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[Champion Concept] Messora, The Reaper's Shadow (scythe-user)

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Heads up! The Boards are taking over. Messora can now be found here. (http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/FNgdbPnZ-champion-concept-messora-the-reapers-shadow)

Personally, I don't find the Boards the most ideal format for champion concepts, much less for reviews and such, but we're just going to have to roll with it for now. Thank you to all supporters and reviews for making Messora successful here. See you on the Boards!

Author's note: This champion is based off the popular "scythe girl" concept I've seen more than a handful of people ask for over time. Most of my attention still goes to my first and primary champion concept. If you'd like, please take a look at him over here:
Ephrial, the Blazing Swordsman (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4094697)

And now, introducing: Raisiel, The Lightning Kitsune (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4802115)

For those in favor of the original lore and existence of the Institute of War and Summoners, please take a look at my thread here. (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4897044)



Special thanks to Zeddicus4 for doing this artwork!


Special thanks to Davepowa for doing this drawing!

Messora, the Reaper's Shadow


Mid lane
Primary: Assassin
Secondary: Mage

Table of Contents

First post
Animations/Visual Detail
Suggested Items
Skin ideas
Concept Art

Second post
[New!] Gallery (Updated August 16, 2014)

Third post
Update List


In an isolated village in Valoran, Messora grew up in an orphanage along with many other children that lost their parents in the regular pillaging of their home. A small town brought to shambles by war, and located far from major population, it suffered as an easy target to thieves and ruffians looking for a quick grab. Unlike the other children, Messora grew up through the constant terrorization quietly--laying in bed silently as others cried in fear at night and keeping to herself as they played during the day. She always did what she was told, but rarely spoke, and only few words on those occasions. Her stoic visage and impassible eyes never reveal a hint of emotion. Such traits made her an outcast, but if she was ever perturbed by it, no one could tell.

A public meeting was called among the people of the town. The elders of the village proposed an idea involving the Institute of War. That if they could succeed in acquiring a warrior formidable enough to enter on their behalf, they could gain precious influence that would protect their home and grant them the ability to live in peace. Pooling whatever money they could scrap up, the people gathered what they prayed was enough to set their endeavor in motion. With their hope collected in a pouch, they implored the aid of a seasoned mercenary traveling in the vicinity. She accepted, but under her own conditions that she would train one of their own rather than do the fighting herself.

With effortless ferocity, the warrior woman deflected her attackers’ strikes, sending them into the dust, one after the other. She was surrounded by the young men of the poor town, each rather meek and disheartened by their clearly outmatched odds against just one woman. Years of fear and hunger had made them unfit for combat. As the humiliation continued, Messora slowly made her way through the crowd of people gathered to watch the disappointment. Dressed in a small, black cloak that concealed most of her small body, she approached a collection of weapons lain in a row on top of a long curtain of sackcloth. Messora’s pace remained slow as she surveyed the mercenary’s weapons; a variety of tools of different sizes, styles, and conditions. She stopped at one in particular-- a small, dull, rusted weapon that resembled that of a sickle with odd markings.

The scarred woman looked at the armed men around her, each defeated in body and spirit. Filled with anger and regret, she chastised the crowd of people for having wasted her time. A glint caught the corner of her eye, and with a swift motion, she swung her blade to meet her attacker. A clash of metal, and Messora was knocked off her feet and into the ground. The mercenary looked at her 10-year old assailant with confusion at first, and then anger as if being insulted. Without saying a word, the young girl in black, sickle in hand, stood back up and charged again and again; dirt splotched on her face and clothes, and panting from fatigue, but refusing to give up. The war-hardened woman smiled at her with a change of heart.

In eight years’ time, the village recovered to a better state, and with it, its warriors-in-training. A usual day of drills and sparring was disrupted by a large band of brigands that barraged the quiet town. After years of having a once-easy target turned into one of great difficulty by a single mercenary, the bloodthirsty criminals and their own sellswords turned their humiluation and frustration into a wake of fire and violence. Responding to a hopeless situation, the fighters the small town had scraped up engaged the onslaught, falling one by one. When the bloodbath ended and the screams of battle and agony had gone quiet, only half of the village and its people remained. Among them, a single young woman dressed in black; her long, dark silver hair tipped in midnight black flowing in a breeze. In her hand, Harvester, the once ill-fitted sickle that mysteriously grew into a full-fledged scythe as the girl grew in skill and age.

Standing amidst the sea of bodies, she saw the mercenary that had taken pity on the town that beseeched her aid. Messora gazed upon her mentor, noticing a smile strewn across the fallen veteran’s lips. A grin of mother-like pride.

The silent girl found no farewells from the remnants of the town that had grown to fear her. Only the sound of blood-soaked grass crushed under her boots could be heard as she departed; the first steps toward the League of Legends.

"I can't tell if she follows Death or Death is the one that follows her. All I know is if she faintly smiles at you...you'll soon find out." - Anonymous


Health -- 365 (+80)
Health Regen -- 5.5 (+.55)
Mana -- 240 (+45)
Mana Regen -- 7 (+.7)
Range -- 150 (melee)
Attack Damage -- 48.5 (+3)
Attack Speed -- .65 (+2.65%)
Armor -- 15.5 (+3.5)
Magic Resist -- 30 (+1.25)
Movement Speed -- 325

*Base stats are at “Level 0”
**Values in parenthesis are gains per level


Passive - Reap: As Messora grows in prowess, Harvester grows in size and form.
At levels 7/12, Messora's basic attack range increases by 25 units.
Harvest: Range increases by 100 at max tier.
Featherduster: Projectile block duration increases by .5 seconds at max tier.
Death from Above: Slow effect becomes an AOE with a 150 unit range at max tier.
Reap and Sow: After casting, Messora's chance to critically strike increases by 25% for 5 seconds at max tier.

Q - Harvest (Skillshot): Messora hurls a phantasm of her scythe forward, dealing physical damage on the way out. As the shadow yo-yos back, it deals magical damage and knocks targets toward Messora.
Range: 800 (900 at max rank)
Width: (100)
Knockover: (50)
Thrown out - Physical damage: 35/55/75/95/115 (+50% Total AD)
Returning: Magical damage: 35/55/75/95/115 (+50% AP)
Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds
Mana cost: 65 MP
Projectile Speed: 950

W - Featherduster (AoE/Channel): Messora whirls Harvester in front of her, knocking back enemies in range and dealing damage. Additionally, Messora takes reduced damage from all basic attacks and projectiles (except turret shots and true damage) for .75 seconds in a line in front of her. Projectiles cannot pass through and cannot trigger crowd control abilities if blocked.

Persistent passive: Attack speed is increased by 5/10/15/20/25%

Range: (125)
Width: (200)
Knockback: (50)
Damage: 35/45/55/65/75% (Total AD) + 35/45/55/65/75% (AP)
Reduced damage: 20/25/30/35/40%
Cooldown: 17/15/13/11/9
Mana cost: 90 MP

*** Messora can still move while casting Featherduster, but cannot change the direction of the channel once cast. As this is a channel ability, it can be interrupted by stuns, fears, knock-ups, supresses, and taunts. Projectiles that introduce these conditions must hit Messora from an unprotected angle to effect her.

E - Death from Above (Target Cast): Messora teleports above an enemy through a magical circle, landing and striking the target, slowing them for 2 seconds. If the target is hit with this ability while airborne, this ability's cooldown is reset and 60 mana is refunded. The reset can only be activated on the same enemy once per displacement CC.
Cast range: (450)
Physical damage: 60/80/100/120/140 (+60% AP)
Slow amount: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10
Mana cost: 85 MP

*** All displacement CC abilities, including Messora's Q and W, are eligible to activate Death From Above's reset effect.

R - Reap and Sow
(Circular AOE): Messora soars upward while swinging her scythe overhead, knocking all enemies in range up with her. At the peak of the jump, Messora counterswings her weapon, knocking her targets back to the ground and stunning them for .25 seconds.
Range (Circular): (200)
Knockback: (100)
Damage: 175/250/325 (+45% Bonus AD) (+45% AP)
Cooldown: 125/110/95
Mana cost: 100 MP
Total CC duration: 1.25 seconds

The goal: Messora is meant to be an AD/AP hybrid in which the player can choose between the playstyle of quick, bursty, in-your-face melee assassin or more focused on being a disruptive mage keeping a distance until the the time is right. She's focused on being more of a mid-range champion as opposed to specializing in very close range or a far distance.

Animations/Visual Detail

Passive: Reap - For her basic attack range to grow, so must her weapon. I imagine it as starting out as a basic scythe in its first form. At level 7, Harvester becomes a bit longer. At level 12, it becomes larger, more articulated, and a second blade appears just below the first one, slightly smaller, forming it into a double-bladed scythe.

Harvest - A shadow clone of Messora's scythe hurls away and back. As it comes back, small black feathers trail behind Harvester, for visual effect and signifying that it's dealing magical damage upon return.

Featherduster: Messora swings Harvester in a blur. As projectiles are blocked, light flashes from the scythe, signifying the collisions. Maybe even a bit of sound FX to give it the feel that it's blocking objects rather than just making them simply vanish.
- Black feathers swirl around with the scythe as it spins.

Death from above: In a flash, Messora disappears and reappears above an enemy through a dark purple magic circle. I don't have a specific design for the circle, really, but perhaps it could have Riot's logo in the center, kind of like how Malphite leaves behind the logo when he smashes the ground.
- Messora lands on her foe, scythe pointed downward, slamming it into them.
- A handful of black feathers quickly disperse upon collision.
- At max rank, the ground in the circle AOE effect becomes cracked with a dark purple glow emitting from below.

Reap and Sow: Messora helicopters upward with Harvester, slicing her enemies up with her. With a sudden, powerful swing in the opposite direction, damage is done and her foes are scattered around her as they get planted into the ground for a stun.
- Black feathers loosely swirl all around Messora as she ascends and scatter upon the final swing.
- At max rank, Harvester glows purple upon casting and lasts until the critical strike buff wears off.


Random fact: "Messor" means "reaper" or "harvester" in Latin, to which I just added the "a" to make it a feminine name. "Messor" is also a type of 'Harvester' ant. And we know that ants are very strong for their small proportions...a fitting trait for Messora.

Age: 18
Eye color: Fuchsia
Hair: Long, but covered in a hood. Only her bangs show (at least for her default skin).
Hair color: Black and dark-ish silver
Clothing: A black outfit that's an odd mix of a robe and slightly tighter features to give her that half assassin/half magical look as a nod to her role and hybrid skillset.
Weapon: An evolving scythe with obvious magic properties and mysterious origin.


A blend between ranged and close-range combat attributes, Messora offers different ways to play. Players can choose to build her as a close-range glass cannon that relies mainly on lifesteal and attack speed, a disruptive mage focused on controlling fights while keeping/creating distances, or a mix of both to create a unique blend of item combinations for any occasion.

Playing as Messora

- With Reap, Messora's abilities and weapon grow as levels are gained. Keep each upgrade in mind to become more deadly and efficient as the game progresses.

- Harvest is Messora's main tool; viable for poking, initiating, chasing, and disruption. Strongly recommended to max this skill first and utilize the cast range bonus to keep opponents on their toes.

- Featherduster is very useful for a quick escape or to survive lethal damage, even from ultimate abilites. It doesn't last long, so make sure to time it right.

- Initiate an assassination attempt by knocking up an enemy champion with Harvest, teleporting onto them with Death From Above's stun, and immediately knocking them in the direction of your favor with Featherduster.

- Reap and Sow is a powerful disruptive tool capable of turning the tides of team fights. Because Messora does not have the fortitude of a fighter or a tank, it's highly recommended this ability be used in the middle of a team fight rather than to initiate one. Aim for clustered groups of enemies and keep Featherduster handy to survive the fray.

Playing Against Messora

- Messora's lack of defense power leaves her available to high damage. Watch for her Harvest and try to land attacks in between her cooldowns to catch her unprepared.

- Crowd control effects introduced by melee attacks do not get blocked by Featherduster. A direct hit with an item like an iceborn gauntlet before getting knocked away can make catching Messora much easier.

- The Reaper's Shadow is mostly effective at keeping a controlled mid-range, especially early game. Keeping either very close range or attacking out of her reach can make for an uncomfortable Messora in lane.

Suggested Items

As mentioned before, Messora can be built for different playstyles. Here's 3 starting suggestions for the 3 main types:

Emphasis on AD:

-Ninja Tabi
-Youmuu's Ghostblade
-Blade of the Ruined King
-Randuin's Omen
-Infinity Edge

Strong against: Squishy targets that need to keep a range
Weak Against: Tanks and strong Fighters

Emphasis on AP:

-Sorcerer's shoes
-Rod of Ages
-Rabadon's Deathcap
-Zhonya's Hourglass
-Lich Bane

Strong against: Fighters and tanks
Weak against: Assassins and marksmen


-Ionian boots of Lucidity
-Hextech Gunblade
-Guinsoo's Rageblade
-Trinity Force
-Guardian Angel
-Nashtor's Tooth

There are many, many different combinations of items for a champion that can utilize both AD and AP aspects of each. Choose accordingly to each situation.


Upon close-range visibility with champion:
(Champions talking to Messora)

- "Ah..that power...I know this weapon..."

- "That scythe holds the power of a Darkin."


- "To fully embrace the shadow, you must unleash it!"

Skin ideas

-Sanguine Messora -- A vampiric look where Messora's outfit has bat-like features. Instead of black feathers during her skill animations, they can be small bats that appear briefly and scatter.

-Rogue Messora -- An wanderer's outfit with wraps around her parts of her arm/leg and a long brown cloak. Instead of a hood, her long hair is exposed, but the cloak covers the lower half of her face like a large scarf.

-Voidslayer Messora -- Legendary Skin where the power of the Void and Harvester are combined. Messora's cloak glows with strange symbols and the blade of her scythe is of purple energy (like Kassadin's sword). Death From Above's animation changed from a magical circle to a visible tear between Runterra and the Void.

-Angel of Death Messora -- Ultimate skin where as Messora levels, a black cloud-like aura envelopes her and large, black wings sprout from her back at level 16. Harvester has a metal blade but the rest is made of bones. At level 12, the head of the scythe looks like the skull of a large void creature with the blade coming from its mouth. Death From Above's animation changed from a magical circle to beam of dark light from the sky.

*Farmgirl Messora - Messora in overalls, a checkered polo shirt, and with a grain of wheat in her mouth make her and her wooden Harvester put Fiddlesticks in his place (with him in the background hung like an actual scarecrow) as the Reaper's Shadow culls the Fields of Justice.

*Hexscythe Messora - Futuristic apparel complete with a transforming mechanical scythe cut a path to the future while Messora leaves her foes in the past.

*Battle Bunny Messora - A rabbit-themed cloak wraps Messora in warm, pink fuzziness as she hops from enemy to enemy, making short work of them with a long carrot scythe. Are you afraid of pink bunny rabbits? You will be...

*Skin ideas courtesy of Drunk Kitty Meow

Concept Art:

3 phases of Harvester -- Quick noob sketches that took only 10-15 minutes to draw (without shading). Sorry for the lame quality of the pictures and my artwork lol

Levels 1-6 -- Pretty basic scythe. Kind of on the smallish side, giving her a basic attack range of 150.

Levels 7-11 -- The blade straightens out a bit with a different design and the handle gets longer and changes shape, giving her a basic attack range of 175.

Levels 12-18 -- Double-bladed with serrated teeth on the bottom blade. That extra dark trail of shading on the length of the handle is supposed to signify an indented groove for design and better grip. Limited by paper size, this is drawn on a bit of a different scale from the others, so imagine it a bit longer than it is. Deadly and first melee range of 200.

So yeah...my first-edition, quickly, and poorly drawn designs for Harvester. By all means, if you like Messora and can draw better things, I'd appreciate your contributions.

(More stuff to come in time)

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Another awesome piece of art by Zeddicus4!


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Update list

April 30, 2014

- Lowered the cooldown for Featherduster

May 6, 2014

- Added lore quote
- Added Zed quote
- Added details to skill kit

May 7, 2014

- Added Strategy Section
- Added Suggested Items
- Added Skin Ideas
- Added concept art section (with my first 3 lame drawings)

May 25, 2014

- Death From Above's stun duration increased to .75 seconds from .5 seconds.
- Small update to Appearance section
- Featherduster's passive attack speed increased to (3/6/9/12/15%) from (2/4/6/8/10%)

June 14, 2014

- Lore rewrite! 777 word count.

June 20, 2014

- Increased Harvest's cooldown by 2 seconds for each rank
- Death From Above's stun effect replaced by reset ability
- Added slow amount to Death From Above's description

June 27, 2014

- Changed Featherduster's projectile block to damage reduction.
- Increased Featherduster's max tier Reap bonus duration to +.5 seconds(from .25 seconds).

July 11, 2014

- Decreased Featherduster's cooldown to 16/14/12/10/8 (from 16/15/14/13/12)
- Increased Featherduster's attack speed passive to 4/8/12/16/20% (from 3/6/9/12/15%)
- Added 3 skin ideas (thanks a lot for the image of Bunny Messora, you drunk feline. What has been imagined...cannot be unimagined.)

August 2, 2014

- Increased Featherduster's cooldown to 17/15/13/11/9 (from 16/14/12/10/8)
- Added mana refund to Death From Above on reset.

August 10, 2014

- Messora now gains 1.25 MR every level
- Added projectile speed to Harvest
- Polished AP ratios

August 11, 2014

- Featherduster's attack speed passive increased to 5/10/15/20/25% (from 4/8/12/16/20%)

August 16, 2014

- Added Gallery (3rd post)

August 17, 2014

- Moved Gallery to post 2 and Update List to post 3

September 15, 2014

- Changed Harvest's mana cost to a flat 65 at all ranks
- Changed Death From Above's mana refund to 60 (from 35)

September 16, 2014

- Added additional information to Death From Above's reset (once per CC).

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Blocks all projectiles (except turret shots) for .75 seconds in a line in front of her.
Persistent passive: Attack speed is increased by 2/4/6/8/10%

The former is useful, but I don't think it's useful enough to warrant a 24 second base cooldown on an ability that only does (35% Total AD) (+35% AP) damage.

The AS passive is basically worthless.

I'm totally calling dibs on drawing this one too, I need to draw more scythes.

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Yeah, Featherduster is something I have to refine. Well, everything, really. It's still a young concept, but it'll get there. The only thing I may not do with Messora that I did with Ephrial is the Judgement. I'm sure only a few people have read that.

The cooldown is definitely something that can be lowered, especially since to use it effectively against projectiles, you have to time it just right rather than let it sit there for a bit.

The passive has AD in mind to go along with her attribute as a melee assassin and land a bunch of hits for a swift follow-up to a skillburst. All depending on the player's choice of playstyle, of course. Initially, the effect was both attack and movement speed, depending on the state of being in cooldown or not. I'll play around with some other ideas in my mental Summoner's Rift though.

MORE? You want to draw MORE!? Lol well I'm planning on trying to get all 3 phases of Harvester drawn and posted by the end of this weekend. I got Harvester's first form done now. These won't exactly be epic drawings, by the way...lol

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After all, I need to draw ALL THE THINGS.

Besides, I have an excuse this time too; last time it was FE, this time it's scythes.

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Those are good reasons to draw. Lol

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Bump. Will probably be spending most of the weekend drawing, so updating this post may be slow for a while. There will probably be a lot changed/added to this concept throughout next week though.