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My own findings with the Mac client

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Machine Type: iMac
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM: 5gb
Graphics Card: 9400M
Settings Levels: All Medium with No Shadows

First off, I want to say, GREAT port. The mac version is exactly like the windows version except the long load times and little lag at the start of the game. I can deal with that. I don't like TT, so that early gank doesn't matter.


  • Stable FPS around (30-40)
  • Very similar to the windows version, easy switch from running Parallels

Deltas (Things that can be improved on):
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Cannot reconnect if network connection is lost. (You have to completely close out of LoL and re-open to be able to reconnect because it gives you the "session lost" or whatever error)
  • Game freezes if it is your first time in the game to mouse-over a debuff/buff icon. I think this happens if you try to read your skills, through leveling them up, too.
  • Game sometimes hangs on the patch window. I click "Play" and the window will minimize but no other clients pop up.
  • I think this is an easy fix, if you give the LoL patch window it's own process, so I can force quit the program.

I have yet to run into invisible skill shots or stuff like that. Thanks for the port and thanks for reading. Here's to the final release of the mac version of LoL.