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Originally Posted by Phantix View Post
Don't forget Game Booster by IObit,
it works by temporarily shutting down unnecessary programs to enhance gaming
Here is a download link if anyone is interested
This is one of the programs that made it possible for others to get into my otherwise secure PCs. I can recommend this if Microsoft approves of your software

But, in my case. I can no longer use my account on EU servers and RIOT crew seems to be misunderstanding my identity or maybe they are just plain old.. busy -  . -'

[EDIT] It seems ive been demoted to Junior member yet again.. ive been playing since BETA and im nearing 21 years of age. PLEASE. Read my posts through. I can even provide you with a sufficient translation if you dont understand danish

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Princess Rinoa

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I want to try that RivaTuner thing, but how do I know if it'll work with my computer?