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AMAM - 60 Advanced Tips to Improve in ARAM Games

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What is a Wolf

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This is a little something me and GrosPigeon decided to give to the community of this forum section. Obviously, it is mostly opinion based, so it comes from our personal experience. Keep in mind that we've played thousands of ARAM games each and play around the range of 2300-2800 Match Making Rating and still manage to maintain a ~75-85% win rate at those level; we know our stuff.

Obviously, your opinion on one of those tips might differ from ours (especially for item builds and our tier list), and while you might be right, we will both be very happy to provide additional information as to why we chose to write it that way and the reasoning behind it. Discussion and community sharing is the purpose of this thread, not a display of our personal pride. It’s also why we will bump this thread regularly for visibility.

Having said all that, take a seat and let us teach you the ways of getting rid of the bad in you. (Beware: wall of text)

General tips:

1- Save your rerolls for when your team as a whole isn’t very good. For instance, if you have Soraka, Brand, Twitch, Malphite and you personally roll Tryndamere, there’s no reason for you to reroll Trynd since your team is already very balanced both dmg and ranged-wise. It’s not a very high tier team, but it’s balanced enough to not waste rerolls. It’s better to use your rerolls when you have 4 melees, when you roll only one type of dmg or when you have 5 high-tier carries with no peeling.
* * * I added our personal tier list here (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=48796259&posted=1#post48796259) for your viewing displeasure.

2- Piloting your champion optimally and itemizing correctly is what is going to earn you wins, not your champion picks. Sometimes you get out-comp'd hard and there’s nothing you can do about it, however just because they have lux and ziggs doesn't mean you should bend over and and pray for a better comp next game. So many games are won just because people stall and end up getting bruised by tanks while playing high ranged champs.

3- When soloqueuing, it is a better idea to trade away a champion that is easy to play in exchange for a harder champion that you can pilot well. If one of your ally rolls a Syndra and you get Ziggs, it’s in your team's best interest for you to play a champ you think you play better than your ally.

4- One of the most valuable tip we can give you is to rush the bush when a game starts and buying your opening items as you move. Take the time to do your item sets if you’re not fast enough. I can’t tell you how many games we’ve had First Blood by having one of their guys think they’re faster than everyone else and just instantly blow up the second they step in their own bush. Getting control of your own bush is directly related to lane control, and therefore, a gold lead.

5- If you have lane control (caused by you outranging them or getting early bushes), make sure to pressure the enemy tower by landing 1-3 auto-attacks each wave. It might seem intuitive or obvious to you, but it’s easily forgotten and too many times I see people backing up to their side of the lane after waveclearing instead of pressuring the enemy team. This tip is especially true when they have good late-game champs. By attacking buildings, you reduce the potential duration of the game, meaning they won’t be able to reach late game as easily.

6- On a related note to early pressure, it is preferable to leave champions low hp than to kill them. Since the early game respawn time is so short and the travel time to lane is almost inexistant, there is no objectives to be gained by killing only 1 person. When someone is very low hp and has no way to gain it back, they have a tendency to play safer and stay away from enemies, meaning they don’t bother you when you hit buildings. Apply this to their whole team and all of a sudden 5 of your teammates are all auto’ing their tower freely and they can’t fight back; that’s the situation you want. Also, keep an eye out for champions that don’t have health potions or self-sustain like mages; they’re usually the best targets for high range spells. If you keep killing 1 guy at a time and they keep coming back, you’re slowly losing item advantage. Even if you have a gold lead, you still haven’t used it so they have an item lead. You want to go for buildings and the win, not for high amounts of kills. Next time you think about diving, I hope you remember this and resist the urge to dive their tower to grab kills instead of playing it patiently and intelligently. (This paragraph doesn’t apply if they have ways to gain hp back.)

7- Health potions are often underrated. There is no reason whatsoever to sacrifice a health potion for a mana one when you start the game. There’s no difference if you don’t end up using them, but in a situation where you go against a poke heavy team, you’ll need every bit of sustain you can get and there’s nothing worse than standing around with no hp, no health pots while having full mana and 2 mana pots in your inventory. Always plan for the worse situation (which would be you needing as much health potions as possible). Also try grabbing 2-3 potions on every trip back if you have some gold leftover (especially if you don’t have self-sustain or a healer). It helps you undo the occasional unlucky skillshots you tanked with your teeth and keep you full hp instead of stealing health relics from your team or standing around with half your hp.

8- If the other team has better range, try to stall early game by waveclearing. It's normal to take dmg from poke, however it doesn’t mean you should run in and try to fight immediately. If you run in before level 6, you’ll only end up either dying or burning potions. Try to stall early game (pre-lvl 6) as much as possible by getting 5 pots and some sustain. Late game tanky champions are scarier than early game poke champions.

9- If they have sustain, try not to trade. Even if you trade evenly, the simple fact that their healer is pressing W will put you and your team behind. Instead of using your spells on enemy champions when they have a Sona and Alistar, use those spells on minions to push the wave. Stay in the back, waveclear when you get pushed and wait for fights to happen later on. Healers get very efficient when small fights happen but no one dies, so that’s exactly what you want to avoid.

10- Try to also keep an eye out on which team is going to hit lvl 6 first as this is an enormous timing window. If they have a kill lead or a missing player, you want to make sure to play very safe until you hit 6 yourself. On the other side of the medal, if you’re about to hit 6, try to make something happen as soon as possible. If both teams are even on kills, whoever has lane control is going to waveclear first, meaning they will all ding before you do, stay away. The lvl 6 window is also an opportunity for the team that has been pushed to their tower and poked all game to make something happen and gain back lane control. This is one of the most crucial moments of the game, so make sure to have as much hp as you can and burn your summoner spells.

11- Try to stay away for the narrow choke between your first tower and the right wall when you’re being pushed in. There’s very little space to maneuver and since this is the side where the health relics are,there is always one guy that tends to hug that side. Since it is a very tight place (hehehe), people also tend to put traps there. Don’t bother clearing them, just try surviving through the early losing phase, dodge skillshots and waveclear.

12- A small mention to trap positioning when you’re playing Nidalee or Caitlyn: Place your traps where people have no choice but to step on. At the entrance of a bush, the choke near the first tower, on health relics, throughout a bush (when they chase you). If you’re playing Teemo or Nidalee, try to leave about 2 centimeters between each of your traps since they only re-apply the debuff instead of stacking. A quick mention, if you're playing against a trapper of some sort while using a champ that can control minions, use them to defuse the traps (Morde ghost, Tibbers, LeBlanc clone, Yorick W, Shaco boxes are some examples) Super-awesome-pro Caitlyn trick: If you put a snap-trap down, and then ever so slightly a 2nd one right on top of it but just delayed by a few millimeters behind, champs will run in it, get snared, then get snared again as soon as they try to move in the same direction. This is a very good trick if you’re trying to keep control of a bush or to delay someone from entering a fight. Here (http://i.imgur.com/0XoNm8X.jpg) is a little something visual about trap placement when you’re on blue team.

13- Taking an inhibitor is more impactful than getting yourself aced. Say you win a teamfight and then push down their second tower, everyone in your team should right-click the inhibitor and not move until it’s down. Even if the enemy team respawned and are on their way for their revenge, make sure to get inhibor. The fact that you just gave them gold is irrelevant since they won’t be able to buy with it anyways and you now have a team with newly bought items, a full hp bar and super-minions following you on your way back to lane. This position is way more favorable than acing them, going back to your health relics, not being full hp anyways and having no inhib down.

14- I know it's very important for you to E an enemy from the bushes while using Soraka, but revealing your bush to your enemies gives away your position and might result in you losing that bush, don't do it. Landing a skillshot from a bush reveals you for a short time, but it won’t be enough time for them to target you with spells that could result in pushing you out of it. Targeting spells such as Soraka E will act as an auto-attack, meaning you get the full reveal duration. Keep that in mind whenever you plan to throw a spell at an enemy.

15- Do not burn your flash to stay alive or to get a kill when you're playing a champ that has a significant AoE ultimate (Fid, Galio and Amumu are examples). Reaching lvl 6 is your timing window to win a team fight, and if you have your Flash up at that moment, it might make your ultimate hit 4 enemy champions instead of 2 or 3. Using Flash to kill 4 guys and grab an objective is way more important than using it to save yourself or to earn 140 gold.

16- Whenever you get hit by an enemy tower, ask yourself if any of the opposing champions touched you recently. If they didn’t and you die, you get executed and you get to spend the gold you’ve amassed up to now without giving them money back. This is very easy to do in the early game where all is needed to kill you is 3 hits. In the late-game, if your inhibitor is down, you can also use the super-minion to suicide if you're low on hp and the enemy team isn't around.

17- Killing yourself after winning a team fight is sometimes the right thing to do once you’ve capitalized from that fight. Pushing the wave, grabbing a building and then suicide to their next tower is usually what you want to do. A suicide is best, but even if their support or tank ends up getting a kill, gold without assists on a champion that doesn’t do dmg isn’t the end of the world since it allows you to come back with full hp with new items for your next fight. Surviving with no sustain and very low hp for next fight isn’t a situation you want to be in, especially in a very close game.

18- Occasionally press tab to keep an eye on the respawn timers. It’s easy to get carried away and engage 4v5 because one of them overextended. It’s also true when you chase champions for a long time. Nothing worse than almost killing a guy and then 2 of their teammates save him after respawning.

19- Regardless of your champion, you should always have MR Glyphs and Armor Seals. At level 3, a champion will prevent ~9% more magical damage with MR Glyphs than without. Considering you get hit by a lot of spells throughout the game, this adds up to a lot of mitigated dmg. This is also true for physical dmg and armor. Getting a fair amount of damage reduction from Seals and Glyphs will always beat a minimal amount of dmg boost. It’s also a way to combat enemy penetration. As you probably know, resistances aren't linear. The more you get, the lower their impact is. This means exactly the opposite for penetration; the effect of your penetration is greater the lower your enemies' resistances are. This is also the reason why penetration Marks and Quints will beat other form of dmg, such as flat AP or AD.

20- With the recent buff of Armor per level Seals and the nerf of the flat ones, it is now better to use Armor per level. As we all know, ADC’s scale with items and are generally poor early game, so the fact that those new Seals only become better than the flat ones at lvl 6 is not a big disadvantage. Long range AD champs like Varus and Jayce are very good early game, but the fact that Riot gave every champion an additional 4 base armor when the game starts should help a bit against the early game swing.

21- Don’t use your poro snax. I know you want to see it explode and all but having poros run out of a bush because you are now a scary, scary thing will give out your position to your enemies. This is especially hurtful when you’re a champion that is able to initiate.

22- You should automatically get a Sweeper if you’re against an AP Teemo or an AP Shaco. Teemo is currently sitting on a winrate of 56% on lolking.com because no one gets that item, please be a part of the solution! You should also consider Sweeper against stealth champs such as, Akali, Talon, Wukong, Kha’Zix and Vayne, but they’re not as impactful as an unchecked Teemo.

23- Tear of the Goddess is a good item on mana heavy champs (like Sona, Nami, Ziggs and Nid), but it's not as good as Chalice as a starting item. The 200ish mana lead you would get if you started with tear isn't worth your downtime when you'll get out of mana. Since Tear only increases your base mana regen instead of a % like Chalice does, there is a point where you will be out of mana and regaining it very slowly. That downtime is the reason why starting with Tear is a bad idea. What we propose is to start with Chalice + Sapphire Crystal and buy a Tear on your first trip back. Remember that the map passive gives you +3 mana regen for every 200 maximum mana you have, so that Sapphire Crystal gives you mana regen that is then amplified with Chalice. Like mentioned above, that opener sacrifices some mana charges, but does not interfere with the fluidity of your mana regen.

Tank tips:

24- It seems to me that it is a misconception that the purpose of a tank is to be unkillable. After discussing it thoroughly, we came to the conclusion that the purpose of a tank is to make your allies’ job easier. Doing so might include very different facets which we will see more in details shortly, like increasing your allies’ dmg, making them tankier, peeling champions away from them, cc’ing enemies together and so on.

25- Being a bruiser or peeler, it's always better to peel for your carries than to jump on theirs, especially in a losing game. By doing so, you prevent your carries from losing dps by running away from enemies or to lose hp by being dmg'd. Instead, they can stand still and auto-attack whoever you’re keeping in place, increasing their overall dps. You might think that jumping on their carries and making them attack you instead of them is a form of peeling, but it’s not. By doing so, you’ll most likely die. The difference is that now your carries have no one of front of them to protect them, and now they have to deal carries that are more fed than them.

26- Stop engaging if you're losing fights. Try to stall the game by making your carries waveclear. Engaging in a losing situation will only make their advantage bigger every time your team dies. Try to disengage with your spells instead of using them to get close to your enemies.

27- When you’re thinking of engaging, keep an eye on the position of your teammates. Flashing, using your dash and then ulting with Jarvan isn’t always the right move even if you hit 5 people with it. You have to make sure your allies are in a position to follow you up. You can also type in chat to be ready or ping right before you go in so your teammates have an idea of when you intend to go in.

28- Flash isn’t needed on tanks without AoE ultimates or ways to catch people off. You’d be more useful to your team with summoner Heal and Exhaust if you play say Yorick, Trundle, Mundo, Leona, Naut, Malph, Shyv or Soraka, but champs like Galio, Amumu, Ali, Blitz, Skarner, Wukong, Darius and Maokai all need Flash as part of their kit since it allows you to position your spells better when you’re looking to start a fight.

29- Build your melee champions tanky. There is no point in building dps if you die in 1 spell rotation. I know you want your Poppy to crit for 2k or your Akali to have 600 AP, but the world simply isn't ready for it yet. Get 1 or 2 tanky item(s) first, then get your dmg. Living longer directly increases your DPS since you stay in fights longer, even if your dmg stats are lower.

30- In response to the previous paragraph, a tank shouldn’t be as tanky as a WoW raidboss. There is only need for more tankiness when people focus you and you’re dying a lot. I would say the ideal situation you want to be in is to be tanky enough to not instantly die when you get cc’d,but to do enough dmg to not be ignored. Say you’re an Alistar, you don’t want to just keep getting resist and hp items. You want to mix some tankiness with cdr and a sheen item. Locket-Athenes-Gauntlet gives you max CDR, very high amount of resists while having a presence in team fights. It’s the same deal with champions like Leona, Galio or Maokai. If you’re tanky enough, just slap a void staff or a sheen item on your champion and all of a sudden your dmg doubles. Hydra, Triforce, Cleaver, Botrk, Zekes, Mallet, Wits are all examples of good dmg items for tanks that auto-attack a lot.

31- If you're not a carry, make sure to get Locket. Not only does it make you tanky, it also increases everyone's durability by ~6% against magical dmg, not to mention the activated shield that can mitigate a large AoE spell.

32- Zeke's Herald is worth mentioning if you have 2 ADC's on your team.

33- Randuins, Tabi, Gauntlet and Frozen Heart are good armor items for tanks. The point of building armor is to peel for your team by staying alive and slowing the fight down. Sunfire doesn't help you do that, please stop purchasing it.

34- Abyssal is extremely potent when you're on an AP tank (Galio, Malph, Amumu, Katarina, Diana, Vlad, Zac and Leona are all very good examples). It provides you with tankiness as well as dmg for your team.

35- Locket, Spirit Visage, Merc and Abyssal are all very good mr items for tanks as they not only give you individual tankiness, but they also help your team in some way (either by granting them tankiness, more dmg, or by giving you more up time allowing you to cast more spells, granting them with more peeling). It’s also the reason why Banshees and Orb of Winner aren’t as good on tanks.

36- A small addition on Orb of Winner: it’s not optimal in most games since it doesn’t improve your stats for fighting, but in a game where the shield refreshes several time before an actual fight, it gets very cost effective. This is the type of item that you get when you have to wait on ults to engage against a poke heavy comp.

Support tips:

37- It is true that supports that have access to a lot of gold are best built with AP items (it’s also observable in Dominion and TT), but it doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your support role and skip team items. If your tank is unwilling or you don’t have a tank, take one for the team and build Locket and then proceed to your usual AP build. Giving every teammate a very important aura item is way better than just getting 80 additional AP on your champ, even if results in bigger heals or shields.

38- As an AP support, you will stay in the back and try to catch people with cc or casting heals/shields on your teammates, meaning your need of Boots isn’t as high as carries. Sometimes boots are very important when you need to chase/run away or dodge skillshots, but when the game starts, the distance between both towers is so short that you don’t even need movement skill or items to get to safe grounds. It’s also the reason we wouldn’t recommend putting a point in Janna W or Sona E until you reach lvl 8. For AP champs, Sorc Boots are very good but when your primary spells are shields or heals, pen isn’t as important. Beside AP supports, Naut, Nidalee, Jarvan, Maokai and Warwick are also champs where boots aren’t a necessity.

39- The new Twin Shadow is a very potent item for AP supports like Janna, Sona, Soraka, Nami, Karma, Morgana and Lulu. Not only does it provide you with AP and CDR (which is your game plan anyways), it also gives your team an engage and disengage tool.

40- Janna is best built AP, yes, but it doesn't mean you should get all the CS with your nados. Gold on a carry is always better than gold on a defensive champion. Max your E first unless you need waveclear/stalling.

41- For the love of god, stop building your Sona full CDR+AP. There is no point in playing a healer if you instantly die when you get caught. Sona is a champion that trades efficiently, but build in a way that you don't instantly die if you get q'd by Amumu. This goes for any AP supports really, not only Sona.

AD Carry tips:

42- There has been a lot of situations where I see people calling out their AD carries by telling them not to dmg tanks. The goal of an ADC is to first guarantee how safe they are, and then once that’s guaranteed, do the most dmg. Having said that, it is not safe for you to run past enemy melee champs to be within reach of their ranged champions; it exposes you to melee spells as well as ranged spells. Your best bet is usually to attack what’s closest to you. Of course this has some exceptions. For instance, if an enemy Garen has Thornmail, Sunfire and Tabi, there’s no reason at all to spend time attacking him or wasting spells on him. If that’s the case, tell your team to simply ignore him and go on to the next valuable target. That’s why we mentioned earlier that you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re easily ignorable as a tank. Smart players will go past you and go on your teammates; rendering all of your tank items literally useless.

43- Jinx, Varus and Jayce are blue casters (meaning they do not rely on auto-attack, but on spells to do dmg). Their poke have high AD ratios and are very lengthy, meaning you can dmg enemies without taking any dmg back. Your overall game dps is going to increase if you only get dmg and CDR instead of dmg and attack speed. Tear+Sword-> Brut-> CDR Boots-> LW-> Sanguine is generally the most optimal item path (Upgrade Tear into a Manamune when it hits around +350 mana from charges). If you're in a situation where you can freely auto-attack (against 3 melees for instance), it will almost always be better to build Hypercarry instead of blue, since most of the trading will be made during fights, not throughout poke.

44- Some people build Ashe blue as well, but we personally think it's a mistake. The other 3 blue casters all have very high ad ratios as well as very high range on their poke, but not Ashe. You're basically sacrificing powerful auto-attacks just to be able to do a 250 dmg volley every 3 seconds that basically doesn't even dmg a champion with 1 armor item. It's also not as reliable and safe poke like the other 3 blue casters since the range on it is much shorter.

45- Ezreal is usually built blue caster, but there are instances where it is straight up better to go Hypercarry (dmg and attack speed). The Hypercarry route is usually better DPS-wise if you can freely auto-attack against melee champions, but the blue route is overall more poke-oriented and safer since you gain armor from your Gauntlet and less downtime with your E.

46- Another note regarding Ezreal: regardless of your build (Blue, Hypercarry or AP), you should always start with Sheen. Sheen gives you mana regen as well as maximum mana, so there’s no reason for you to start with tear or Chalice especially considering the fact that your q costs 31 mana. People go oom with him because they spam W like it’s buried treasure at lvl 3 with their QWE lvl’d up instead of QQE.

47- Stop with the Boots+Doran+Doran openers. If you're getting a Doran, only get one matched with a Vamp Scepter. If they have poke, Boots are better than a Doran since you can dodge spells easier. Additionally, you might not be able to auto-attack minions to sustain anyways if the enemy team outrages you badly and punish you with spells every time you come close to minions.

48- If you're on an AD carry (Blue or Hypercarry), you'll need to get a banshees somewhere in your build. By doing so, you become much more difficult to catch with a stun as well as unburstable later in the game. There’s no point in doing a lot of dmg if you die 1 second after a Leona ult or an assassin picking you off. If their team is very heavy on poke, it is sometimes better to get banshees as a 2nd item as soon as you complete your sanguine blade. Frozen Mallet and Randuins are both also worth mentioning instead of Banshees in the instance where most of the dmg you take is physical. Champions like Talon and Rengar build a lot of penetration item, so it is sometimes better to go for the huge hp boost of 700 from Mallet than to pay the same price for lower hp and a small armor boost. However, Randuins is better when you’re getting bruised hardcore from champs that like auto-attacking like Vi, Yi, Jax, Trynd or other ADC’s.

49- The optimal building path for most Hypercarries is usually Vamp+Boots-> Sanguine-> PD-> LW-> IE-> Banshees. If you're incredibly fed, IE first to PD while holding vamp is very good, but planning for the worse is usually a safer bet; get used to rushing Sanguine Blade asap. You may swap Boots for a Doran Blade if you think you won’t be able to auto-attack as much due to their high range or stuns, like mentioned just above. I play safe and always buy Boots no matter what, but it is my opinion that both options are viable if you watch out for the reasons mentioned in tip #47.

... To be continued in the next post. (maximum of 30 000 characters per post op)

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What is a Wolf

Senior Member


AP Carry tips:

50- If you have a poke-oriented team, try to avoid a fight at all cost and favor disengage over engage. This is the reason why high poke champs have a winrate of ~65% instead of 80%. If needed, ask your tank to not initiate when you notice that your fights are becoming harder.

51- Don't use flat AP Quints. If you want dmg, go for pen Quints. You lose about 3 dmg on your spells at lvl 3 doing so, but they get exponentially better as the game progresses. Flat AP Quints are good on champs that majorly use support abilities (Shields, Heals or minion-dmg'ing spells). Janna is a prime example

52- Before waveclearing like an idiot, take a look at your ADC's hp bar. Chances are, he would appreciate to lifesteal from minions with Vamp/Sanguine if his hp isn't full. There's no point in leaving one of your teammate low in hp because you want 6 more cs; it might cost you a team fight.

53- There isn’t one winning sequence of AP items that will always be better than other ones, unlike the AD sequence of tip #43. The optimal route for damage is Chalice+Boots-> Sorc-> Void-> Deathcap-> Athenes, but some champions have utility spells like shields and such, meaning they benefit a lot more from early CDR.

54- If you rush Athenes and Sorc boots, Void Staff is a better follow up than Deathcap against a target with 48 MR or higher. Keep in mind that by the time you reach a third item, they will most likely have a Locket of their own, a base MR of 42 if they run MR Glyphs and sometimes a Chalice (for a grand total of 67 base MR at lvl 3, and 87 when they get a Locket). So yeah, Void Staff is more often than not the best dmg item you can get at any point in the game, it's also one of the cheapest, therefor making it the most effective.

55- Despite it’s nerf, Lich Bane is a very high dps item if you can auto-attack. I wouldn’t recommend it if your opponents are all ranged since it would mean you’d have to overextend every time you want to auto, but if you can freely auto-attack because their range is low or because they have more than 2 melees, I’d say this should be an early item to get right after your Deathcap and void.

56- Contrary to popular belief, Morellos isn’t a counter item to a healer. It’s very good against comps that have a lot of sustain (a mix of healers, self-sustaining spells and/or Sanguine Blade), but don’t think all will be okay because you have a Morellos, especially if you can’t even take them down to 40% HP. Aim for more dmg instead and go for bursting. In the instance where you can make use of the healing debuff, Morellos is very potent on champs that can re-apply the debuff from a save distance (like Lux, Kog or Xerath). Once you get Athenes, Morellos is by far the best CDR item you can get if you want the CDR cap of 40%.

57- Fiddlesticks and Kog'Maw both have very poor AP ratios and yet scale VERY well with penetration items. Chalice+Boots-> Sorc-> Athenes-> Zhonyas-> Abyssal-> Void-> DC is what I usually go for on Fid and for Kog we go Tear+Boot+Faerie-> Chalice-> Sorc-> Guise-> Athenes-> Void-> Archangels-> DC. The order can vary but these are core items on those champs.

Super-try-hard-mode-activated-that-no-one-ever-expects-you-to-do-ever tips:

58- Take all timings: Flash (5 mins), Health Relics (3:10 + 40 secs) and Ultimates with their CDR (2 min cooldown on most AoE ults, 90 secs for max cdr) (Caution: doing all this will display an insurmountable level of WTFery and discipline. May cause headaches)

59- It is sometimes favorable for you to freeze the lane. By having a couple of champs sit in the bushes and zoning enemies out of experience range with your spells, you can get an early gold and experience lead, meaning you'll reach lvl 6 faster. However doing this requires an extreme level of organization as well as very specific conditions (lane control, your high range vs. their low range). We managed to do it in a tournament ADAM game for a couple of waves before lvl 6, here (http://www.twitch.tv/theprosauce/b/489178846?t=277m57s) is the link to the stream to the exact moment when we're pulling it off if you’re curious on how it was executed.

60- Try to keep an eye out for Targon users. Don’t instantly spend all your spells on the wave if one of your tank has it; it’s generating additional gold every time a minion is executed with it, so there’s no reason for you to not want your team to get more gold. In the instance where you’re a carry, try to get close to the Targon user when they’re about to kill something to receive the gold bonus (a carry receiving money is more effective than a support or another melee). If you’re the one that bought it, make sure to have a stack up for the turret-blocker minion since it provides you and a teammate with more gold. Also don’t use the stacks on the ranged minions as they provide less gold than the regular melee ones.

61- Remember that time I said there was 60 tips? I lied.

62- You can see when Health Relics are being used on your minimap even if an enemy took it from the fog of war. Meaning you can also time their own back Relics when you see it being taken. Additionally, if your team managed to put one of your opponents low on hp, people usually hug the right-side of the wall to grab their Relics when they go back, so if you have a global skillshot (like Ziggs) and you feel like you're in need of a kill, it's a safe bet to throw it near the wall on the right.

63- There is a map trigger whenever someone goes past their bush between the 2 first towers. Some small rocks fall down right next to the first tower on the choke. This trigger only applies for Purple side. You can see those falling down in the fog of war, meaning if you're blue side and see those rocks falling down, it means someone from the enemy team just crossed their bush. And we thought blue side was op. Rito nerf plis.

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Awesome tips. Thanks

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BLU Medic

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Those are handy tips, cheers!

Note to self: buy more runes.

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Finally something worth sticky-ing.

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Great tips and well put together. I'm nowhere close to yalls MMR, but a fair amount of this seems like it would be common sense for anyone who's played a significant amount of ARAM games. Unfortunately, that's not the case. lol At least now I have a link to point someone in the right direction.

Again, thanks for the hard work that went into this, and, like Jeddite says, this needs to be stickied.

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what is a wolf:

61- remember that time i said there was 60 tips? I lied.



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Why isn't Sivir a Blue Caster? Is it wrong to play her as a Q spammer like Varus and Cait? Heck, she has some safety nets and mana sustain with shield and extra poke if you can bounce one off for minor chip.

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What is a Wolf

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Why isn't Sivir a Blue Caster? Is it wrong to play her as a Q spammer like Varus and Cait? Heck, she has some safety nets and mana sustain with shield and extra poke if you can bounce one off for minor chip.

Varus Q has a range of 1475, Jayce Q+E has a range of 1470 and Jinx W is at 1500. Sivir stands behind with 1075. The projectile velocity (travel speed) is also much slower than the other 3 casters, so its way easier to dodge.

It's true that Sivir Q has a very good AD ratio and base dmg, but just like Ashe, the range on it isn't high enough to warrant switching your item sequence. In a game where your enemy outranges you, she won't be able to compete with just 1075 range and against a team that you outrange, Hypercarry is better anyways since you can auto-attack.

Also, not going full CDR+dmg build doesn't automatically mean that her Q will do 0 dmg. You will still build a Sanguine, LW and an IE at some point, so your Q will still go boom-meni-dmg, but it's used as a source of dps in a fight or whenever someone overextends rather than a source of reliable high-range poke. This is also true for Ashe volleys.

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Why isn't Sivir a Blue Caster? Is it wrong to play her as a Q spammer like Varus and Cait? Heck, she has some safety nets and mana sustain with shield and extra poke if you can bounce one off for minor chip.

She's not a blue caster because she has no mana problems and no way to activate procs other than auto attacks. She's an arpen poke AD carry with incredible utility. If you use your shield wisely, you'll never need a mana item.