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Attempting to Reconnect

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Junior Member


all of the 10 players from both teams faced that yet i still lost lp and their part did not face as much as we did .


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Riot Tesla

Network Engineer


Hey folks!

Thanks for continuing to post your network diagnostic results. These have been very helpful to us in working to resolve this issue. At this point, all the data we have available indicates that this issue has been solved for the vast majority of you.

We understand that some of you are still experiencing lag, which we believe to be a separate issue entirely. We’re going to be closing this thread, but I am happy to let you know we’re going to be adding even more ISP circuits to our data center, so that more of you will have a direct route to our servers. We hope that you’ll see the results of this work in the coming weeks, but we’re constantly working to make our service better, so know that we’ll keep at it over the long haul.

If you continue to experience problems over the next week, call your ISP to complain. We’re working with a few ISPs directly to ensure they aren't having issues like this within their networks, but the more you make your voices heard, the faster your issue will be resolved if you are still suffering.

You can also run through the troubleshooting steps listed at:

Thanks all, have a good weekend!
Riot Tesla