Hey everyone,

When we first launched Team Builder, we saw an overwhelming number of Captains and not enough Solo players to fill out teams. For the past week, we've been testing an experiment in Team Builder that requires players to invite at least 1 friend to their group to become a Team Builder Captain.

The experiment saw some queue time improvements; however, we also received a lot of feedback that Solo players enjoy being Captains, and were willing to have longer queue times to have access to that feature set. We also uncovered data showing that a large number of queue time issues were due to players who were high (or low) MMR not being handled well by the matchmaker.

In light of the data and feedback, we're going to stop the experiment and go back to allowing anyone to be Captains for the time being; however, we'll be working on the following features to improve queue times:

  1. We'll be working on a way for Solo players to see what roles and positions are currently in demand, allowing players to "fill" for teams.
  2. We'll be working on a way for the system to suggest more Captains or Solos depending on what's currently needed.
  3. We'll be optimizing the matchmaker specifically for Team Builder, to solve the issues with high and low MMR players having trouble getting paired onto teams (or finding teammates for their teams).

As a quick reminder, Team Builder is a living system. We want to continue working on improvements to the system, whether it's optimizations or new features but because of the constant experimentation, there's going to be rough patches here and there once in a while--please be patient, give us feedback and help us make this the best system it can be.

See you in Team Builder,