I'm looking for a mentor.

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Fire ln The HoIe



Hello, I'm a Silver 3 (Season 3 Gold) player who wants to have a mentor who is in high diamond/master/challenger to help me understand the game better and to be my future duo (adc+support), I want to main support, the champions I want to learn are all of course, but mainly Thresh, Nami, Blitzcrank, Leona and Braum, I learn very fast, the fact that I'm not good at this game is not due to my lack of understanding, I think it's just that I need to be shown, please add me in game@ Fire Ln The Hoie

I really want to be competitive and be a high diamond/master/challenger support, and please take this seriously, Of course I will not pay for that, I want to learn and get a high league duo partner.

Thanks in advance the people who will take it seriously and help me.