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AMAM - 60 Advanced Tips to Improve in ARAM Games

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BLU Medic

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Complexin :
Can your ARAM MMR rise to the silver level even if you're level 10?
In an average game, 4 players out of 10 are bots, and I have lost so many games because of them (e.g., having a KDR of 32/7/12 and still lose because the bots keep dying and can't push).

It's really frustrating, and I'm now dodging half of my games simply because of the bots.

If you want, we could play together. I've got really low MMR (for pretty much every game mode) and playing with a friend seems to lower the number of bots you get.

I'll definitely consider Rod of Ages more often. When I was new, I used to buy Rod of Ages all the time on pretty much every AP champion so I kinda left it to one side when I started understanding items better.