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Does This Slow My Macbook?

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Princess Rinoa

Senior Member


Hey guys! I'm tired of playing on my crappy PC so I wanted to install the Mac client, but I don't want to ruin it. Its the only laptop I use for school, but I dunno if LoL will slow it down or not. I have a Macbook Pro, btw. Can I play ranked games on it?

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Durion Stormrage



Games a programs like these will not slow the computer down. It should not matter whether or not your hard drive is full because what determines a computers speed does not have to do with its permanant memory.

Processor speed and RAM are generally things that determine the speed and performance of your computer.

That being said windows computers are built in such a way that when you install programs it doesnt really install it all in one place. I puts pieces of the program wherever there is space (on the hard drive) this is why defragging on your computer is needed els your computer performance might be affected. This is because when accessing programs, the computer has to search out its hard drive for all those little pieces of the program that are scattered about its hard drive and not all together. However, since Macs are made differently and almost defrag automatically then it should not affect the performance or speed of your computer and there should be no need for defragging as well as i dont think you can defrag since its not needed XD

EDIT: Also while its running, LoL will take a lot of juice and the computer might get a little hot so careful because you dont want to overheat it.