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Twisted Treeline vs. Summoner's Rift

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I have a list here, about the pros and cons for both maps. There may be more that I did not cover, if so feel free to leave them in the comments. As you will see below there are many disadvantages and advantages of each map.

Twisted Treeline


  • Completely symmetrical
  • Camera angles are equal
  • Less arguing over lanes
  • Less arguing over champion picks.
  • Less lanes for jungler to cover
  • Less of a laning phase. (Therefore less chance of someone feeding)
  • Less emphasis on CS

  • No wards
  • Less players
  • Shorter matches
  • Less opportunities for exciting plays
  • No ranked solo queue
  • Less jungle camps
  • Less neutral territory
  • Minimal escape routes

Summoners Rift

  • Warding
  • More exciting team fights
  • More neutral territory
  • More jungle camps
  • More giant monsters
  • Buffed monsters
  • Larger map
  • More turrets
  • Bigger bases
  • Exciting plays
  • More escape routes
  • More players
  • More ambushes
  • Ranked solo queue
  • Draft pick
  • More challenging monsters

  • Camera angle disadvantage(purple team)
  • Map not symmetrical
  • Baron Nashor is more easily accessed by blue than purple
  • More arguments about feeding
  • More arguments about losing lanes
  • More arguments about troll picks
  • More arguments about who goes to which lane
  • More emphasis on CS
  • Blue team advantages(camera angle/camp placement/brush placement/baron placement)
  • Longer games means more time spent with toxic teammates (If there are any)

Any thoughts on what can be done about the cons, and maybe how to improve the game play experience of Twisted Treeline?

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Twisted Treeline used to have

  • warding
  • more jungle camps
  • more neutral territory
  • more opportunities for exciting play
  • more escape routes
  • potential for longer games because of turtling (enemy minions could easily be lead into spawn )
Then they remade the map because of the turtling and because some champions were stupidly broken on the map. (This may be somewhat wrong.)
Also they said that champions couldn't be balanced specifically for TT something which they have started doing since then.
Even though a fair bit of the original TT loyalists were still around many people supported the decision on the grounds that no-one plays on TT anyways and that the changes were (in some cases) good. However, even though some champions phased out of play due to the changes there were still stupidly broken champions who became overpowered because they were better suited to this new kind of game mode.
Twisted Treeline was originally like Summoner's Rift but for 3 people and had a more important jungle with buffs etc. but two of these buffs were competed for by both teams.

The old TT seems to be what you would like more than its current iteration, however, the representatives at Riot who have commented on the likeliness of it returning have expressed that it is unlikely as they do not want to split up the player base even more (even though it's played by so many people). It returning as a custom game mode is also highly unlikely. Most of the complaints and pleas for its return have also faded away as it has been about a year and a half since they made the changes.
Also any discussion regarding TT is just locked away on this subforum that probably only has about 50 people who frequent it of which maybe 1 is a Rioter.

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Some of your cons for Twisted Treeline aren't really cons at all. The shorter game length and no wards on the map are part of the game mode, so how are those cons? That's like saying you cant go back on ARAM is a con, when really it's part of the game mode. Five minute inhibitor respawn time, health relic early spawn time, minions following you around the map, those are all cons of the map that need to be looked at. What can be done about it? Bring it to the attention of Man Wolf Axe Boss who supposedly looks at these forums.

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