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Malphite pros, please help! Armor?

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Nobody said he gets AP based on armour. We said the damage on his Slam is calculated from the Armour value.

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my path on this
Siesmic, slam, ulti, max your splash ad spell W last.
at level 5 harass with siesmic, make sure you have enough mana for slam siesmic and ulti though, ulti slam siesmic and finish them off with ignite.

Runebook - Full armor

Building him get
regrowth pendant
ninja tabi
sunfire cape
uppgrade regrowth to force of nature
sunfire cape
force of nature
for a last item, its all up to you, want the cd reduct armor from frozen heart, or the aegis team support.

my reasons behind all this
Full armor runes increases slam damage

force of nature gives you speed, really good hp regen and massive caster tanking.
sunfire capes max's your passives ability, gives 80aoe damage wich is helpfull after you ulti, and increases your slam damage.
ninja tabi is for more slam damage, you don't need boots of swiftness because force of nature is giving you speed.

This build makes you a real tank assassin, you still burst damage with all spell, tank just about anything, and can run faster then most.
I built upon this from a guide I read a long time ago, wich I'll post here for you.