’s normally, but used her massive gauntlets to give a rather painful handshake to the two brothers. Darius growled.

“Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!”

“Vi, honey,” Caitlyn called, “Be careful!”

“Cait,” Vi called back, “When am I ever careful?”

Caitlyn rolled her eyes and walked with Leona down to the bottom lane. She and Pantheon proceeded to walk to the Elder Lizard (they were on purple side this time).

“So,” Pantheon said, “You take fighting seriously?”

“Hell yes,” Vi replied, “There is nothing better than beating the **** out of someone on a regular basis.”

“Hmm, you should come meet the Rakkor someday; I think you would like it there. We like fighting just as much as you do.”

“Well, they sound like pretty damn good people, if you ask me.”

Pantheon and Vi easily took the Lizard, and this time Vi made her way to the Ancient Golem alone. She was about halfway done when she was hit in the back with something very loud. A second later, Lee Sin flew towards her, knocking her on the ground.

“Son of a *****!” Vi yelled.

She sprung up and charged her gauntlets, using both of her excessive force charges at the same time, and pinned Lee Sin against the wall. She began to punch him repeatedly, until he jumped over the wall, disappearing. Soon after that, she was struck with an axe. She saw Draven, and charged her gauntlet and rushed him.

“My shield is here for you!” Braum yelled as he jumped in front of her, shield up. Pain ran up her arm as she shattered the magical barrier in front of her.

A beam of warm light passed through Vi as Leona moved to Draven. She struck him with her shield and he fell to the ground, taking a few bullets from Caitlyn before she fired her Piltover Peacemaker, killing Braum, and allowing Vi to tackle Draven and bash his head in.

“You have slain an enemy!”

Vi smiled at Caitlyn, “Good shot, cupcake.”

“Why thank you, love.”

Vi nodded at Leona and proceeded to return to the fountain, the summoner’s blue light enveloping her. When she returned, she approached the shopkeeper and bough a coat made of quills, and running shoes. She ran towards the north side of the jungle, and hid in a bush and signaled Pantheon. He nodded, and immediately jumped on Darius and struck him in the head with his spear. Vi sprinted out of the brush, got low, punched Darius so hard that he flew into the air, and then jumped up after him, slamming him back into the ground. Pantheon hurled his spear, and a yellow light surrounded Darius as his summoner teleported him away.

“Not on my watch, you cowardly son of a *****!” Vi yelled. She charged her Vault Breaker and collided with his face, her blast shield activating to take the shot from the turret. She punched him twice more, before charging a gauntlet for the kill. As she jumped out of tower range, Darius fell dead.

“Get Dunked.”
Part 1/2

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Going to try and work on this a lot faster, feedback is welcome. That is all

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When is the next one coming? Is this dead?