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Mordekaiser and Ability Power.

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Doran's Shield
Sorcerer's Boots or Ionian Boots. Depends on the opponents
Heart of Gold -> Randuin's.
Kage's Pick -> Deathfire Grasp.
Abyssal Scepter
Rylai's Scepter
-situational item-

I use Gold/10 items since his late game is pretty poor, just a way to mitigate imo.

Items you can insert for more mid-game advantage and/or replace with Deathfire Grasp include:
Aegis or Haunting Guise. Elixirs are nice too.

Situational item includes either Zhonya counterparts, Force of Nature, Will of the Ancients, Thornmail, Void Staff, Quick Silver Sash (pretty recommended for mid-game almost endgame since you never run Cleanse-Ignite huh?), and Guardian Angel.

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The only way to play morde now is a rate-based hero, and you need AP for that. You can't just go in and slam down a E/W and have so much shield that you are invincible. Instead, you need that shield to be constently generating. To do that you need full CDR and high AP with good amounts of armor/MR to compliment.

CDR boots are great on him
Hourglass is great (Armor/AP)
Abyssal Scepter is great (MR/AP)
Deathcap is great (30% AP, more shield "rate&quot
Banshee's Veil (MR/spell negate/AP)
Guardian Angel if you are being focussed first.

His problem is that CC just absolutely demolishifies him. You NEED your shield to be constantly generating, and if you are CC'd you are not generating shield.

I think Rylai's is horrible on him now, because his job isn't to chase/snare dominate. His job is to initiate, generate massive shield, die in a glorious fashion while your real DPSers finish the fight. The more AP you generate per unit time, the more dmg you can soak up before you die.

Why you shouldn't pick him? Because he kinda sucks early to be honest. It's a huge hamper to your team and by picking him, you are asking your team to carry you a bit at first.

Why you should pick him? Because his rank 3 ultimate on a fully farmed carry can still single handedly win the game. Get your team to focus the carry first, ressurect him and smash with him 6v4.

His R is still OP at level 18. Getting there is the problem.

Btw, he can still farm/push like a pro, so midgame, you can try stall-out tactics like have 4v5 defensive base-turret defends while you ward up the map and push top/bot while your team defends 4v5. Then once you are all 18 and fully farmed, you all push, you R their carry, and win. That's how every game should go. Getting your team to 4v5 defend under your turret is the hard part though.

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no, i didn't understate it--i called it like it is. i did say that of the nerfs worth speaking of, decay rate was there. the siphon balancing wasn't much of an issue at all partly because he now gains shield from mace of spades, and partly since it only really affects his laning to a small degree (he's still an excellent farmer).

sure, he's no longer invincible in the lane, and his ghost is no longer invincible period, but those were things that need to be addressed. what he got in exchange for that what a much needed damage buff, better scaling, and a change to his ult that doesn't make it completely worthless when the enemy buys a quicksilver sash.

again, not my first choice for a champion (never was), but he's better off now than he was before.

I think the shield decay nerf wasn't that big of an issue. When one considers that decay is only really going to make a big difference early game when you don't fill your shield so fast, and that late game players will take down the shield so fast you won't notice the decay....then when we note that he can fill his shield better than before...was it really a nerf?

I think that's something a lot of Morde players failed to understand. But then a lot of Morde players seemed to think pure tank items was a good way to play him (and by managing to get a ghost of the enemy carry every now and then, this somehow reinforced the belief that they were contributing to their team), so there you have it.

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OP wanted a good AP Morde build, not to be told why he's useless. What's worked well for me as DPS/Off-Tank Morde is the following:

Boots of Swiftness - Key because he's a slow piece of metal with no slow/stun/disable. Although I would argue that the new CDR boots would be better, haven't tried them out yet though.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Gives him massive AOE slows, and you can use your Ult to DOT someone and keep up with them ensuring they DIE and you get the ghost.
Abyssal Scepter - Seems kinda silly getting 2 scepters, but then again, the MR gained and MR lost by the opponents makes you deal actual damage with your abilities and helps your teams casters.
Deathcap - You could get this first, but I find that having AOE slows helps me get more kills than the additional AP would early, and when you complete it you get a huge Spike in damage.
Sunfire Cape - Your last tanky type item, with constant AOE slows, and huge shield tanking powers, you now have enough armor/MR and HP to just walk into battles and AOE the snot out of the team, not dying and dealing a lot of damage via Sunfire/Creeping Death/Ult/Siphon/Mace of Spades.

While most builds tell you to focus on Armor/MR instead of HP, and this is usually true with Morde, I find that when going AP, all the items you want anyway have these built in. So you can get the best of all the worlds. You get a decently high AP, you get surviveability with increasing your shield generation by reducing their MR, and increasing your AP. You get higher DPS output with AP than you do by simply being able to stand around and fire off another weak spell. You cause massive chaos when slowing the entire enemy team with Mace/Siphon and Creeping Death just chasing people with Sunfire while they take Creeping Death dmg, and being slowed.

I like this build because I feel it's more the feel of Mordekaiser. I would think that a champion like him would walk around the battlefield and that no one would want to be near him, always trying to run away while he tanks and deals large sums of AOE dmg.

The key item missing, and glaring at me, is the complete lack of CDR. CDR Boots may substitute some of that. Perhaps a 9/0/21 build, boots, and elixir will function as your CDR. The lack of HP Regeneration is another downside of this particular build, however.

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I feel that any build that lacks Randuins is not viable, and in my opinion Force of Nature, to a lesser extent. You can get away with only building an Abyssal but if you just look at the Magical Damage taken it massively outweighs physical damage and I do not feel Banshee's is superior to Force of Nature. You are cutting your MR by 33%, and 375 HP is nothing compared to the amount of regeneration you gain. The spell shield is largely worthless as well considering your in the thick of things and unlike ranged carries the enemies main nukes should not be headed in your direction where the spell shield would be useful. You would mostly block a small AoE attack and then its done for 30 sec.

To my knowledge Mordekaiser does not gain MR per level either so if you do skip Force of Nature use this alternative setup:

Spirit Visage

Runes: Instead of CDR Glyphs, use MR per level Glyphs.

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I feel the above builds are terrible, this is what I use

Red: Magic Pen
Yellow Health Regen / LVL
Blue: Magic Pen
Quints: Magic Pen

1st - Boots + 3 x Pots
2nd - Revolver
3rd - Sorc Shoes (or Boots of Speed)
4th - Upgrade Revolver to Hextech Gunblade
5th - Sheen
6th - Abysmal Spectre (If need MR or used boots of speed) / Otherwise Rabedons Deathcap
7th - Upgrade Sheen -> Lichblade
8th - Chainmail
9th - Absymal Spectre / Rabedons Deathcap (which ever you didn't do)
10th - Randulins Omen

So Final Items Are:

Sorcerer Shoes / Boots of speed
Hextech Gunbade
Abysmal Spectre
Randulins Omen