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Boosts based on # of Games

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I have so much to say on this that I have avoided this topic because it would take too long to reply.

Basically I have money and want to spend it on boosts but I also have a full time job.

I don't want a set number of games either though unless it was really worth it. The current prices for boosts are too high for me to justify right now I feel like double the IP is not enough of an incentive to pay $30 a month when I could just play twice as much and get the same amount for free.

Playing twice as much vs $30 a month? HARD CHOICE CAPTAIN :>

Your kind of walking yourself into a cornor with saying all that though, Especially from Riots point of view probably.

So you have money AND a fulltime job, you don't like the idea of a set number of games, you feel the current IP boost prices are too high(ha!), Yet although you have a fulltime job and money you still have time to play twice as much rather than just use a random $5 bucks for an IP boost?
Also where are you factoring in $30 a month for IP boosts?
In less than a month you'd be swimming in more runes than you knew what to do with if thats what you were shooting for, and believe me you wouldn't get more IP playing twice as much as you would with an IP boost anyway.

For $20 bucks you can get the 14 day IP boost and have 954 Riot points left over, Thats a pretty sweet deal and still enough to buy yet another 3 day IP boost if you felt the need. So thats 17 days for $20 if you aren't into skins. Even if your casual you can easily reap the benefits of that.

Theres too much pressure on riot to change these things around, and most people tend to forget that technically speaking you are never required to pay a single cent to play this game.
The least we can do is stop heckling them about the few ways they are making some money to keep improving the game for us.