@Xelnath About the possible changes for Lulu in the future.

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When we say overly "reliable," we really just mean we think the champion is too good against too many things. Mid lane Lulu wins the majority of her lane matchups and outright crushes many of them.

That is a lot different than being reliable as a protector or source of CC for her teammates, we're fine with that. We just don't like her being able to have such a huge advantage in lane against almost any champion.

I guess our take is that mid lane Lulu should be taken as a way to give a ton of Movement Speed to an ally and a way to protect a high priority target on her team (or synergize with an initiator for a wombo combo).

The problem isn't that Lulu doesn't die in the lane, it's that she consistently harasses out her opponents and forces them to back or risk dying while maintaining her relatively high safety.

Lulu is still a problem mid. She burns nearly an entire wave with EQ for 2 glitterlances. Super insane movementspeed. super insane shields. plus, like a 70-80% slow on q.

Why not just decrease her ap ratios? ap supports aren't really buying Ap anymore. Crucible + Sightstone + boots + gp5 item. Why not just buff her bases a bit and decrease her AP scalings by a chunk?

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