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Annie and Soulstealer?

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Usually you get Soul Stealer on Annie when you know you're doing well -- which means few deaths, lots of kills, and you're on a roll.

If you start with Soul Stealer before you realize that you're going to do well, you just wasted a lot of money. Snowball items don't really work as game changers, but more-so enforcers.

Anyways, my last game with Annie I went 18/2/8, with both of my death's being odd flukes (Tower diving for a kill, a shaco that wasn't called showing up, getting away and then a Karthus that just dinged 6 ulting to finish, etc.). So Mejaj was an obvious choice after my first few kills went so smoothly.

I had 17 Engorgement after the first team fight I got Mejaj. ;P

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Soulstealer does pay for itself after 4 stacks, and maintaining 4-6 stacks is not that difficult.

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I've seen some Annies do well with soulstealer.
I'm not a fan of it on her though.
Her ap ratios are not good. So all that AP on kills is not being made great use of.

Typically, I get 2-3kills before 10min, like others say. This pays for a RoA by 13min+boots.
But truthfully my kills tend to drop off with Annie after that. Mid game and end game, people get banshees if you are doing well, and all around carries start taking the kills. I get assists, but assists are not as much +ap for mehjais. 10 assists, will give +100 ap, or +60 damage to each skill. I find more health/CD red, void staff, etc all much more valuable.
Annies killing power drops off late game, and she becomes more of a support champ, doing a good chunk of aoe damage, and an aoe stun, but not really being able to finish anyone off. Now, you might be saying, but if I stack AP won't my damage keep up? And it is certainly more then if you don't stack it. But still not enough to compare to Ashe, Yi, twitch etc. I think its better for your team to just back them up instead of trying to steal their thunder.

If you are fighting soft champs, AP annie stays strong. Ashe, casters, etc.
VS sivir, anyone smart enough to get banshees, mundo, chogath, etc. not so much.

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I normally go

-Meki Pendant
-Health Potion
-Fiendish Codex
-Sorcerers Boots
-Deathfires Grasp
-Zhonya's Ring

I never get to finish zhonya's ring but I get it started.
I'll swap out Lichbane for Voidstaff if people start building magic resist.

Nothing like starting out a fight with your opponent at 70%.
If I were to run Meja's it would have to be in place of Deathfire, but I like my Meki Pendant first thing, or in place of Lichbane, but by then I need the mana from Sheen, and I certainly am not going to replace Zhonya's Ring for it. Its just not worth in at the end of the game.

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Recently I have almost always been building Soulstealer on Annie. I start with a Catalyst (like everyone else) and then get basic boots. From there I see how I'm doing and either go for Soulstealer or go for the RoA. If you have some spare gold when you finish the Soulstealer, I suggest getting a Brilliance pot. The extra AP and -CD should help start the kills roll in.

Soulstealer is great AP for the money. RoA isn't worth it for the AP, and Catalyst ( + Disintegrate) should be enough to fuel your mana and health needs for now.

The great thing about Soulstealer is that it builds up its own AP, so after you are done with your boots of choice your next item could be for survivability without gimping your killing power. Also with this build you can quickly make a Banshees should you need to.

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I dont even use soul stealer. It sounds like a great Item but i just never use it. I always start out with a

Meki pendant then turn it into a philosperstone

boots of switftness you would be surprised how much u escape with just that one movement speed

Rod of ages first high lvl item any castor should build imo takes about 15 minutes to max out but alot of games will last a long time

Archmages staff

I usally focus on cd here and the only acceptable item is nashors tooth only high lvl cooldown item worth it to a castor. I like me some tibbers

and last i dont even hardly ever build tooth all the way but go with the ring. the castor one i cant spell the name.

people Will argue over stone but you have to think about it combined with greed that is 600 gold every 10 minutes and if you have it for 40 minutes that is 2400 gold extra been thinking about combining this with kages lucky pick anyways sry grammer sucks i hate typing forever. hope it helps