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Udyr fails completely?

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I'm playing in premades against other premades, no pub stomping and mostly I don't do any solo games as well.

I really would love to give some credit to Udyr, but he fails completely against decent teams. And instead of having fun, it pisses me off.

There's a chance that I do actually suck with him, so I could use a tip or two. Because everything in my eyes just fails:

Hit & run strategy? So it's like 1 enemy champion stunned for 1 second, that's my contribution in a team fight? Because you actually can't do **** while being under fire, just don't say please that your turtle shield absorbing 200 damage can make the difference.

Chase anyone? How can I chase being stunned / rooted / slowed all the time? Cleanse & ghost does not help much, because you die few seconds later.

Stance dancing? Again, what's the purpose of this when current teamfights are like 4 seconds long and there's a lot of burst damage in the air. Again, my ~300 turtle can't just fit.

I tried quite a few builds, and made my conclusion: if your team got 4 champions with CC and they play well, you can go with udyr and have some fun. If not, everything just collapses.

All right, quit of crying already, I suck with Udyr and how I can play him better? He's an awesome champion overall, I like the mood etc, but it's hard like hell to make him viable.

There's quite a lot guides out there, but everything seems dated and messed up.

So how *exactly* do you play and build your Udyr?

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Try these:

You're playing at a higher level than me, but the basic ideas may be useful.

Max Tiger, make sure you have sheen/triforce and a decent damage item, as well as solid CD reduction (I get it from runes, masteries and golem most of the time, although I also like Brutalizer). Wait for your tank to initiate, and maybe give it another second. Hit tiger before running into battle as you wait. Then hit bear as you run in. Your tiger proc stays up for 5 full seconds after you go into tiger stance, so it sticks in bear. Run in with bear and ideally you'll be able to go right back into tiger again after impact. If you're taking heat, flash out and turtle/bear the rest of the way back out of combat. Repeat tiger combo for a second round if they give up targeting you...also, if they are making a futile attempt to chase you, you are taking heat off the rest of the team.

If you rush in and tiger-bear-tiger and aren't being targeted, hit Phoenix, 2 other stances (depending on context) and maybe another Phoenix. Phoenix AOE will go for 5 full seconds, so w/CD reduction you shouldn't just go back into it...but a Phoenix proc and it's on-hit effect add a decent amount of AOE.

Your tiger can maul people down extremely quickly on a hit and run. With 200 Damage per attack, 2 tigers and a triforce will deal 2000 damage alone. Your autoattacks do the rest (in 2 seconds at 2 attacks/second, you're looking at another 800 on top of the 2000...and that's not even accounting for things like a madred's if you have it).

Once the fight is whittled-down a bit, you are in your element. Phoenix, bear, and tiger can really help with clean-up/chase...and a well-timed turtle can make the difference between you or them dying. You're right that it won't save you in a group fight, but in the aftermath it can turn the skirmishes.

Finally, I like to get Guardian angel as a late item for these situations. You are often just barely edging the enemy out...guardian angel gives you the courage to go on the offense and (sometimes) mop up instead of needing to run off and save your ass.

I'd be interested to hear if these tactics work at your play level

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Check this out. It may help you.