Concern about dealing with Leavers/AFKers

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Derrick the tpt

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Hi People and Riot. I would like to ask if there is anything in development to deal with these kinds of problems. I am sick and tired of people starting a game and never playing it.

If a non duo player enters a game and never moves, The other players should get some kind of compensation. Like instead of having 100% of the LP loss make it 50%. I remember someone telling me about abuse of the system and I fully understand the concern, that is why it should be 50% reduction and only for games where players never connect, never move, are NOT DUO, and have ridiculous connection problems(maybe, because I have been a victim of that and feel bad for my team when the connection problem wasn't my fault but Time Warner Cable's and Server Instability)

An Idea for you Server guys at RIOT are to constantly ping random servers that are not players like Google( to figure out when your server is having lag issues. IDK just a random idea. I don't work there, so don't hate me D: