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Matchmaking purgatory?

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Generic Furry



Just wondering if anyone out there has experienced what I'm currently going through, basically what's happening is this: I started to get decent at the same and winning a good lot of my games, this is all well and good. Winning is nice. But upon looking at my profile I saw that I was on my 10th straight win and opponents don't seem to be getting any harder at all. Is ELO adjustment really just that slow or am I not being matched against suitable enough opponents to raise it? Most of the people I play against in this game as it stands are too easily handled for me to really get a lot of enjoyment out of the game and it's really killing my drive to play, and I know I'm barely even a decent player so I know there are people that I could play with that would be a more even match.

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Gandalf 007

Senior Member


Don't beat yourself up over it. There is indeed a Matchmaker "purgatory" ELO range, and often digging out of it is 100% PURE LUCK.

What really reinforces this is playing multiple accounts. I have about 6 accounts that I regularly play on. There's 2 that have more than 80 games and are level 16+ (including this one).

Now the interesting part. One of the accounts I used to test champs out and AT with personal friends who were much worse than me, and in doing so the account started out with a TERRIBLE winrate (like 10-20 more losses than wins). After a while, I got sick of having to play at low ELO on that account and made a decision to dig it out and up to the ELO of my more successful accounts.

So, I hopped on my best champ, solo Q'ed, and attempted to coach the feeders/bad players every game. Even then, there are so many feeders/leavers/AFK'ers, that I STILL cannot seem to dig that account out of it's funk.

Now consider this account I'm posting on. With it's very healthy winrate, it is just about completely out of the **** ELO range. It always gets matched with almost all level 25-30 opponents AND teammates, despite me being only level 16. The competition is fierce, and I almost never feel "cheated" out of wins due to terrible teammates.

Same player, same amount of effort on both accounts. But because one account started out "in the funk" and the other did not, one account is successful while the other is not.