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Ping problems ever since workaround solution

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Just wondering if anyone is encountering the same problems as i am.
Ever since i went through the work around for the previous weeks patching my ping whenever i enter a game has gone through the roof. It seems to only pertain to LoL, and when ive asked in game... it seems like im not the only one encountering it. Just wondering whats up.


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a lepton

Senior Member


I've been having some similar strange problems since the work around. Sometimes my champion doesn't respond to clicks until the 10th try or so. Then I get disconnected, log back in, and all my Doran's Blades turn into Meki Pendants or Rejuv Beads. It completely messed up two of my games so I just stopped playing for a while. My FPS has also started dropping drastically, before the workaround/patch I was steady at around 30 fps, ever since I occasionally see myself dropping to 2 fps.

I'm just sitting around and waiting for something to change at this point since I can't really play and it sucks for my team.

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The workaround changed nothing for me, could really just be a coincidence since most of the people in that thread don't have any problems. Make sure all of your video settings are on low/very low. Play in windowed mode. Take fast-terrain off. Always cap your FPS at 60 or the next lowest (30?). Close unnecessary applications open that you aren't using. Make sure you're using the latest updated version of Snow Leopard.