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How I fixed my Mac Crashing all the time

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I had the new problem a lot of macs have now from the new patch that caused my client to crash very often in game, I have a pretty old mac (2009 MBP) and it runs game on lowest settings and constantly has frame drops during large fights and ward placements, anyways since new patch my client started crashing during these frame drops so I i got really frustrated. This is how I fixed it.
Step 1: Google Flash player update and download the DMG
Step 2: Google Adobe Air update and download that update
Step 3: Install Flash player update and it will force close all your safari windows thats why I told you to download both files first, then install the updated adobe air, don't worry about the technical stuff it will update your adobe air and not install a new one (mac takes care of that behind the scene)
Step 4: Play a 3vs3 game see the stability improvement and play 5vs5 normal before you go ranked, so far I played 6 games without it crashing