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Claustrum: The Iron City

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Chapter 1: Cyrus's deceit

Cyrus stood on an large iron cat walk, over hanging a enormous black abyss. He could see very little in the darkness except the few lite areas near on the cliff to his back. He gazed down into the pit seeing small sparks of light created by the labor of his minions, tirelessly striking the ground.He breathed in deeply, relishing in the smell of damp air and broken rock. A wicked grin flashed across his face as he imagined his dream finally coming true. He sharply turned around scaring the guards behind him who quickly straightened their posture.

"Look alive men!" said Cyrus walking past the guards, "The smell of progress is in the air!"

Cyrus made his way off the catwalk and into the base camp set up on the cliffs edge. Large blue tents covered the area with men and women wearing robes and armor walking about, all appearing busy. Large crystal pillars hung over the camp glowing bright blue and purple illuminating the area. Cyrus marched around inspecting the area and its soldiers, everything had to be perfect for tonight's event. He heard yelling coming from the master's tent followed by the sound of fighting. Cyrus quickly responded, hurrying to the tent, the sound of his boots squishing against the damp soil drowning out his thoughts.

Cyrus bursted into the tent, sword drawn, to find that he was to late; his assistant was drenched in his own blood hanging lifelessly off of a crimson blade that belonged to a dark specter. The man slowly slid of the blade and fell onto the ground splashing in a puddle of blood. The specter looked at Cyrus and shrugged his shoulders, then retreated into a corner of the room.

"Come on Nocturne we talked about this, no killing my staff! If you want to kill someone go kill one of the miners or something, those are Trent's men, I don't care about them." said Cyrus clearly annoyed.

"Ha,do not lecture me human, I will kill who I please. It is not my fault that these flesh bags are so easy to kill." laughed Nocturne

"Hold you tongue demon, you will obey my orders or else you I will not free you from your punishment, or do you suddenly like being a slave of the League?" said Cyrus

"Apologizes my liege." said Nocturne

"Now, lets get to business shall we? Have you done what I have asked of you?" asked Cyrus sitting down in his desk, throwing his feet up.

"Yes sire, I spent the entire day on the rift and have infected everyone of my fellow champions. The nightmares will activate tonight at mid-night like you asked, until then they will lay dormant and undetectable." said Nocturne clearly amused with his own dirty work.

"Good, glad to hear it." said Cyrus getting up from his chair, moving over to the tents entrance checking for eavesdroppers. "Tonight is the beginning of a new era my friend, you have helped us make this world a better place and for that I thank you."

"I don't want your thanks human, now fulfill your end of the bargain!" threatened Nocturne drawing his twin umbra blades

"Of course, I am a man of my word." said Cyrus calmly

The man snapped his fingers and 3 robbed figures entered the tent holding a large wooden chest decorated with runes of protection and strength. They men set the chest down in front of Nocturne who looked upon it with hungry dark eyes. The robed men quietly whispered words of power, deactivating the runes of the chest. As soon as the lights of the runes faded Nocturne quickly ripped the chest apart until all that was left was its contents. A purple crystal that illuminated the room in an eerie purple glow.

"At last I am free!" praised Nocturne snatching a purple crystal out of the chest. "FREEDOM, Hahahahahh, at last, haha uh wait..."

Nocturne inspected the crystal closely, gazing at it in every angle.He rubbed his shadowy fingers on the face of the crystal, smugging the purple paint that was layed over a blue rune. He felt his heart fill with sorrow, which was quickly replaced by rage. He had been deceived.

"This is not the Nexus shard that binds me! This is a Catalyst!" said Nocturne in disbelief, ready to tear Cyrus and his men apart

But before he could act he was shocked by a blast of arcane magic that trapped him a small personal prison made of magic. He could not move at all, frozen as he watched Cyrus laugh at his efforts to struggle.

"What is this?" asked Nocturne struggling against his restraints

"A little trick that we learned from Ryze. Come now Nocturne you seemed surprised. What did you think that by doing a small favor for me I would give you the Nexus shard so you could destroy it, setting you free? No, why would I do that? You are a liability, you could easily go back to killing summoners in there dreams hmmm? No, you are going down with the rest of the Champions, demon. Take him away." said Cyrus turning his back to the specter

The robed men unleashed there magic onto Nocturne who screamed in agony before collapsing onto the ground.

"Y.ou..wi.l.l...re.gre.t..th..is." said Nocturne who then lost consciousness.

"No, I don't think I will." said Cyrus as him men dragged the specter out of his tent.

Cyrus sighed and then sat down at his desk staring at a large list of names. He found Nocturnes' and scribbled it out.

"One down, 117 to go."

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Garen made his way down the halls searching desperately for his sister, Lux. He had not seen her since this morning and Xin had told him that he had last seen her with Ezreal making there way to his room. "I have to stop them!" said Garen rushing past a group of summoners. He realized that he will not make it in time, so he slowed down to collect himself and focus. He thought about his city's strength and honor; his sword started to glow gold and he quickly began to pick up speed sprinting down the halls. He imagined that his beloved sister had been captured by a Noxian platoon and was going to be executed if he didn't stop them.

He quickly located Ezreal's door at the end of the hall, decorated with ancient script, engravings of tombs, and .... gems?. He did not care to knock and was prepared to destroy the door, he began to spin, swinging his sword in a deadly arc and picking up speed. He would not let anyone harm his sister.

Inside of Ez's room

Lux did not know what to think of Ezreal, even with all her military training and experience as a spy she could not read the explorer. She thought he was a really sweet guy, smart, handsome, and understanding. She could even talk about magic with him, but something still troubled her. "Is he gay or not?" whispered Lux under her breath as Ezreal went to his night stand; fetching his nail polish. She honestly had no clue; he seemed very interested in her, always asking how she was, what she was doing, and even has treated her to dinner a few times. But she still wasn't positive about his sexuality; he always acted so feminine, and when ever he wasn't in a match or with her, he could be found hanging out in Taric's room talking about gems and stuff.

Lux sighed as Ezreal began to paint her nails, a light tan. "Like the magnificent sandstone pyramids of Shurima." said Ezreal admiring his handy work.

"Yeah, totally!" said Lux, pretending to remain perkish but was really bored as hell. She wished Ezreal would do something interesting with her, not just talk about magic or archaeology. By the time he had almost finished her left hand, Ezreal looked up at Lux and they both stared at each others deep blue eyes. This was her chance! Lux worked up the courage to lead and slowly made her lips pucker and closed her eyes. Ezreal however, blushed deep red and looked back down at Lux's nails.

"So I heard Xin might ask out Sona today." said Ezreal, trying to avoid Lux's affection. He finished her nails quickly and then walked back to his night stand to return the nail polish.

Yeah, he's gay, concluded Lux who rose from her seat and began to pack her things. She thanked Ezreal for the "fun" time and gave him a hug, just as Garen came bashing through the door, ..... Spinning. Why me, Lux wondered.

"DEEEMACIAA!" screamed Garen seeing Lux and Ezreal hugging. I am going to cut that little shrimp in half! thought Garen. He began to spin forward slowly moving towards Ezreal decimating anything in his way. Garen was spinning like a tornado causing pieces of papers to fly around the room, the very room shook as the man moved in for the kill. Ezreal, who had retreated away from Garen with an arcane shift found himself trapped in the corner of the room. He decided to attack back and struck him with a homing bolt that zapped Garen in the face.This of course only pissed him off, "Stay away from my sister!" yelled Garen as he moved even closer to the explorer.

As Garen moved in, his blade began tearing at the walls causing sparks to fly around him as he spun. The blade was inches away from Ezreal's face, he could smell his fear in the air, and see the sweat on his face. But just before the blade made contact with Ez's skin, Lux produced her wand from her belt and cast a light binding spell on her brother freezing him in place. Followed by a lucent singularity that knocked both Ez and Garen to there feet. Both men hit the ground hard, knocking Garen out cold and leaving Ezreal dazzed.

"Now, now guys. Is this the proper way to act in the presence of a lady?" asked Lux rolling her eyes. Garen, regaining consciousness, reached to pick up his sword and continue his attack, but Lux skipped over and kicked it away and gave her brother a swift knock on the head with her wand putting the big man back to sleep, "Nope!" giggled Lux.

Lux dusted off her skirt and tucked her wand back into her belt. She turned to Ezreal who was leaning against the wall dazed, "Sorry about the mess, Ez. I'll make sure that you will receive a check in the mail from the Demacian Crown to pay for the damages." apologized Lux.

Ezreal stood up shaking his hair sending little bits of rumble falling. He looked down at the hulk of a man that tried to kill him now drooling on his floor and sighed. This has happened before.

"Not to worry Lux, I can sell one of my artifacts to the Institute or something. I have to many of them anyway." said Ezreal dusting himslef off. Ezreal stumbled onto his bed and closed his eyes, exhausted. He picked up his clock that had fallen and looked at the time and gasped.

"You better get going Lux, its almost curfew. I don't want you getting in trouble with the guards for staying out to late." said Ezreal

Lux looked at the mess Garen had made and felt sorry for Ez; she normal would have helped him but she understood the dangers of violating the curfew. "Thanks Ez, I will make it up to you." said Lux pulling Ezreal close for a huge. "No worries." said Ezreal blushing.

Lux turned around and garbed Garen, who was still out cold, by the leg and began to drag him out of the room with retaliative ease. Lux left Ezreal with his jaw on the floor as he watched her drag her big brother out into the hall way and disappear down the corridor.


Meanwhile in the outside of the Institute of War

*Radio Static

"Trent! Come in Officer Trent!"

Trent woke up from his nap and snatched his radio out from his belt in a hurry. "Uh yeah, Trent here who is this?" said Trent rubbing his sleepy eyes and standing up to stretch. "Who else would it be you idiot! Your Commander!" yelled Cyrus through the radio annoyed with Trent's ignorance. "Are the preparations finished for tonight?" asked Cyrus. "Yes Sir, we are finishing putting up the last of the turrets." said Trent emerging for his tent. He surveyed the area seeing how the build team were coming along.

The area around the League was a large and majestic silence forest with trees as large as building sprouting from the ground. Small rivers flowed through the area all collecting at the moot up against the wall of the institute which was rumored to be bottomless. One could feel the magical energy that emanated from the forest because it was created with magic to prevent large armies from invading. Though the forest was a admirable sight it was not what caught Trent's attention. It was the enormous magic stone turrets that were being built in a tight circle around the Institute.

He signaled to the lead engineer near one of the turrets who then had his men unlock a large cage that released a herd of deer into the field and range of the turrets. It took only 3 seconds for all the turrets in range to fully warm up and began barraging the herd with magic blast. Trent watched with glee as the turrets burnt the animals to crisp, pleased with the work. He noticed that one of the deer had survived, a young faun who was galloping frantically towards the tree line. Trent scowled and made his way over to the Engineer. The man tried to explain how the deer got through but was quickly cut off by Trent's Brutalizer crushing all off the man's ribs. Trent keeled down near the dying man's head and whispered, "I do not accept failure, and neither does my master!" said Trent who then brought his weapon down on the man's skull.

Trent stood up and began unwittingly cleaning the blood of his weapon and focused his gaze back onto the faun that was still trying to escape. He smiled as the deer was blown sky high as it steeped on one of the thousand invisible landmines set up in the field. He grabbed his radio and messaged back to Cyrus, "Preparations Complete."

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Finished Chapter 2# <----- Slow as hell at writing

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I am going to probably add more to this thread, I know I am a very inconsistent writer, I am working on that so I will be trying to revive this thread and another one that I have made in the past. Bare with me on this and hopefully I will finish this story and you guys will feel satisfied after reading it.