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CC Items

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bananas?!? might as well get some red tortoise shells now that would be fun.

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I think you misunderstand what I said. Hard CC is a stun or a root. Slows are soft CC, which already exist on items. Hard CC is strictly OP because if your whole team gets one each, you have 5 extra disables in addition to your champion's own skills. This forces the other team to match you in having 1 each of this item with hard CC, or else they are guaranteed to lose every single fight since they can't take any actions (they are stunlocked/rootlocked). That is horrible horrible design, which is why it will never happen.

I got ya. I'm just saying the OP didn't say "hard" CC, and in fact said nothing OP.

Slows exist on items, but mostly (exclusively?) linked to a champion, an aura or some kind of attack, not on an item that can be dropped somewhere. Good idea to not have them stack on the same target. You also might have to prevent them from being placed in front of a live tower as it could lead to more tower kills.

  • Tar Pit - A short duration (1.5 - 2 second) slow. Merc Treads, cleanse and ghost would defeat it.
  • The banana peel would be a friendly speed movement item. You step on it and you "slip" in the direction of travel for a couple hundred range.
  • Stink bomb - makes target visible (smelly) for 5 or 6 seconds.
  • Smoke bomb - short duration blind or silence.