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Not sure if it is just my mac...

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This has been happening a lot lately.
So after champion select when the game is supposed to load, it doesn't. Then a pop up comes and I have to reconnect but sometimes it won't allow me to reconnect without closing out of the game. (This does not happen all of the time but it has been happening more and more.)
Also, whenever a game starts my fps is extremely low for the first many seconds of the game but it does go back to normal after those moments.
Does anyone else have this problem? Know how to fix it?

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Nope its not just you, its happening to lots of people, both Windows and Mac users have this problem right now (I personally do not).

This is the main thread for this issue:

And there's lots more of threads about the issue on the Mac forums, this is the main one:

And on the LoL subreddit:

As for having low FPS when the game starts, I think that is not related to this issue. I have that problem too and so do lots of other Mac users. Did that only just start happening to you? I've always had that issue and it sucks for buying fast and doing invades. I think its related to the Mac client.