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Wriggles and its new upgrade, "Feral Flames"

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JC Da Beast

Junior Member


Doubt it, unless the Udyr wants to take every blue for himself. Spirit items are just too good on him especially with the AoE change.

Anyways I think this will be pretty good for champions who like on hits but could never justify something like Sotel, or where sotel just doesn't feel like the best option. I'd imagine Shyvana, Warwick, Shaco, and others I can't really think of atm would really like this item.

In fact it has the potential to really break jungle Warwick, especially coupled with a Wit's End.

1) Yes, Udyr does want to take every blue for himself. The way to do that is to take enemy blue

2) If you really understand Udyr, you know you have to have AS and MS. His passive? AS and MS. Good offensive items for him? Zephyr, Wit's End, Triforce. If you play Udyr in a way that minimizes his attack speed, you're not doing him justice.

3) Why would the spirit line be better on him? SotAG no longer gives regen, SotSW only works on AP Udyr, and SotEL, the direct competitor of FF, wasn't even popular on him; people bought SotAG anyway. Yes, the true damage is nice, but it's better to attack faster than to have some true damage that becomes irrelevant in late game, while FF becomes MONSTROUS in late game, with over 50 stacks you're doing massive damage and healing off every hit. If you don't believe watch some Trick2g.

Linna Excel:
I was asking about this in my jungler thread.

Good junglers have to be able to gank. So you've pretty much designed a "trap" item for bad junglers?

Also, if you are able to regularly invade after level 1-2 and you get an item that doesn't allow you to apply that pressure to the lanes, aren't you essentially setting yourself back as a jungler when you are in a position to help win the bloody game for your bloody team?

I'm sorry meddler, but if this is your reasoning for the item, you are setting people up to fail. If I presently see a jungler getting wriggles, I know he's bad. Now I've got a red telling me this item is going to be specifically for bad players as a noob trap.

How am I supposed to react to this?

Will someone bloody tell me how in the world I'm supposed to react to this?

You misunderstand the role of jungler. Good junglers can completely suck at ganking (Warwick pre-6 and when his ult is down). It's nice for a jungler to be able to gank, but if not it doesn't make them bad junglers. Some jungle champs are much better off if they stay in the jungle, even without FF; it's just that ganking junglers are (or maybe were) more in the meta. Moreover, ganking is not the jungler's job, it's a job that junglers usually do. Anyone that is doing well in lane and/or has a good opportunity should roam around the map helping kill enemy laners. Junglers just happen to not have towers to defend, so there's almost always time for them to gank. Take Nasus for example. It's popular for top lane Nasusto run with TP, so that he can come in for a gank at any moment. But if you have a jungle Nasus on your team, you don't expect for him to spend most of his time helping you defend your lane (which is the laner's responsibility, junglers just try to help). If he did that you'd be mad that he only had 50 stacks on his q. You expect him to afk farm for the first 15 minutes of the game and come out 3-shotting squishies. Now apply that to anyone who builds a Feral Flare.