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Guinsoo is working on Fiora

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Its just a bad decision to anyone who play good at fiora or like to play her.

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So what's the deal? One Rioter (Morello) claimed a month or two ago that the Fiora rework was suspended indefinitely (and didn't sound very optimistic either). Guinsoo is acting like its still in the works but isn't too far off.

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I wish riot or guinsoo would just give us an update already. I understand that these things take time, but periodically returning and letting the fans know that they have not forgotten will assure a lot of things. Letting us know how the progress is going, a little Q&A would be nice. With the absence it just makes feel as if nothing is happening and everything that was said last time was false or disregarded completely.

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ideas for fiora <3 PS can you make fiora a dual wielding badass fencer

Can you make fiora manaless please
And since her ult was prob one of he things the people liked a lot y not and your ult that your thinking up add together like when her new ult is on and you use lunge there's no CD and fiora can keep on spamming it on the codotion that its like cpmboed in like you have to press lunge again right as fiora hits and does the damage or else you have to wait for her lunge to come back and if she contiusly combo her lunge in the damage would reduce everyone you hit the same target oo also to add to her rapingness whenever she successfully Parry's or kills an enemy target wile her ult is on more time is added to her ult o also when her ilts off for her lunge can you make it like Olaf's Axe throw except fiora lands where the cursor is instead and can do it a second time and also that it doesn't cause slow oooooooo and and and for her passive like give her like bleed or something that slows the enemy champs atk SPD or CD or movement speed or something tanks

Pps I got the idea for the combo lunge ult thing from seighearts 4 job advances jf system in grandchase

I know this will make the new fiora even more broken but its just her olt ult was so cute I just wished it stayed also I know these ideas will prob be brushed off because there uh well ya know not the best but thanks if ya read this ~~