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Let's talk about the Design of Team Builder

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There are a few things I would suggest, I'm sure some have already been suggested but I'm not going to read through 200+ pages to check... sorry...

1. Changing roles/inviting more friends
As mentioned it would be nice to change the roles you are searching for if you are the team leader, sometimes you decide you don't want to be as picky as you aren't finding anyone who matches exactly. Also it would be nice to be able to decide to invite a friend for that last role if someone comes online late or something

2. Queuing with friends
Would it be possible just to queue with another player instead of having to build a team from scratch, I realize it could make match making hard but it would mean fewer teams were built and therfore hopefully faster match making too? maybe?

3. Play Again same selection
I don't know about others but sometimes I am practicing with a champion and it would be nice just to be able to select play again and everything be selected as it was last game, then if I wanted to change things it would still be possible but if not it would be ready to go

4. Playing same champion (or role) selects same spells/runes/masteries
This is just a though I considered, sometimes I forget to change my masteries and runes when I change from playing adc to playing mid, I know this is my fault and kinda nooby mistake but I just though it might be nice if the game remembered which runes and masteries you usually used for that role or champion and automatically changed them for you, maybe even something you could set in something like "item sets". Just something to consider maybe?

5. Selecting multiple possible roles
I think it would help queue times if you were able as a captain to say you wanted a marksman bot and then any other role bot instead of just support, or if you want either a tank or a fighter jungle. sometimes you don't have an exact preference but you know a few roles you would (or would not) accept.

That's my two cents anyway, I love team builder, it's all I use now except ranked games, I feel there is less fighting between players then in normals and you get players who actually want to play those roles so are less likely to troll. It makes for a much more enjoyable game, for me anyway. Thank you so much for creating it and making it permanent!!

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I really hope the team builder available for the lower levels ,maybe for 10lv is ok. I had sent a request to the player support ,and the support Specialist tell me that 'the people who queue up on team builder wants their team mates to have a better understanding of the game already' . I really think that the 10lv have already want they are playing and I think those people could queue up in the ng or wait for someone join their team.They have a choice and so do I. I really want to use it....

And the second thing want to say is I really want to play what I want. Like my last game I had a bad game experience..I pick nid and tell my teammate I want to play mid lane and NONE of them said they want mid lane ! When the game start ,one of my teammate tell me to go bot and he is the mid lane...WTF. I really hope you can listen to me and let this available for the low player,I really can't think of any reason why it is not available for us!!!!!!

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I been playing normal game with T.B. for quite a while now
and in my experiences, along with others, I, as user, felt a need of supplement of adding a sound notification on T.B.
just like normal blind pick game. Just to remind those players that they are in T.B. right now.
It would bring much convenience to T.B. users. Thank you for all your works.

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Worst ZaZa CN

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The animation for completing 5 games as an assassin appeared and said I got the icon but it's not in my list!?!? Please help.

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Arthur o3o

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Alright, I was already redirected from support to here, so lets do this.

I started playing on NA quite the while ago, yet I have experienced issues with Teambuilder. For instance, I didn't really want to move my account from Russia to North America just so I can play with my best friend, with that I created a new account (Which is logical) and I checked when PvP is available (I didn't want to play bot games, since I'm here since season 2). When I started, Blind Pick (Which I proffered at that time) was only available since level 10 and Teambuilder (which didn't work well for low levels) since level 5. I just played bot games till I hit my level 10. Smooth sailing from then, right? Not really. Then an issue appeared. At around level 15, blind pick became hell. Two of us where a premade, and people /always/ argued who would go mid (Yet, you can't find a mid in teambuilder, lol). That ended up in loosing streaks, and quite big ones. We just quit summoners rift altogether. After I hit level 25 you made teambuilder for level 5+ And that just ruined the queue altogether. The matchmaking is broken and you never get rid of the adjustments. How many games does it take to get rid of the matchmaking adjustments? I was playing teambuilder as WW tank or Fighter mostly, yet I'm already level 26 and still have the same issue. Its not nice seeing a Malphite level 5 in your game, who bluntly ults the tower you know?

Thanks for your time and please, fix up the teambuilder and... Quit adding new things, before old issues are sorted out.

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I found a minor visual bug while using Team Builder and was redirected from support to send it here, so here goes:

I'm not sure if this occurs with every champion, but I purchased Jinx while in the lobby of a Team Builder game, and could not see her as available in the roster of champions to pick for that match. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture post-buy of the champion roster, but the issue was resolved after leaving and re-entering the match.

I know this isn't a critical thing to fix, but I just thought it might be helpful to put it out there to tweak sometime seeing as Team Builder is the only game mode thus far (I think) where you are able to purchase champions at the "champion select" screen.

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what are the levels of Matchmaking adjustment? Also what does it mean when the status goes for active to inactive?