Riot I don't think Braum is strong enough and cannot look good in eSports

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Rengar is life



pls giv ward jump on w pls is real balanceD pls

onli ally jump move which are not ward jump !!

I like how Burden of Knowledge used to be something Riot avoided. Now These newfangled "we put 100 months of effort into this guy" champions kind of crack that open.

In all seriousness, I don't think Braum should be able to ward jump, but he has the only jump to ally dash that can't be used on wards. You're breaking your own rules.

Not to mention some projectiles still vanish on occasion like Anivia's Q, who's to say Windwall or Unbreakable deleted the projectile when you're used to it occasionally going mia? These abilities aren't very readable at all, and they don't promote healthy counter play. At the very least they should fail to block projectiles wider than the wall, but that just makes it even more confusing.

Not to mention Taric. What even is Taric after Braum's release? He's like Braum Beta ver. 0.1, hell even Sejuani looks like Braum's estranged pre-release teaser.

Looks like Riot finally hit their wall with what makes sense within their rules, even new champs that do work in their rules like Vel'Koz have some really weird **** going on- have you seen how Velky's ult scales? Why are his base damages so high, are we meant to stack M Pen? But one of his main damage sources is true damage.

I think it's awesome Riot's finally breaking their rules, but I hope their rework team is truly as big and great as hinted to be, because they have a lot of outdated champions that'll need updating if they want to compet-- oh. ESports. Right.

Twitch got massive buffs with his VU didn't he, that's why he's allll over the competitive scene after his VU, but not before it, right?
He didn't?
Oh. Does that mean Morg's either getting massive nerfs or a VU soon?