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Welcome to the Audio Feedback forum

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angry galit

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Just played on SR(Updated) and the only thing I can hear is the announcer (and yes! I have made sure that the others are not crossed out). The audio is fine on the old SR btw.

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@ riot games

I had an idea when i saw that the jungle timers were going to be introduced. Why not have a sound effect for whenever buffs spawn and different sounds for each buff enhancing players to notice when the buffs are up and giving more notice so that whenever you are C.S.'ing you can still know when barrons up and late game too so that when you are team fighting you can hear the sound and back away to take the buffs like barron and dragon that you could have missed cause you were trying to dodge skill shots.

I think it would be a fun thing to add. Also if I could ever be a part of your perduction team or part of the Riot, I would love too.

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