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Teemo equipment...

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To hungryhippos1

you seriously need to read update, calling someone noob off the bat is not very nice also if you can farm mushroom then you either hacking or you haven't read the updates or release notes, you CAN'T farm on mushroom since release notes, you get not gold, so oracle all you want, you still won't get the profit back.

also when you say "nood build" then explain why it's bad build or noob build, that way i can see you are calling someone noob without a reason. and also we can learn from the your prospective.

to my opinion it's not a bad hybrid AP/AD build, expect not life-steal or spell-vamp item which i always get for my survivability.

normally i play AD
my item builds are
1. Doran's shield and pot
( you get more HP with more HP regen great item, use to get shoes but not worth it cause of my squishyness, pots for obvious reason)

2. Emblem of Valour +pots ~shoes
(you get 17% life-steal and give hp Regen to allies heroes, also with help very greatly cause of the life-steal you will be with mostly full hp with the enemy will be low hp from the harassment. shoes if i can afford it)

3. shoes and a build item + pots
(normally i try and create Guinsoo's Rageblade, so either a blasting wand or pickaxe your pick, nomally i go for the pickaxe but sometimes your up against tanks so a bit of more AP would do. shoes for the extra burst of speed)

4. Stark's Fervor + finished shoes +wards
(Stark's should be finished or close too, it's such a great item give you 20% life-steal and allies 20% life-steal, you should check this item it's great, now shoes that i build are depending on the enemy teams, if they are all magic well pretty sure Mercury's Treads will help etc..)

(ok you all asking why wards when you got shrooms? well it so you get more map awareness, and also doesn't explode when enemy walks pass them, very good for ganking purpose

eg. you shroom the blue golem enemy comes along he trips the shroom and what you know he runs away, now change that with wards, now see the difference he stays there)

5. frozen mallet
(now this is where you can change items depending on the enemy's item build, there purpose etc.. i can't help you here but you maybe should know what to build.)

(if they running faster than you or they used ghost etc, frozen mallet is very good for catching up speed, as they slow the enemy down, and also +700 hp not bad item)

6. Guardian angel or a high magic resist item

(build whatever item depend on situation)
(it for surviability, teemo is a way too squishy hero, and Guardian angel is a lot of help
normally banshee veil very good)

7. sell you doran's sheild and buy a high defense item, like frozen heart

(item build varies here too)

(frozen heart lowers enemy DPS speed very good defence.)

as you all know your items will vary from mine.

i hope this helped out

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o hai,

i play a lot with teemo and what i lke to go for is: (with my playing style)

1) starter item: Dorans blade & hp potion
2) berserker graves, gives some mroe movement speed and att speed
3) malady, give some ap which is very nice when you start placing shrooms
4) either frozen mallet or phantom dancer, it really depends what kind of enemy's i have
5) the item i didn't choose in 4
6)nashors tooth ( i love att speed with toxic shot)
7) sell dorans blade, buy madreds bloodrazor

this helped me a lot getting kills

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noob build, I see this build and I just pick up a BV and lawlz,

AP teemo does like no damage, buy an oracles and just farm his shrooms, your oracles will be paid off in like 5 minutes the AP ratio on E is useless, the R ratio is nice but you gotta wait for them to run into it... so pointless.

Disagree, Disagree, Disagree

1. AP Teemo does tons of damage
a.) Rank 3 shrooms with Nashor's Tooth and Deathcap alone does around 800 magic damage. With 1 or 2 more AP items, you're doing 1K damage.
b.) Rank 5 toxic shot with Nashor's Tooth, and Deathcap does around 200 magic damage per auto attack. If you have hextech gunblade, you're doing about 300 mixed damage per auto attack.
c.) Rank 5 toxic shot with Nashor's Tooth and Deathcap hits for 500 or so magic damage.

2. All of Teemo's abilities scale on AP.

3. Saying shrooms are pointless because people can buy an oracle is like saying wards are pointless.
a.) Oracles doesn't grant vision inside of bushes, until you step in bushes. (HINT: If they buy an oracle, shroom bushes)

4. Shrooms are just incredible. How many other abilities in the game grant vision, do AOE damage, slow, persist after death, are invisible, allow you to prevent minions from taking towers in lanes that no one is in, and have a 15-20 second cooldown?

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I main Teemo, and my play style is a little... Unique. I play him top, as there aren't many hard counters to him other than yorick and jax that I've seen.
He can take out most melee bruisers that like to sit up there and farm all game till they come in and screw up your team.
Depending on who I'm up against, I'll take boots or dorans shield, boots if I counter them, shield otherwise.
With Teemo, you HAVE to farm. Take E first for this, and max it first. Your E does massive damage to Lvl 1s unless they have a shield, and rare is the person who bothers.
No matter what, I rush runaans hurricane. This item is so OP on Teemo be ause of its wave clear and attack speed.
Next, upgrade your boots for more attack speed, and then I like to get BotRK for the sustain against the tanks and even MORE attack speed.
At this point, Liandry's becomes hilarious, as does anything else that applies extra on hit damage.
At this point, you should have a couple kills, massive gold/level advantage, and you'll be able to 1v1 almost anyone in the league with a combination of AS and your blind.
Speaking of which, cool down reduction is good for your Q and your R, and your W is really awesome for getting out of fights-but champions like master yi WILL be able to chase you down anyway.
And warmongs turns Teemo into an instant tank.
As for play style, you want to troll the enemy team for every mistake they make and every play you make. Taunt them, but don't be toxic about it. Just make them want to run through your entire team just to smash your face in. You are Teemo the Troll, not Teemo the Fuzzball.
And while he might not always be able to carry the game... With the right combination of team mates and opponents, he can pentakill almost any team easily.

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OMG Kittens Meow

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Dang man, way to resurrect a thread thats like 2 years old.

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All hail the Necronators.