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Ranked Placement Matches

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So, I know a lot of people complain about ranked and how there are first timers that can get matched with someone who has played hundreds of games in ranked and therefore happen to be at the same Elo. I am not a good player by any means, and don't play much in ranked anymore due to not having much fun there.

I propose a new way to have new players join into the ranked ladders. I propose placement games so that they do not ruin games of long time ranked players. In Starcraft 2, they require 10 placement matches before you actually enter into the ladders. They should do something similar with new players here. Something along the lines of you must play 10 placement ranked games with the other new players to see how you fit among them, and then distribute an Elo based on how they do in those 10 games.

I know that there would have to be more fine tuning of this system if it were to be implemented, but I just wanted to hear what the community thinks of this.