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Jax, how do I?

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AP Jax? I Have never seen such a thing. Care to explain?

It's a build that utilizes his skills' decent AP scaling (Leap Strike- 1.0 / Counterattack- 0.8 / Relentless Assault 1.0) which makes him a nuke with the proper build.

I'm just experimenting all the different builds in practice games to get a feel for which build I like best. A tank Jax build is pretty nice too. Doran > Tabi > Phage > Emblem > Mallet > Starks. Works okay in early games for tower diving.

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AP Jax? I Have never seen such a thing. Care to explain?

i've played a hybrid dps jax quite a bit. the clear advantage is added burst damage as opposed to only rely on consecutive hits.

also, i'm one of those jax noobs never to go mallet/phage as first damage item as i find the first major boost come from attack speed to proc your ult more often. however, back to the hybrid build. i add mallet in a physical DPS build though.

i almost always start off with sword of divine or malady for my first major attack speed boost. which one depends on the lineup. against armor heavy or mirror jax matchups -> divine, else malady. one of those give the best attack speed for its money, even though i'm not a friend of lifesteal on jax.

ninja tabi, sheen, guinsoo's rageblade, nashor's tooth - this will let you spam counterstrike and leap late game. 8880 gold and you are really set, with added 125 damage on leap and relentless assault, as well as additional 100 damage (AoE) to counterstrike, which is awesome imo. easily farmable for jax.

later upgrade sheen to lich bane or trinity, whatever you see more handy as the game goes (stacked MR, stacked armor, etc), if gold permits.

throw in banshee's as you see fit.

AP or hybrid jax is fun, give it a try.

this is a hybrid build i found to be very versatile. added burst for those pesky fights where you can't utilize your attack speed, and attack speed for fights that allow you to utilize it.

however, i've stopped playing jax recently

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well, obviously there isnt just ONE way to play jax, you can build him tanky, dps, or ap (yes, ap jax is also a viable option). For the sake of simplicity, lets discuss dps jax.

When i play jax i usually go dps/atcklifesteal. At the start i go with a regrowth pendant (which will become a philosophers stone, unless i need to be more tanky in that case i can grab a warmogs, or force of nature) just because it allows you to stay in the lane and keep farming. Your ideal lane competition are squishys (annie, ashe, twitch etc). Level up your leap and counter, when you hit lvl 6 you will be surprised at how much dmg you can dish out. A good harassing/kill tool i use is as follows:
1)Obtain creep aggro to proc your counter strike ability
2)leap in, auto attack, counter strike, auto attack x2. Durrtay combo, can kill most heroes who are at half life or less.
tip: If you have exhaust, enemy heroes will have a tough time surviving against a jax early game.

What i usually get on DPS jax:
1)philosophers stone
1a)brutalizer if im doing exceptionally well in my lane
1b)leviathan, sometimes i get this.. Not always the best item, its very situational.
2)starks fervor
3) sheen/phage/zeal. I pick one depending if i want the dmg/ap, slow or attack speed (this will go into a trinity force)
3a)last whisper if they have tanks
4)phantom dancer is dirty on jax.. you will have crazy attack speed
4a)infinity edge, always a good choice, get this if you already think your attack speed is fine
4b)trinity force from the sheen/phage/zeal you should have been getting early/mid game.

Those are his best items imo. Anything after these is pure luxury. other situational items on him are:
black cleaver - for those tanks
bloodrazors - again, for those tanks
bloodthirster - with starks and bloodthirster, you will have crazy lifesteal and be ridonculously hard to kill
banshees veil - if you are getting nuked down in team fights, this item will deter casters from targetting you
warmogs - always awesome
force of nature - casters will avoid attacking you now

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I play Jax a bit differently than most I think, granted it can't be much different with only few abilities, but none the less I will explain.

I generally like to pick up empower early, so, for exmple

lvl 1

leap stirke

lvl 2


lvl 3


lvl 4


etc... all depends on what your fighting really

Empower with leap coupled with a partner with a stun, and you or your friends exhaust will = some serious trouble. Granted the ability dies out later on, but earlier if you get that advantage of some early kills, it really ups your nukability, without going ap (for a short duration early on)

With that said, I have the most promise when I go massive offense early. Start with the regen pendant so you can take some early **** from the enemies since the only thing u can really do is plunge yourself into the demon pit and hope u either kill someone or are able to get the hell out of there in time.

I like to stay in my lane for a while, or as long as I can until i need to either help my team, or I am physically unable to since I'm getting dominated or repeatedly ganked.

Granted this could be for most all of the heroes, but as Jax, similar to shaco in this matter, if you have a rough start, it can be extremely hard to come back, especially if your up against some heavy burst casters.

I like to get a bf sword as soon as I can so when I leap on someones face it does some nice damage coupled with empower and a stun if I got it. Granted you'll blow up in a split second, but thats where teamwork comes in to play, Jax is a great finisher, and also a good counter against ranged heros since he can leap his arse back to where they are safely, but not anymore, out of range.

After getting some damage under my belt I will build some survivability. Make sure to get the lizard buff as often as possible since u won't amount to much w/o it, since most people will just walk away from ur attacks.