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Bird Line Canada LoL Charity Tournament

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Hi Guys I Suck

Senior Member


Hi Guys! My name is Shafraz, I live in western Canada. I absolutely love this game, and have been passionately playing it for two years. Im going to tell you a quick story about a good friend of mine, zach.

Zach and I have been friends for a very long time. I went to junior high with his older sister, Sam. All of us are very avid gamers, Sam even met her current fiancé almost a decade ago from a game I introduced all of our friends to called GunZ the Duel (their wedding I believe is happening next year!). Me and Zach play lots of games together, including League of Legends.

Zachs family runs a parrot rescue operation (@ironstylus), the only registered one in Western Canada, and one of the only few of its kind in the country. If your curious about the Lawrence families work, here is their website http://birdline.ca/ . The family has recently suffered a terrible loss, a stove fire broke out in their home, which is their current base of operations. The blaze was active for 15 minutes and caused damage to the home. The tragedy also unfortunately affected the birds. 26 parrots died in the fire due to smoke inhalation. the family managed to save 6 safely without risking their own safety, and two were in critical condition, now both healthy. The loss has been devastating to the family, emotionally and financially. Now the family has informed me that insurance will most likely cover the losses on the home, but the cost of helping rebuild their operation is going to be very expensive. And thats where this tournament comes into play! However, if you are interested in donating now, there is a donation page available for that, it can be found here; http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/help-the-lawrence-family-birdline-parrot-rescue/151014.

Edit: if you are interested in what the lawrence family does and have any questions, they have asked me to give out their official facebook page! They will respond to any questions there! https://www.facebook.com/BirdLine

Official Tournament Information

The tournament bracket and signup can be found here: http://challonge.com/Birdlinelinecanadacharity

I cannot stress enough that you PLEASE read the info bar at the bottom. It includes all rules and requirements to signing up to the tournament. If we can get more than 8 teams signed up, which is more than likely, I am already in contact with Riot Games about making this an official league of legends tournament. This would mean the winners will receive the Triumphant Ryze skin for winning the tournament, and the runner ups will receive Rp prizes! All the info is in the challonge link. Please feel free to add me in game (High Guys I Suck) if you have any questions!

Take care,
Shafraz Ladak