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League of Legends Timeline

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Update: Lore from March 2011 - June 2011 added

Culled from the Learning Center, the League Judgement short stories, and the Journal of Justice

Before the League

Ancient Times
• As quickly as Runeterra’s denizens band together as tribes, opposing tribes war to settle their disputes. No matter the era, the preferred choice of warfare is always magical. Armies are enhanced or decimated by spell and rune alike. Champions make the most of magical items forged for them as they lead or support armies. Summoners – often the de facto leaders of Valoran’s political forces – unleash mighty magical powers directly against foes and their holdings with little regard for consequence. With such an abundance of raw magical power at their disposal, there is little motivation for summoners to explore more environmentally-friendly forms of warfare.
• The city-state of Urtistan is set upon and destroyed by an entire phalanx of dark summoner-knights of unknown affiliation. The city's only survivor is the sorcerer Zilean, whose experiments with powerful temporal magic leave him in a contemplative stasis during the attack. Zilean barely has time to grieve the momentous loss before he learns that his dangerous research has had a cruel side effect: chrono-displasia. This mystical disease grants him immortality, but detaches his consciousness from its anchor in the present time. He mentally drifts through time, from any point he has already lived to the present, unable to impact the events which unfold.

-200 CLE to 0 CLE
• The dangers of unchecked magical warfare begin to expose the fragility of Runeterra to everyone residing in Valoran. The last two Rune Wars drastically alter the geophysical landscape of Valoran, even after magical energy is focused on restoring it. Violent earthquakes and horrific magically-fueled storms make life on Valoran challenging, even before factoring in the horror of warfare on the populace. It is theorized that another unchecked Rune War would tear the world asunder.

-5 CLE (roughly)
• Jarvan III of Demacia is married to the Lady Catherine Spiritmight in a union intended to first and foremost bring unity to two of the most powerful political forces in Demacia – the Lightshields and the Spiritmights.

• As a direct response to the world’s growing physical and political instability, Valoran’s key magicians – including many powerful summoners – come to the conclusion that conflicts need to be resolved in a controllable and systemic way. They form an organization called the League of Legends, whose purpose is to oversee the orderly resolution of political conflict in Valoran. Housed in the Institute of War, the League is given the authority by Valoran’s political entities to govern the outcomes of the organized conflict they would administer.

0-20 CLE

6 CLE (roughly)
• Noxus, with the aid of Zaunite mercenaries, invades Ionia, who had opted not to join the League of Legends. Ionia rallies and brings the invaders to a stalemate, forcing them back to their power bases in three of the wealthiest southern provinces - Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan.

13 CLE (roughly) or 7 years after beginning of Noxian invasion of Ionia
• Remaining Ionian Families, brought together by the Duchess Karma, petition to join the League of Legends in the hope of having a match to drive Noxus out of Ionia once and for all. Their membership is granted, and the “Trial for the Isle” goes on to become perhaps one of the most famous matches of all time. However, Ionia is beaten, albeit amidst questionable circumstances, conceding the contested provinces to Noxia for another fifteen years.

15 CLE
• High Councilor Reginald Ashram, of the League's leading body, the Council of Equity, mysteriously disappears. Summoner Heywan Relivash takes his place.

Sometime, 19 CLE
• Demacian musical prodigy Sona gives a royal command performance during Demacia's "Lightshield Music Concert Series," inspiring a quickly growing following throughout the world.

9 August, 19 CLE
• Captain Lionel Brickhouse accepts command of the DSS Excursion, a cargo sloop in the Demacian navy

X October, 19 CLE
• Sivir, the Battle Mistress, is arrested by Demacian authorities after going for an alcohol-induced joyride in a hex-tech conveyance, terrorizing her two passengers and a host of pedestrians.

Early 20 CLE

X 20 CLE
• Evelynn and Twisted Fate are romantically linked when they are seen together at the opening ceremonies of the Zaun Glowlight Festival. They are later seen together again at the League of Legends Fan Appreciation Celebration.
• Cassiopeia, youngest daughter of General Du Couteau and jewel of the Noxian court, falls grievously ill following a short-lived romance with an envoy from Freljord. She subsequently shuts herself up in her chambers.

Spring, 20 CLE

• Singed, the Mad Chemist, quells a lizard population surge outside the Institute of War.

Early June, 20 CLE
• Well-known 14-year-old techmaturgy prodigy and inventor disappears

July, 20 CLE

8 July, 20 CLE
• Following a successful battle arena match, Champion of the League Gragas and fellow League Champion and friend Jax head to the Lamplighter Inn in Noxus' famous Vexallian Square. They begin drinking at approximately 8:30 pm. By 10:30 pm, they are buying rounds for the bar. By midnight, the bar is in shambles, patrons have lost teeth, waitresses have been fondled, Jax has disappeared and Gragas is fleeing to his beloved hills to escape the Noxian constabulary. Noxian officials later drop all charges, and Sergeant Willem Nightshade of the Noxian Constabulary issues a statement rebuking the bartender for giving Gragas unlimited alcohol.

13 July 20 CLE
• Reports come out that a massive deposit of gold and precious gems is discovered near the sleepy, non-descript village of Kalamanda, located near the northern entrance to Mogron Pass. Two powerful nexuses of magic energy are also found. The mayor, Anson Ridley, immediately reports this to the League.
• It is reported that the DSS Excursion, a Demacian cargo sloop, is lost at sea while returning from Freljord. Investigation of the ship's disappearance is led by Demacian Captain of the Guard and League Champion Garen. The League dispatches its own team of investigators, led by League Champion Kayle, the Judicator, to work alongside Demacian forces. Noxian League Champion Katarina, acting as spokesperson for her nation, denies Noxian involvement, but suggests that it was Demacia's own strong-arm trade policies which had provoked the attack.
• Rumors emerge that vicious battle arena fighting on opposite teams is taking its toll on Evelynn and Twisted Fate's relationship
• News spreads that Piltover Master Pathfinder and Champion of the League Ezreal has returned from a dangerous expedition to Kumungu, the mysterious jungle region located beyond the Great Barrier, deep within the southern half of continental Valoran. In his subsequent special presentation to the Arcanum Majoris, the League's scholastic branch located in the Institute of War, Ezreael unveils his latest find; a magic lantern with the name "Wriggle" etched in the base. Professor Alowicious Chucat, Lead Archaeologist for the Arcanum Majoris, claims it is a tool specially crafted for jungle navigation.
• Xin Zhao is tested in League Judgement. In the Reflection stage, he faces down fearful memories of arena combatant the Squeaker and the hard questions of the image of his mentor, King Jarvan II of Demacia.

27 July, 20 CLE
• Vladimir faces the League Judgement, and confronts the apparition of his teacher, Dmitri, to whom he admits his reason for joining the league is an insatiable need to murder

30 July, 20 CLE
• Princess Mauvole, the Ice Dervish, one of the rulers of the three tribes which control Freljord, is found dead of natural causes in the city of Rakelstake.

August, 20 CLE

X August, 20 CLE
• League Champions Evelynn and Twisted Fate clear the floor dancing a sultry tango, surprising guests from all over Valoran, at Demacia's yearly costumed carnival the Royal Masquerade Ball.
• Garen expresses frustration with the state of the Field of Justice, Summoner's Rift. “Justice cannot be served from tired and limp foliage. The brush is just not as springy and lush as it used to be.”

1 August, 20 CLE
• Princess Lissandra is crowned the new Ice Dervish, and immediately swears fealty to Princess Ashe, Frost Archer and Champion of the League. For her first speech, she pleads with her subjects to help put an end to the infighting that has plagued the region, swaying public opinion in her favor.

2 August, 20 CLE
• An exhibition match is held at Summoner's Rift including Cho'Gath, Kog'maw, Malzahar, and Kassadin.

3 August, 20 CLE
• It is reported that Princess Sejuani, the Winter's Claw, denounces Lissandra's move, and retreats to isolation with the elders of her tribe.
• Rumor leaks out of a request from Noxus' Witherwood Arcane College being considered by the High Command to ban yordles from within Noxus city boundaries. The possible request is coupled with a report claiming new evidence that non-humans are deformed descendants of human tribes who failed to use sufficient quantities of magic in their development. History Professor Josin Darawee of the Grand Demacian University disputes this idea as Champion of the League and Noxian spokesperson Katarina denies the existence of both report and request.

10 August, 20 CLE
• Galio faces the League Judgement and begins constructing his own identity apart from his assassinated creator, Durand.

12 August, 20 CLE
• After a battle in the Twisted Treeline, Blitzcrank responds to a taunt from Singed by firing his rocket fist into the chemist's groin.

14-15 August, 20 CLE
• League Champion Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress, is romantically linked to Journal of Justice reporter Bob Nashahago when they are spotted together in Demacia's famous Majestic Park.
• Barbarian King and Champion of the League Tryndamere arrives in Rakelstake, Freljord at Princess Ashe's invitation to pay his respects to the late Princess Mauvole of the Ice Dervish tribe, along with a procession of hundreds of barbarians.

15 August, 20 CLE
• League Emissary Gravil Torenk arrives in Rakelstake for unknown reasons. He is later received at a dinner including Princess Lissandra, Princess Ashe, and Tryndamere, the Barbarian King.

17 August, 20 CLE
• Kalamanda mayor Anson Ridley's carefully-worded and vague statement is published informing Valoran that he is in talks with various city-state delegations, including Demacia, Noxus, Piltover, Zaun, and Ionia, concerning mining contracts for the village's recent mineral find. He also confirms that he is entertaining an exclusivity deal. Meanwhile, the town booms as prospectors pour into the town seeking their fortune, and two more gold deposits are discovered.
• It is reported that Zaunite chemist, inventor, and visionary Professor Stanwick Pididly has succeeded in combining the sacred Noxian Rite of Reclamation with techmaturgical designs to revive the Noxian warrior and executioner, Urgot.

19 August, 20 CLE

• Master Summoner Randall Portero, Lead Field of Justice Surveyor for the League, leads League and Kalamanda scholars in examining the two magic nexuses discovered near Kalamanda. He expects to find evidence of an upswing in the natural regeneration of Runeterra's amount of magic, itself evidence of the benefit of the concept of a battle arena.

24 August, 20 CLE
• Urgot, the Headman's Pride, passes League Judgement. His reason for joining is exposed in Reflection as seeking revenge against Garen, who mutilated his body during a battle and then later killed him just before he could execute Jarvan IV, Crown Prince of Demacia.

29 August, 20 CLE
• Demacian musical prodigy Sona makes her Ironian debut in the packed Serene Garden Amphitheater underneath the Great Tree, to rave reviews. She debuts a new aria, "The Aria of Perseverance," for her encore, impressing a full house which includes League Champion Kennen.

30 August, 20 CLE
• Princess Ashe, the Frost Archer, announces she has accepted an offer of an alliance from the Barbarian King, Tryndamere. The terms of the alliance delineate that the united tribes of the Frost Archer and the Ice Dervish will grant the barbarians sancutary from Noxus' Northern Barbarian-Pacification Campaign, and in return the barbarians will assist in defending the two tribes both from Noxian forces and from a possible attack from the third tribe, the Winter's Claw, in retaliation for the other tribes' unification.

31 August, 20 CLE
• It is reported that a Mogron Pass League security garrison, under the command of Captain Barlo Warrax, was attacked for the first time since any have been built. The night-time raid on the garrison is carried out by bandits from south of the Great Barrier, and is quickly responded to thanks to the early warning of Corporal Alfonse B. Flavin, also the attack's only casualty. Defenders report seeing a small number of attackers proceeding north, past the garrison, during the fighting.
• An article is run showcasing League Champion Morgana as the proprietor and master baker at Sinful Succulence, located in the heart of Noxus' merchant district. The establishment is so successful, orders come in from as far away as Demacia.
• It is reported that the most successful transportation customization and modification enterprise in Piltover is Piltover Customs, run by League Champion Corki, the Daring Bombardier. Corki reports he sometimes turns to his comrade-in-arms Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor, for tougher assignments, and that a number of their more interesting contraptions are on display at Piltover's Yordle Academy of Science & Progress.
• Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter, passes her League Judgement. In Reflection, her reason for joining the League is exposed as seeking League champion Gangplank.

September, 20 CLE

13 September, 20 CLE
• Ashe’s recent ordainment as leader of Freljord’s two united tribes, bolstered by the might and numbers of Tryndamere’s barbarians, sways the opinion of the Council of Equity. High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye makes a proclomation from the Luminary Cloister of the Institute of War granting sovereignty to Freljord and conferring upon it all the rights and protections afforded to city-states that are members of the League.
• The united tribes of Freljord crown Ashe the Queen of Freljord following Kolminye's announcement, making her the first princess to ascend to the throne since the Three Sisters War divided the people. In accordance with Freljordian tradition demanding that the Queen select her King, Ashe selects Tryndamere, solidifying her arrangement with the barbarians. Queen Ashe then appoints League Champion Nunu as Freljord’s League Emissary. Ashe also offers Princess Sejuani, the Winter's Claw, a seat on the newly-formed Royal Advisory Council, which the princess viciously declines, declaring that Ashe is "no queen of [hers]."
• In light of the protections that the League has extended to Freljord (and consequently to the barbarians), League Champion Katarina issues a "stand down" order to troops dispatched to the Noxian Northern Barbarian Pacification Campaign. However, she also issues a statement promising she will continue her conflict with the barbarians on the Fields of Justice.
• Dr. Mundo, Zaun's favorite Champion, battles the Ionian team on Summoner's Rift to settle possession of a resource rich portion of the two city-states' shared maritime border. The career of Chairman Magnus Dunderson, Zaun's Chief Executive, rides on the match, since such a failure would be intolerable for the Zaunite people.

14 September, 20 CLE
• News spreads that the newest fad among Zaun's youth is "Shimmer," a substance manufactured from the toxic runoff generated by the factories which support Zaun’s continuing explorations into sludge refinement. When slathered on the skin, the substance simulates or stimulates intense emotions in its subject, which also sparkles, glows, and "shimmers" in a scintillating array of colors. The emotions the phosphorescent exfoliant creates correspond with the assortment of colors in which it is acquired. Unfortunately, frequent application of the substance results in progressive degeneration of the skin and muscle tissue. A rumor abounds that Shimmer was the failed result of state-sponsored attempts to create a bio-enhancing agent which would grant its wearer unnatural abilities.
• It is reported that, since news of his relationship with League Champion Nidalee was made public, Journal of Justice reporter Bob Nashahago has received threatening mail from overzealous fans of the Bestial Master.
• It is reported that private images of League Champion Janna dressed in revealing lingerie, taken by a rumored former romantic interest, were released to the public and spread like wildfire through fan circles. Roan Fallon, head of public relations for the League, issues a statement rebuking the Storm's Fury for not comporting herself in accordance with the standards expected of a Champion of the League, and suggesting the possibility of future consequences.

21 September, 20 CLE
• Sona, Maven of the Strings, is accepted into the League of Legends.

25 September, 20 CLE
• An argument between Demacian and Noxus guards drinking at the Hasty Hammer Tavern in Kalamanda escalates into a drunken brawl which takes seemingly the entire Kalamanda constabulary, several local patrons of the tavern, and League Champions Garen and Katarina to break up. The League Champions had been appointed to lead their respective city-states' missions in Kalamanda.

26 September, 20 CLE
• Mayor Anson Ridley announces that the Kalamanda Village Council has voted overwhelmingly in favor of pushing for an exclusive mining agreement with one of the city-states, as opposed to allowing multiple contracts

28 September, 20 CLE
• It is reported that League Champions Evelynn and Twisted Fate are guest dance instructors at the Crown Dance Academy in Demacia.
• It is reported that, in exchange for free use of the Institute of War’s grand laboratories and resources, League Champion Ryze works in conjunction with the League to discover lost magic and deepen the understanding of modern magic. As part of his research, Ryze has become well-acquainted with the numerous League champions who have volunteered their time to come under Ryze’s intense scrutiny. Taric, the Gem Knight and fellow champion of the League, is a frequent collaborator.

October, 20 CLE

3-9 October, 20 CLE
• Zaun-based entertainment company Northern Exposure launches its new special entitled "Pads," a crystal-recorded show which goes into the homes of the League's favorite Champions to see how they live, with its first episode centering on Dr. Mundo.

4 October, 20 CLE
• Jericho Swain, the Master Tactician of Noxus, is accepted into the League of Legends. Swain quickly pierces the illusion typically utilized for League Judgement, and instead his Reflection consists of a simple interview conducted by High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye. During this interview, he gives two reasons for joining the League - to collect the influence necessary to become ruler of Noxus, and to kill Jarven IV of Demacia.

9 October, 20 CLE
• League Champion Sivir stands trial in a Demacian court for a dangerous alcohol-induced joyride a year prior. Judge Haley Suede takes pity on Sivir's "I'm just a lonely girl with personal problems" defense and sentences the Champion to 90 days in a Demacian penitentiary, with time spent in the Fields of Justice not counting towards her sentence.

11 October, 20 CLE
• A monk from the Shojin Monastery, in protest of the Noxian occupation of the Navori Province in southern Ionia, sets himself on fire in the Lotus Gardens. Due to healing martial arts, he can survive in suspended agony for many days. His act sparks outcry all across Valoran.

12 October, 20 CLE
• Reports filter out that Northern Exposure show "Pads" was heavily edited and censored by the Noxian government. Also, that during the production, which took place in Dr. Mundo's home, several members of the crew went missing. Their families were given settlements by the Noxian government, and investigations into their whereabouts ceased.

17 October, 20 CLE
• Luxanna Crownguard is accepted into the League of Legends, admitting during Reflection her only reason for joining is that she has her battle for Demacia and nothing else.

24-26 October, 20 CLE
• Irelia, Captain of the Guard for Ionia, spurred on by the Shojin monk burning in the Lotus Gardens, demands a rematch for Ionia against Noxus to decide the fate of the three Noxian-occupied provinces in Ionia. Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon of the Noxian High Command, the current overseer of Noxian forces in Ionia, accuses Ionians of playing with the League's emotions and reaffirms the legal status of the occupation. Jarvan IV, the crown prince of Demacia, however, threatens to act on the Noxian occupation if the League does not.
• The 14-year-old techmaturgy prodigy that went missing in June is discovered in northern Kumungu by a Piltover Rescue Bot. In response, the League tightens security at Mogron Pass. League political advisor Deacon Cavarieles issues a statement defending the measures, which will inconvenience travellers.

27 October, 20 CLE

• It is reported that Katarina, the Sinister Blade, regularly trolls Bilgewater looking for sailors for privateering expeditions
• News spreads that Captain Gangplank was schmoozing recently at a governor's ball

29 October, 20 CLE

• LeBlanc, the Deceiver, is accepted into the League of Legends. During Reflection, she admits her reason for joining is to reclaim her people's birthright.

31 October, 20 CLE
• The Harrowing

November, 20 CLE

7 November, 20 CLE
• Calliope Productions, located in Demacia, announces its new musical, The Sound of Magic, hemmed by League champion Taric the Gemknight.

9 November, 20 CLE
• Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon, the officer of the Noxian High Command charged with overseeing the Noxian presence in Ionia, announces that, in response to the overwhelming sympathy generated by the burning Shojin monk, Noxus will grant Ionia their early battle arena rematch. Irelia, Ionia’s current Captain of the Guard, immediately seeks the Elders’ endorsement to join the League.

10 November, 20 CLE
• An article reports that Master of Metal and champion of the League Mordekaiser, longtime rocker, has started playing alongside Sona in the new band Pentakill in Zaun
• News breaks that Poppy, Bandle City's ambassador to Demacia and champion of the League, has used significant amounts of Demacian tax-payers' money to fund an extravagant vacation in the resort town of Seafoam

12 November, 20 CLE
• Irelia, Captain of the Ionian Guard and veteran of the Noxian Invasion, passes League Judgement. During Reflection, she gives her reason for joining as defense of Ionia, in regret for being unable to do so in the past.

14-20 November, 20 CLE
• Annie, the Dark Child, tours the western lands of Valoran to promote the launch of her new line of oral care products. "The world has many places of dark magic. Don't let your mouth be one of them."

16 November, 20 CLE
• Ionian Captain of the Guard Irelia is officially accepted by the League as a champion

21 November, 20 CLE
• Warwick is discovered late at night killing Zaunite citizens in a mad rage. After being subdued by Officer Dalo Forukin, other officers and several mages, the Mad Chemist Singed is able to bring him back to his senses, after which time the Blood Hunter recounts being kidnapped and tortured. His torturer, he recalled, was a man in a radiation suit, who claimed to be motivated by Warwick's acts against Ionians during the Noxian invasion.
• Evelynn breaks up with Twisted Fate in Granoa Park in Demacia

22 November, 20 CLE
• Karma, the Duchess of Ionia, accepts Noxus' offer of a rematch.

23 November, 20 CLE

• It is reported that Irelia, Master Yi, and Soraka have all submitted themselves as candidates for the match between Ionia and Noxus. Meanwhile, Sion, Singed, and Warwick have done the same for Noxus' side.
• It is reported that troll raids have risen to epidemic proportions north of Noxus, due to troll tribes fleeing the counterattack of the Ruhgosk tribe and their leader, Trundle. Stories leak out that the Ruhgosk tribe was facing widespread disease which Trundle took, through shamanistic rituals, entirely onto himself.
• It is reported that, in response to the troll threat, Noxus' entire Northern Legion is consolidated just south of the Noxus-Freljord border to better ensure the safety of the populace.
• It is reported that Rammus and Blitzcrank have a good rapport

26 November, 20 CLE
• Trundle, the Cursed Troll, passes League Judgement. During Reflection, he dismisses the League's offer of a cure, which would take the disease which had previously afflicted his entire tribe before being concentrated on Trundle, and re-distribute it. Since this would also give the Ruhgosk back vital regenerative abilities, and because the Cursed Troll feels shunned after his sacrifice, he chooses to keep the disease in himself. He ultimately joins the League, not for a cure to his affliction, but to find somewhere to belong.

December, 20 CLE

2-5 December, 20 CLE
• General Du Couteau of the Noxian High Command vanishes under mysterious circumstances during a visit to the famed marketplace of the Ivory Ward, the oldest and most opulent of Noxus' historic districts. While his daughters, League champion Katarina and ill shut-in Cassiopeia, mourn, General Boram Darkwill falls under pressure from his cabinet to select Du Couteau's successor on the Noxian High Command.

5 December, 20 CLE
• Following the rodent invasion of a high-profile officers’ banquet celebrating the promotion of Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon’s son, Ameer, to the rank of Commander in the Noxian fleet, Chancellor Hawkmoon issues a statement explaining that the Mad Chemist, Singed, will be called in to eradicate the vermin. In the face of rumors the rats originated from Zaunite ships, Hawkmoon reasserts Noxus' strong relationship with the city-state of Zaun.

6 December, 20 CLE
• General Boram Darkwill, in a private ceremony held deep within his inner sanctum at Darkbourne Hold, surprises no one when he selects League Champion and Master Tactician Jericho Swain, one of his Lieutenant Generals, to succeed the late General Du Couteau. On Swain's arm all night is none other than the infamous (and notoriously reclusive) Emilia LeBlanc, who has not appeared in public for decades. Despite being roughly the same age as General Darkwill himself, she appears as youthful and vibrant as ever.
• Singed, the Mad Chemist, is summoned to the Navori Province to take charge in the eradication of an unexpected giant rat infestation.

7 December, 20 CLE
• The Journal of Justice announces that the summons on the Noxian team will be Vorath, Edwy, Roku, Poisonidon, and Friend, while the Ionian summoners will be Poruku, NeoIllusions, Eclipse, Frozt, and Guardsman Bob.

10 December, 20 CLE
• The rematch between Ionia and Noxus. Udyr, Soraka, Ashe, Amumu, and Kennen battle for Ionia against Noxian team Sion, Miss Fortune, Singed, Morgana, and Vladimir. Due to Udyr's masterful control of the jungle regions of Summoner's Rift, Soraka is able to lead the Ionian team to a crushing victory.
• The Shojin monk who set himself aflame two months earlier in protest of Noxian occupation of southern Ionia is greeted by his sister, who had previously been in a Noxian province, and allows himself to be extinguished.
• Seeking answers to the disappearance of her father, General Du Couteau, Cassiopeia passes League Judgement and joins the League of Legends

17 December, 20 CLE
• Brandis Reyes, a senior member of the Kalamanda Village Council, is ousted after he is found to be taking bribes from the city-state of Zaun. As a result of the attempted bribery, the council rules to exclude Zaun from the pool of eligible candidates for the exclusive mining contract.

21 December, 20 CLE
• The Journal of Justice reports that in the popular Valoran sports magazine Sports Exposed's annual swimsuit issue, the cover girl will be League of Legends champion Morgana, the Fallen Angel.
• In retribution for her lingerie-picture scandal, League of Legends champion Janna, the Storm's Fury, takes on a good-will tour to help with the poverty-stricken areas of Zaun that she once called home.

31 December, 20 CLE
• Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover, joins the League of Legends, seeking to improve her skills enough to catch the only criminal who has ever alluded her - the mysterious thief known as "C."

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January, 21 CLE

December, 20 CLE through January, 21 CLE
• Bilgewater pirate Tiresias Ellington leads a mutiny against the 20-year captain of the Annabelle Nidalee, Mad Jack Foulweather. His former captain having destroyed the Nidalee's store of rum before his murder, Ellington raids a ship bound for Bandle City carrying supplies - including alcohol - for a celebration in honor of League champion and yordle emissary to Demacia, Poppy. Bandle City quickly siccs a task force of Bandle City Scouts, Megling Commandos, and two League champions, Megling gunner Tristana and scout Teemo, on the Annabelle Nidalee. Once the task force catches the ship, however, they discover all the alcohol has already been consumed or destroyed, and Bandle City petitions the League to solicit reparations from Bilgewater for the incident.

X January 2011 CLE
• League Champion Morgana's Noxian bakery, Sinful Succulence, opens two more storefronts, in Zaun and the Institute of War.

11 January, 21 CLE
• Journal of Justice reporter Ram Steed is found with multiple stab wounds after an interview with enigmatic League champion Shaco, according to reports
• A statement is printed from Geoffery Ju, Master Summoner in charge of battle arena preservation and improvement, disputing reports that Summoner's Rift is showing wear-and-tear (as magic rejuvenates the field), but announcing that renovations will soon be underway to keep things fresh.

13 January, 21 CLE
• Summoner Paperman299 publishes a very nice timeline

14 January, 21 CLE
• Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands, tracks his brother Nasus to the Institute of War. Since the League had, in summoning Nasus, originally meant to acquire Renekton, the summoners are quick to draft the Butcher into the League of Legends. Because of his Madness, the usual Reflection stage of Judgement is dismissed.

25 January, 21 CLE
• League Champion Kassadin attempts to save his daughter from being sacrificed at the hands of fellow League Champion Malzahar in Zaun. He disrupts the well-populated ceremony, causing the girl to be dragged into another realm and a major blackout. Zaun Security Supervisor, Rhoman Plath, makes a statement soon after that authorities are pursuing Kassadin as the culprit behind the blackout.
• The main shaft of the #1 Loadstone Mining Consortium mine, the site of Demacia’s primary mineral extraction operation in Kalamanda, collapses after an earthquake. Help offers pour in from the League, from contingencies from Piltover and Ionia, and even the Noxian delegation.

26 January, 21 CLE
• Reports fly across Valoran that League Champion Janna has unveiled her record-breakingly small zeppelin "Tailwind" at Piltover's 16th annual Festival of Flight. She plans to enter it in the first race marking the beginning of the annual Techmaturgical Conference.

February, 21 CLE

30 January - 5 February, 21 CLE
• The Revered Inventor Heimerdinger leaves Demacia on a rocket cart. Demacia Security Captain Dolan Bladewalker, at the Eastern Victory Gate, checks the cart with Piltovian Techmaturgical Sensors on their way out, as per regulations, and the cart spikes the charts. Galio, who happened to be there as part of a security inspection, quickly escorts Heimerdinger out, but the Revered Inventor's D.O.O.M. (Drain Out Of Mana) machine explodes on the road just outside the gate. Heimerdinger claims the frequencies of the sensors caused the explosion.

8 February, 21 CLE
• Luxanna Crownguard and Heimerdinger assess the damage to the road with Demacian surveyors. Workers from Heimerdinger's workshop, Piltover Customs, arrive in Demacia to assist in repairing the road damaged by the explosion of the D.O.O.M. Machine

9 February, 21 CLE
• In a rare front-page appearance, Journal of Justice columnist L.B. Briskes reports on the sudden animation of one of the arena's trees. The tree slaughters all six combatants before being restrained by summoners present and taken away for examination by the League.
• It is reported that Ram Steed, after his attempted murder, remains in a coma
• Repairs begin on the damaged road outside the Eastern Victory Gates

19-20 February, 21 CLE
• Bandle City tinkerer Beardly Kittle, while working on the famed "Mothership" at the city center, plummets through his scaffolding and is swung by his safety line into the side of the ship. The ship section consequently comes to life and proffers an ancient, fossilized cupcake. Bandle City Mayor Dennison Jadefellow immediately organizes a study both of the cupcake and the Mothership, the latter mostly consisting of deliberation and the Yordle Smeed being slammed repeatedly into the ship's side in a manner similar to what happened to Kittle. The mayor also declares that Friday (25 February) a city-state holiday

24 February, 21 CLE
• It is reported that the Demacian miners of the collapsed #1 Loadstone Mining Consortium have been rescued. However, evidence of Noxian sabotage was discovered during the excavation. As a result, the exclusive mining contract is immediately awarded to Demacia.
• Ram Steed publishes his first article since his life-threatening encounter with League champion Shaco
• It is published that even most Winter's Claw tribesmen do not know the whereabouts of their leader, Princess Sejuani. When asked if they are worried, the tribesmen’s general response is: “Yes, but not for her.”

March, 21 CLE

2 March, 21 CLE
• Swain attempts to murder Prince Jarvan Lightshield IV during the Reflection stage of his League Judgement. High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye intercedes and narrowly prevents the two from killing each other. Jarven IV is subsequently accepted as a League Champion.

9 March, 21 CLE
• Miss Sarah Fortune beats out Captain Gangplank for the title of Grog Scab, or champion grog-crafter, at the Bilgewater GrugMug Grog Slog. Though it is his first loss since he began participating in the competition fifteen years prior, the Saltwater Scourge shows unprecedented restraint when Miss Fortune talks him out of killing one of his own men
• Journal of Justice reporter Bob Nashahago flees the office when he sees the cover article, which makes public that he has been dating two League champions, Nidalee and Janna, at the same time

11 March, 21 CLE
• After eons of haunting the dreams of, and murdering, summoners, evil spirit Nocturne is summoned into the physical world and shackled to the League's control. He is quickly put service for the League of Legends, his own eternal nightmare.

15 March, 21 CLE
• Blitzcrank opens his matchmaking company, Fleshing Compatibility Services

24 March, 21 CLE
• A celebration begins in Piltover to honor Urf the Manatee, including cooking contests, races in the Guardian’s Sea, werewolf-shaped piñatas, and much more. League champion Jax kicks off the celebration with a speech. Professor Stanwick Pididly, prevailing scholar of Zaun, is present and insists that it is not too late to use the Rite of Reclamation to reanimate Urf, but he is calmly escorted from the festivities.

25 March, 21 CLE
• News breaks that, just before King Jarvan III could sign a treaty that would give Demacia exclusive mining rights in Kalamanda, Master Tactician and newly-appointed General of Noxus Jericho Swain (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=916007) interrupted the ceremony. He brought a Demacian soldier claiming that he had framed Noxus for the cave-in incident under orders from Prince Jarvan IV. Mayor Anson Ridley asks to postpone the signing until an investigation is conducted, and King Jarvan III agrees.

31 March, 21 CLE
• The Blind Monk, Lee Sin, who rallied protest against Noxia's occupation of Ionian provinces by lighting himself on fire, passes League Judgement. He gives his reason to the frustrated Summoner proctoring his Judgement, who finds Lee Sin's mind to be a force utterly without cracks, as "to do what is right."

April, 21 CLE

3 April, 21 CLE
• A joint investigation conducted by Bandle City authorities and the Mothership Equine Society reveals that nearly every horse around Bandle City is missing its left-front horseshoe. Residents quickly term the event the "Horseshoe Heist." Dalilah Frommin, spokesyordle for the Equine Society, expresses puzzlement over the large amount of work in committing such a crime versus the small profit to be gained.

5 April, 21 CLE
• A fire appears in the Demacian coastal settlement of Andras. Its incredible resistance to being put out, and quickness in spreading, causes many to wonder if it isn't magical in origin

6 April, 21 CLE
• All staff, including champions and summoners, are evacuated from the Institute of War when League champion Kayle, responding to tripped magical seal in the Luminary Cloister, "discovers" a synthetic arcane disease. Corfaiel Dithins, Professor of Microconjury, conjures a vaccine using Kayle's otherworldly, and apparently immune, blood. He reports that only a handful of mages in the world are capable of creating such an "exquisite" work in the disease.
• The Institute of War sends League Representative Mycroft Zimmer and a small group of summoners to Andras to investigate the fire quickly spreading along Valoran's western coast, and they spread to other coastal settlements to provide a close monitoring of the situation as it develops. Runaan Eversky, one of the summoners under Zimmer, claims to be skeptical of unauthorized magic use, since strange, magical weather is not unheard-of in Runeterra.
• It is reported that Mayor Dennison Jadefellow organized an outdoor charity banquet to raise funds for Horseshoe Heist victims. The banquet was a smash success, as hundreds of Bandle City residents, including League champions Teemo and Tristana, came out to support local horse owners and discuss the peculiar occasion.

8 April, 21 CLE
• League champions Garen and Lux track down the cause of the fires on the Demacian coast, a mysterious being with power over flames. The creature is subdued and quickly transported to the Institute of War, where it is given the option of joining the League of Legends. It calls itself Brand.

21 April, 21 CLE
• It is reported that residents of Kalamanda are fleeing their own city-state as Demacian and Noxian forces amass in their lands due to rising tensions over mining rights. It also becomes known that King Jarvan IV has requested that the interrogation of the Demacian prisoner be postponed, a request which Mayor Anson Ridley has agreed to.
• Yordle mechanic Rumble, who had disappeared two months prior, sends a public "yawper" message to League Champion and Academy founder Heimerdinger denouncing him for "selling out" yordle technology to humans

22 April, 21 CLE
• Yordle inventor Rumble passes League judgement after refusing to back down from an illusory battle with his hated enemy Heimerdinger which was impossible to win

May, 21 CLE

1-7 May, 21 CLE
• A mordicant begins slaughtering livestock in the outlying farms of the Noxian village of Askay and viciously attacking anyone who comes near it. Because its increased speed at night, a magical abiity unique to mordicants, the villagers find combating the beast during its nocturnal appearances impossible. After a few futile nights, the villagers send word to Noxus for aid.

6 May, 21 CLE
• Shauna Vayne, the Night Hunter, passes League Judgement (after breaking into the Institute of War and demanding entry into the League of Legends). She states to her proctors, Senior Summoner Ezekiel Montrose and Summoner Lessa Cane, her motivation to be in learning by hunting the abominations that populate the League. Senior Summoner Sander Grieve, immediately upon her entry, declares that her entry into the League "will end badly."

11 May, 21 CLE
• The mordicant that had been plaguing the residents of the Noxian village of Askay is discovered impaled on the side of a barn. The calling card of the famous Demacian vigilante, the Night Hunter, is found bolted to its body. Captain Cynlan Thralk, commander of the Noxian unit which arrives later in the day to defend the village, opts to stay in Askay until the situation has settled.
• Kassadin and Malzahar are arrested after League Adjudicators, led by Kog'Maw, discover the two fighting in the mountains outside the League of War. Inexplicably, the corpse of Karthus is also found, but being undead he is quickly revived.

12 May, 21 CLE
• The League's decision to allow Kassadin and Malzahar to continue as Champions of the League despite their recent arrests sparks controversy. Hundreds of protestors gather outside the Institute of War comprised of both denouncers and self-proclaimed followers of the Void. League High Councilor Heywan Relivash attempts to calm the public with an emergency press conference.
• The first-ever interview with Rammus, the Armordillo, is printed. The entirety of the transcript reads, "Okay."

26 May, 21 CLE
• Ionians gather beneath the Great Tree in the Serene Gardens for the city-state’s annual Festival of Fire, a tradition celebrating the cleansing and rebirth of the spirit. The headlining performance is the Tale of Reina, featuring League Champions Akali and Shen, whose theme is facing one's fears.

27 May, 21 CLE
• Reports come out of ghost sightings in Lirab, a small Demacian town just south of the Bubbling Bog, beginning with gas farmer Horatio Nerp. As the reports grow in volume, Parrin Maylor, the Governor of Lirab, sends word to Demacia. Some residents recall a "sullen-looking" and "creepy" stranger carrying a shovel who appeared and left just before the sightings began. Wesker Mollifen, an investigator appointed by Demacia to evaluate the reports, dismisses the possibility of actual ghosts.
• An interview is published in which Jarvan IV briefly mentions a former flame, but then dismisses the subject saying "But she is no more."

31 May, 21 CLE
• It becomes widely known that Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork, has passed League Judgement. Senior Summoner Ezekiel Montrose and Summoner Lessa Carin, who conducted the Judgement and passed her, are still unnerved by some missing spark of humanity in the artificial being.

June, 21 CLE

June 17, 21 CLE
• On the morning of the bake sale of the Bandle City Tenderfeets, a premier yordle youth organization, the event's decorative balloons are sucked into a magical black hole and stolen. League champions Tristana and Teemo, the latter a former Tenderfoot himself, investigate but find no trace of the "Balloon Burglar." Meanwhile, the influx of customers, either in sympathy for the children or in curiosity following the burglary, actually boosts sales far beyond expectations.
• Yorick the Gravedigger passes his League Judgement. In the Reflection stage, he admits that his reason for joining is, after centuries of undeath in which he has forgotten everything about his past life, he wishes "to remember...and be remembered."

June 19, 21 CLE
• The Demacian soldier who publically confessed to conspiracy and sabotage in Kalamanda is found dead in his cell, a victim of Nyzer poisoning. Soon after the prisoner’s fate is discovered, a carriage believed to contain General Boram Darkwill himself is seen departing Noxus - the ageless, reclusive leader's first departure from the castle since the formation of the League of Legends over two decades prior. While Kalamanda's ruling council deliberates on what to do next, High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye cautions the city-state delegations to maintain the peace.
• League Champion Kayle is discovered to be the victim of a withering curse specifically designed to limit her power upon the Fields of Justice. Her condition is quickly reversed and investigators connect the curse to the synthetic arcane disease the Judicator came into contact with months earlier. Corfaiel Dithins, who had led the investigation of the contagion, suspects Kayle was the target all along. Suspicions quickly fall on Kayle's sister, Morgana.

30 June, 21 CLE
• A beam of intense sunlight rips through the sky down to Mt Targon, lighting up the atmosphere as if it were day in a ten-mile-radius - reaching as far as the Institute of War.

July, 21 CLE

1 July, 21 CLE
• General Boram Darkwill and his accompanying platoon of Raedsel Guardsman are found slain on the roads not far from Kalamanda. Jericho Swain, the presiding Noxian authority in Kalamanda, calls it a "clear declaration of war." King Jarvan III of Demacia decries the attack and insists Demacia had no part in it. The last remaining natives of Kalamanda, including the mayor and his councilmen, are evacuated.
• League Champion Pantheon denies that any on his people, the Rakkor tribe who live on Mt Targon's slopes, have as much power as was on display at the location the previous night. However, he shows doubt when discussing a small sect of his tribe who devote their lives to the worship of the sun rather than the glory of war. Mycroft Zimmer of the Institute’s Division of Magical Disturbances declares that uncovering the mystery of the anomaly has become the division's "top priority."
• It is reported that League Champion Janna’s record-breaking zeppelin “Tailwind” has defeated the Zaunite flagship “Lead Zeppelin” at the annual Techmaturgical Conference in Piltover. Credit is given to the ship's "chrono-propeller" engine, co-designed by League Champion Zilean, which allowed the Tailwind to pass easily through a storm by suspending itself in a time of calmer weather. Zaunite representatives immediately contest the victory, but in a decision explained by Ezzle Springworthy, one of the race’s judges, the victory is upheld as adhering to a spirit of innovation.

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I am insanely impressed with this post!! I'll try to see if there's anything I can correct that I know of...

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