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[Guide]Sion The Beast Within!

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I've been using this build, and I must say it works quite well.

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Great Build man Love it!

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my build doesnt need atmas.....but if you build one endgame it will make you hit ridiculously hard. With the my build you already crit for 1100 or so depending on your runes. So all in all my build can take a really beefy tank and knock them down to size faily quickly, as for heroes with only 2-3k...they die in seconds.

You're overlooking the cost difference. IE is an incredible item, yes. It also costs twice as much as Atma's. In fact, Atma's costs less than a BF Sword (iirc? don't have item list in front of me...), and gives the same amount of damage on Sion as the BFS, PLUS the Atma's gives crit and armor. Then you can spend that money you saved on something else, while hitting harder earlier in the game.

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preety strange build for sion, but ok - it's up to u.

I mainly operate stun and shield. Maximizing ability power and health.

1) Mana gem (+200 mana). Then upgrade it to Tear of goddes (it stacks mana every time u use skill, max up to 600). Thanks to this item I can use stun and shield many many times.
2) Boots 3.
3) Sheen (every hit after using spell is +100% damage)
4) Wyrmog's armor or Frozen malet.
5) smthing with ability power.

Having 18 lvl and best items, i have around 3.5k hp and shield absorbs or damage up to 800. So when ppl see you using shield on, they just flee like a chicken.

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Crazy Demon

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This guide was made in August...before Sion's shield could be manually detonated. OFC its going to be DPS.

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Yea I made this build back when Sion wasn't as useful as AP build. It is still viable, but it's not as effective early on as AP is atm.

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Here is my tactic / item build which owns quite well in game.

I'll post the order I'm buying items in game:

- Vampiric Scepter -->( This one helps me with keeping my health up in first few minutes of game )

- Boots of Speed----> Boots of Swiftness ( Buy improved ones when you think it's the best time to run fast xD )

- Malady ------------>( It makes your hits very fast and the item is quite cheap )

- Phantom Dancer -->( Very good for increased attack speed / crit % and tanking )

- Banshee's Veil ---->( This item I buy instead of Frozen Mallet because I kill creeps on map to get the buff that slows enemies, no need for frozen mallet if you kill those creeps. This item is VERY good because of the spell negate and increased magic resistance, buy it ^^ )

- Infinity Edge or Frozen Mallet ---> ( This is your choice as it depends on battle itself )

- Stark's Fervor -----> ( Really nice lifesteal and greater attack speed )

I mostly don't succeed to buy all 6 items because the games end faster.
These items I listed are very ownage, I'm getting legendary each game I play.
I'm not so much focusing on being TANK, I focus on lifesteal, attack speed and damage.

Oh and a tip, Frozen Mallet is very good item for Sion, but if you wanna save one item slot, go kill creeps that give you buff which slows enemies same like Frozen Mallet, and buy some extra damage item ^^

With this build I reach 4k health each game, sometimes 4.5k and don't have to use the Bubble shield to make dps, only to absorb dmg :P

You mostly depend on autoattack, but it is VERY effective. With Ultimate on, if nothing can stun you, you wont die even with 3 enemies dealing full damage to you. You just stick to one enemy, keep hitting him and gaining 500-1000 life per hit, once enemy dies, you pass onto next ^^

I prefer hitting some champion that has low armor to gain maximum life drain, then passing onto next

I hope this post will help someone, if you think it sucks, comment ( but I'll stick with it anyways, pure ownage ) :P

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Ap Sion > dps/tank sion. Nuf said.

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Senior Member


Fail to the people who get his shield early....

Mhm...I just got about 5 kills with my shield. A fantastic move.

Great guide bro! Kicks ass and takes names.

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Insane Killa

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I usually go malady, bezerkers greaves, 3 zeals, bloodthirster, and if the game even lasts that long start building phantom dancerers. Ill have to try your build out though.