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[Guide] AP Yi, possibly the most underrated in game?

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Anivia has TWO 1:1 ap ratio nukes along with her AOE and two forms of CC, a hard stun and a wall. She can hit more than 4 targets with both her Q and her ult both slowing and stunning multiple oppenents. Annie can also perform much higher AOE damage combined with stuns. Every single hero designed as an AP caster will outperform an AP Yi. He's just not good.

You're also failing horribly to account for damage per second. I don't know why you think a 300 dmg ap ability that can hit 4 targets on a 6 second cooldown that CC yourself for a while and leaves you open to counter attacks is that good. You have to wait 6 more seconds before you can take advantage of your AP to do damage again. Other nukers will just destroy you and your damage output.

The games you win as AP yi is more due to your teamates or opposing team being bad than anything to do with AP Yi.

I play quite often with a player who played ap yi, he did mostly what the op accomplished, being a strong early and mid game carry who can massively damage even prepared opponents.

Your argument is partially flawed, it seems your only taking the use of alpha strike not as well as his still quite prime DPS ability. Yes a dedicated AP caster will be able to nuke harder than AP yi, however yi also has meditate, making him deceptively tough, which is enhanced by the building of AP, and he also does quite excellent damage with his auto attacks as well. This is for all purposes, a partially hybrid build. You also say that anivias Q can hit more the 4 people. In game i have personally only seen this happen once or twice. However an Ap yi can switch it up on the fly as well and switch back to AD depending on enemy composition and such. However because his damage is split well between AD and AP he doesnt really need to.

Ap yi is a very very interesting thing to see, especially because of his ability to switch up his game plan immediately and to dominate the early game.

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won 4 out of 7 playing ap yi. Had a blast, able to stay in the lane forever and baiting people to attack me while meditating is just plain fun. Thanks OP

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AP Yi is definitely capable of holding a 1v2 lane. The second he gets his Q he can demolish whole creep waves in a second, making him an amazing farmer and towerhugger. Even if he takes some damage, Meditate's ridiculous AP ratio allows him to heal back a huge portion of his health - and I'm talking early game.

However, the problem with AP Yi is that his only source of Attack is Wuju Style, which isn't enough. By late game, his attack barely reaches 160. So unless you get Nashor's Tooth, AP Yi is useless other than the "chip chip chip" business the topic creater constantly wets his panties over.

An AP Yi is not a carry. Maybe a support at most. A DPS Yi can drop a tank in seconds, AP Yi struggles to even take out a Ryze before he gets snared and nuked.

I like how people are always so into unorthodox builds, and they're fine when it's all for fun, but saying they're overpowered is completely wrong. I've seen plenty of AP Yi's. None of them ever get me even remotely as scared as when I see a DPS Yi. Why? Because I know that after his initial Alpha Strike he's nothing.

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AD Yi and AP Yi have the same laning?

A slight change in starting items and runes/masteries doesn't drastically change the amount of damage or the usefulness of your Alpha strike from 1-7. The difference really comes in during mid game.

Also your suppose to get a Lichbane on AP Yi.

Also you can become AP yi anytime you want, you don't need the specialize runes or masteries or whatever. Since armor pen runes will get you kills early game and then help you later on the game with lichbane proc. Only time you should go AP Yi when you need burst damage over autoattacking because the enemy time having alot of exhausts or hard counters to autoattacking.

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i play ap yi a lot
it works.

should get cd items.

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Penny Salem



Build him like AP Sion- Dorans Ring(s) into Rabadons/Lich/Sorcs and then whatever you want for the last two items (Abyssals/QSS and Zhonyas?). Deathfire helps with procing the CD reduc on Ult in the beginning of a fight.
Oh, and as AP Yi, the entire outcome of the team fight is dependent on whether you get that first kill or not. With 600 AP (which isn't that much of a stretch), Alpha Strike hits 4 champs for 900 each (3600 before reduction) and then lich hits for 700 before reduction.... At this point, if you killed someone, then you alpha strike for another 3600 damage. At that point (which is about 2 seconds after you entered), the fight's about won unless if your team all died really early. If you didn't kill someone, then you probably lost the fight.
Yi's also like AP Sion in that he can burst 80% of a squishy's health from mid-end game. Yi refreshes his cooldowns, allowing for better than Karthus dps with a deterring agent in Meditate, while Sion has CC/shield/tankiness.

Alpha Strike has an insanely high skill cap. You use it to dodge freaking EVERYTHING- mitigate taunts with it, dodge skill shots and AoE, using it on a dying minion to not get denied, dodging Karthus/Nunu/Ashe/Ezreal/Malphite/Amumu ults, etc.

btw, Blitz > AP Yi. It's really frustrating. Meditate? Grab/KnockUp/Silence. Alpha Strike? Shield. Highlander and run? Blitz has a movespeed steroid as well T_T. Actually, tanky characters like Jarvan/Garen/Morde/Mundo/Cho > Yi. You may as well build a Madreds Bloodrazor on AP Yi if you're against a bruiser team lol...