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Shen Guide: Optimus Shen the Tank-Carry

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Optimus Shen


This is the best way to play Shen. I have tried some of the builds posted in the guide section, and some of them are not even worth trying. This guide focuses on building Shen as a true carry-tank presence on the battlefield, and it takes the optimal path to his development. Optimus Shen is a great harasser and pusher early game. He becomes a heavy damage dealer and tank mid game. He is almost indestructible late game.
Depending on the skill of your teammates, you will be the carry, or the number one assist. This build does not impede, your tanking abilities, it just gives you damage potential, and if there is a good carry on your team, he will get more kills than you. Many of his kills will be your work.


Ki Strike - Every 8 seconds, Shen's next attack deals bonus magic damage (3.5% of his max health). If Shen gets hit by an enemy champion, the cd on ki is reduced by two secs.
This is your burst damage, and it scales very well with levels and gear. Very good passive overall. It looks like a purple light around your fists: if it’s there, you will hurt them.

Vorpal Blade - Damages target unit and life taps him, healing allies that attack the target.
Deals 50/95/140/185/230 (+0.65) magic damage to target unit. That unit becomes life tapped for 5 seconds, healing any champions who attack it for 10/20/30/40/50 (+) health over 3 seconds.
Cost 70/65/60/55/50 Energy
Range 475
This is the priority ability. Great for harassing early and mid game: low cost and good damage. Moreover it has a sick heal, which will net you kills in many 2vs1 fights. It is cheaper and stronger with every level. Best of all: it is targetable, which means it hits every time. There is no other ability, which has the same damage/cost ratio, because your energy replenishes much faster than mana. Spammable.

Feint - Shen takes reduced damage for a few seconds.
Shen enters a defensive stance, shielding the next 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.6) damage. Lasts up to 2.5 seconds.
Cost 45/45/45/45/45 Energy
Range 20
This is the second priority ability. Most guides will tell you it is rubbish. It is what makes Shen indestructible mid game. It takes some skill to use well (very little, but god are there noobs out there), but together with vorpal blade, it will make you a force of nature. At lvl 2 it fully absorbs a tower hit. Spammable.

Shadow Dash - Shen dashes rapidly toward a target location, taunting enemy champions he encounters.
Shen rapidly dashes to a target location, taunting enemies he collides with for 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.7/2 second(s).
Shen restores 50 Energy if Shadow Dash collides with a champion.
Cost 120/115/110/105/100 Energy
Range 25000
Most guides will ask you to waste points in this early game. It is a great skill, and it is what makes Shen a tank, but it is of least priority early and mid game. Requires a lot of energy and has a relatively long cd. In a typical team fight (5v5) you can use it twice at most, but usually it is just once.

Stand United - Shen shields target allied champion from incoming damage, and soon after teleports to their location.
Places a shield on target allied champion, absorbing 300/525/750 (+1) damage for 7.5 seconds. After channeling for 2.5 seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location.
Cost 50/50/50 Energy
Range 25000
Good ult, but it takes skill and judgment to use it well. I will get into more details further on.

Masteries and Summoner Spells.

9/21/0 Tanking first and some damage second.

Summoner Spells

Ignite: Great for getting kills early and mid game. Late game its usefulness diminishes, but it is still good against healing. I will go through some tactics with ignite later in the guide.
Teleport: Great spell for map control. Together with Shen’s ult it can deeply frustrate the enemy team.
The only other spell I find useful is Heal. Not that Shen needs a heal, but it is good for the team, and keeping your teammates alive is all about being Shen lategame. It helps with pushes, as well.

2. Runes

Marks: Spell Penetration (scaling with level). Shen’s damage is mostly magic. These are useful.
Seals: Energy Regeneration (scaling with level) I don’t have a full set of them, but this is what I am building. I use dodge runes at the moment, but they are pretty much useless. Energy is very important for Shen; I’d say cool down reduction is not as much a problem in a prolonged fight as energy.
Glyphs: Ability Power (scaling with level). I prefer AP—damage is more important early game.
Quints: Right now I use gold runes. I will change them for energy regeneration, once I get enough IP, but gold quints are very useful. They give you ninety extra gold in five minutes, and the first fifteen minutes, you could use the extra 270 gold. It’s like TF’s passive only better.

3. Skill Order
This is what makes Shen better than all the other shens (lower case intended).

You start with Q then a point in W, then Q again. At level 4 you get your first point in E, and you get it for one reason only: your ult. You will need to taunt the guy chasing your teammate. Then Q, then R, Q again, and so on. R>Q>W>E.

Now let me explain the logic behind not leveling your taunt. It is useless early game. It is especially useless mid game. The reasoning for taunting people is to get targeted instead of your teammates. This means one, two, three, four guys will start auto attacking you. If they are Ryze, Zilean, and so on, it is ok. Quite often, though it will be auto attack champions hitting you, and they hit hard. Without any form of damage reduction, and I don’t mean gear, you might need to get back to base, or you will be dead. Shen is not Rammus, or Malph, or Taric, etc. who have passives or skills diminishing damage.

Oh wait a sec! Shen has feint to reduce damage, and vorpal blade, which hits like a truck early and mid game. They are both spammable. Isn’t Shen more useful damaging the heck out of enemies, and absorbing damage as it comes? Won’t he be targeted just because he is this huge threat, and he is constantly harassing from the first line? No, no, no. I will just level up taunt, which has huge energy cost, and I can use it once in a team fight, because they will kick the **** out of me, or because it has a long cd.

I will dedicate this paragraph to the magic of feint, since it is the most undermined ability. It is outstanding ability. It gives you a flat amount (scaling with AP) of damage absorption. At level 1 it decreases a turret hit with more than half its damage. At level two it absorbs it completely, which is really useful for harassing and killing turret huggers. Think of it as Panth’s Aegis Protection, only on a low cd. In 1 on 1, 2 on 2,or 1v2 early and mid game it absorbs good amount of damage, which can turn around a battle. Together with a Vorpal Blade, it can make you unkillable. Late mid game it absorbs 250 damage, and whoever tells me this is nothing, didn’t have the entire enemy team chasing to kill him and failing. And yes—my team wiped them. It is called feint for a reason. Every time they think they had you, you are still in the game. I had players chasing me, throw a spell at me, and forget about me, because they believed it will finish me. In a 12 second fight it will absorb 750 damage. Now consider you have 3000+ health and 50+ armor and MR. Now tell me it is useless.

One more argument. I kick the **** out of “Tank” Shen. There is nothing remotely “tank” in him.

5. Items

Basic principles: Shen needs health, which translates into damage through ki strike. Shen needs speed to get in and get out of combat, but mostly to chase. Shen needs some good resistance early game, and some more late game depending on the enemy team. Sometimes I get some AP items, but I do it to have fun in a game, which is pretty much over.

Core Set:
Doran’s Shield + a health pot: a lot of players might say this is not a pro item, but I prefer the overall initial advantage it gives me. Let others be pro, you just be smart.
1. Sunfire Cloak: a nice chunk of health+armor. The unique ability is very good for farming, and it is good for prolonged team fights.
2. Boots of Swiftness: speed 3 is much better than speed 2, especially for chasing (both ways). I rarely get the mercs any more. If they use their cc’s on me, there is a dmg dealer on my team nuking them.
3. Negatron Cloak: we all need MR, and the more the better. This usually lasts me through mid game.
4. Warmog: a lot of health, which translates into a lot of ki damage. I usually get it sometime during mid game.
Note: Sometimes I get the giant’s belt and the chain vest, but get the negatron cloak instead of finishing sunfire. Then instead of finishing sunfire I get another giant’s belt. I have the boots completed, though. It is a judgment call: what do I need more? Health (ki damage), resistance, speed? It depends on the game. Make judgment calls: small decisions can have huge consequences.

Other items for Shen

Another Warmog Hell, yeah! Chances are they will all buy Madred’s Bloodrazor. Get more MR for Madred’s.
Randuins Omen If they have a lot of auto attack, go for it after the base build. The armor, the passive, and the spell are good.
Force of Nature Not bad, but not that good either.
Abyssal Specter If there are magic users in your team, it is good. Sometimes I get it just for the sport, but I will not recommend it for a hanging game.
Thornmail If they have a lot of auto attackers, get it. If they have a lot of AD through abilities you prefer Randuins.
Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads Mercury Treads are better, but I prefer swiftness. Shen does not benefit from being slow, especially late game, when chasing survivors.
Banshees Veil Depends on enemy team, but if you think about it, you might need it.
Guardians Angel Useless. It is just great to be rezzed with a spit of life just to get killed again. Useless.
Frozen Mallet It is good. Health and slow.
Leviathan I don’t like snowball items, but considering you will get more kills than deaths, and you will have highest assists on team, it could stack pretty well. I would not trade any item on my core set for this one, though. Having it though, will be just another reason for them to target you, which is not bad.
Rylaj’s Scepter No, it is not a joke. It works well with Shen, but I would not use it in a hanging game. Get it for fun, when it is clear you are winning.
Aegis of the Legion No. The only times I got it was when my carries were dying like flies, and it did nothing. There is no cure for a stupid carry (snack, lemming, squid etc.). It’s not a bad item, but you can get something better for that slot.
Zhonya’s For real. I take it, when I am the undisputed carry on the field. It makes Vorpal and Feint 50% stronger, and the active effect can save your life during close turret dives. No one will be laughing at you. Trust me.


Team Selection
Now I assume, you are like me, and you like to win. Team selection is where you can make the life improving choice of queue dodging. There are a few team selections, which must spell immediate queue dodge:
a) A player is AFK, or even better—he wants to be random(this is not Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter). Queue dodge.
b) The other four players select the free to play characters, and lock in immediately. Queue dodge.
c) The other four players select 4 squishy carries with no team utility, whatsoever, and lock in. Queue dodge.
d) There is something awfully off: say Panth with Smite. One feeder is enough to snowball you into defeat. Queue dodge.

I know there is a penalty for queue dodging, but trust me: better wait five, ten, fifteen minutes, and do something nice like browsing, or petting yourself, than spent 25 minutes building up negative energy. Having to be around the scum of the gaming world will inevitably rub on you, and deeply frustrate you with this game. I have uninstalled it four times, until finding the art of queue dodging.

Try to converse with the team, and reach a good champion selection. There might be people, who don’t speak English, or don’t like responding to meaningful questions, but then again, they might be anti-social terrorist bombers, who are great at LoL. If there is one more tank, it would be great. There must be AD, AP and some disabling. AOE ults are what I call win buttons in a team fight. If you can get two you are set. If you get three, it’s a gg.

Laning Phase
Who to lane with? Someone smart, hopefully. I find most champions are good laning partners, as long as the Summoner behind them knows what he is doing. Don’t be afraid to lane with a melee character. You have a spammable ranged ability, which is great for harassing, and last hitting minions(Vorpal Blade).

Open the /all channel, and write something mildly offensive in caps. I don’t mean “your mama” stuff. “FEAR ME NOOBS!” will work just fine. Don’t forget to write in caps for the enemy team. Don’t use emoticons, because Optimus Shen is an emotionless calculating Death Machine. You want to get noticed, stereotyped as a jerk, targeted, and underestimated.
Half the game is psychic warfare, so start staring at goats.

Get your Doran’s Shield and the health pot, and head to the wolves’ camp, or the two golems’ camp. If you are at the golems’ call your lane partner. The golems will give you both half an experience bar. Make sure you initiate the fight with Vorpal, because they will tear to shreds a squishy. Then run for your lane: a single wave of minions will level you up, and you already have an advantage over the enemy. Try to heal yourself with Vorpal on minions, and harass the enemy champs with it, as well. If you get the wolves go alone.

NOTE on jungling. Don’t. Shen can jungle—true. But he is not a jungler champ. Jungling will make him weaker than laning with a partner, and the benefit for the partner is so diminished now that it is useless to do it. If there is a jungler, you can make an excellent solo laner.

Enemy champs
There is one champ you can always watch out for. The smart one. He is careful, and he will try to bait you. He will play to his advantages and your weaknesses. Don’t let him.
On a side note there are two champs I find stronger than Shen: Warwick and Jax. Don’t go into a melee fight with them without softening them first. Try to harass them first into weakness.
There are others you need to be careful with: disablers. Disablers, who outrange your vorpal can be especially good in countering and hurting you. Try to outsmart them. Find their weakness. Don’t chase them, if you are on low health. Anyone who can kite you will do it as often and as well as he can, if you let them.

Lane tactics

General Idea
Your priority is to vorpal the enemy champs as often as possible. At level two it is a viable harassing tool. At level three it is a pain in the lower back section. It gets cheaper with each level, so not only you hit and heal for more, but you can do it more often. Try to melee enemy minions, so yours are more than theirs. A minions wave can dish a lot of punishment early game. By all means try to vorpal the enemy into retreat. Then read the turret huggers part.
Try to keep your distance with the enemy champs as long as possible the first few levels. It is not that you are weaker than them. On the contrary. You just don’t want them to know how much a ki strike hurts. As long as you vex them with the vorpal, they will probably grow madder and madder. They will commit to killing you. Committing in this instance means they will realize too late that they need to run. NOTE: you will kill them, only if your partner participates well. For a partner to participate well, he needs mana. He needs enough levels to have his skills viable. Do not expect a lvl 1 Ryze to help you in a fight with Sion and Trynd. In this case he is little more than a minion as far as damage is concerned.
At lvl 2 you spent a point in feint. It is a cheap damage reduction tool. Whenever they use a spell on you press W. Most spells have a time delay, so you need good reflex. Every spell, which hits you usually costs mana. If it hits you for less, it means your enemy has diminished effectiveness. There is economics in a fight, so learn your Adams, Keynes, Friedman, and that Russell Crowe character.
At level 4 you spend one point in dash. You don’t want to use it to stop an attack on you teammate. This is the moment, he might see you as his personal meatshield, and start depending on you. In helping him for a minor thing like 300 points of damage (yes it is half his health), you will create bad gaming habits in him, which will make him weaker, and make you weaker. If he is a squishy, he better stay back, harass, and go for the kill. You don’t need a Leroy in your team.
You may use it to save his life. Keep in mind that one point in dash, taunts for 0.8 seconds. So you want to dash through the enemy away from your teammate. If the enemy spends almost a sec chasing you in another direction, your teammate is saved. If the angle is bad, you can still stop him from chasing for almost a sec, which might be enough. If your teammate dies, it is his own fault. Watching his own ass is his own priority, not yours. You are not in the game to cure the lack of common sense. If he complains for the duration of your taunt, he knows he screwed up, and wants to make it your fault for feeding. Explain to him he messed up, and you tried to help him. Explain to him you outdamage, outharass, and outsmart him. If he gets the points, he will be fine. If not, don’t bother explaining yourself. Endgame statistics will prove you are the right one.
Be careful. Don’t take it as a personal insult, if you have to back to your turret. There are times you need to. If you have money for say boots, and you are low on health, don’t be afraid to blue pill back get the boots, and teleport back in the fight.
Play to your advantages, yours and your partner’s, and to you enemies’ weaknesses.
Following this simple philosophy several outcomes may emerge:
a)You kill one or both of them mid lane, after they underestimated you. Push, heal with vorpal, read the turret huggers.
b) You trade kills, but you and an enemy are still standing. Heal with vorpal, and go to the turret huggers, or go back to base if you nearly escaped your death.
c) You died, but one or more of the enemies are dead, as well. You could do better. Evaluate what happened, and how to counter it next time. Buy something, and teleport back, or walk if you used it.
d) You died, and your partner is dead. You got punked. You probably know why. Discuss it with your partner, and go back in the fight. You have the benefit of being underestimated. You can turn it around quite nicely.

The BUSHES Gankers
You know what I mean. There is one or more guys in the bushes, and they harass you from there. They come out hit you and they go back in. There is often a Garen involved.
It depends on who they are, and who your partner is. If they are heavy melee champs, or melee and ranged auto attack, you usually don’t want to go in there with say Ryze, or Veigar.
If they are stronger champs you want them to come out. Keep your minions between yourselves and the bushes, and take out their minions with auto attacks. You are waiting for the second wave. When the second wave comes out take them out again. Now you have an army of your minions between you and them. If they are smart, they will go into their bushes; you can try and vorpal them on their way. You are level two now (creeps in the jungle), and you have feint. If they attack you, feint and run to your minions. If they chase you fight among the minions, vorpal them, and kill them. Minions hurt early game. If they back in their bushes just continue auto attacking their minions. It is a game of nerve. Show them you got more.
If Garen helicopters you out of the bushes just wait for it to end, and go in. He is an auto attack champ for the next ten seconds. Wreak havoc, and back out. Let him repeat. Kill him.

The Turret Huggers
You’ve done it. The enemy has retreated under the deceptive safety of their turret. Now it’s time to kill them. The following is not an option, if they have a stunner. If they have Ramm, or Shen do not be afraid of taunt. Ramm’s taunt is on a shorter range than your vorpal. Shen’s taunt will earn him a ki strike apart from vorpal. It’s a judgment call with him.
The enemy is lower in hp and mana than you and your teammate. You are probably level 4 or 5. Follow your minion wave under their turret. Approach from the far angle. Vorpal an enemy, just when the turret strikes at a minion, and back. If the turret targets you, and you are still in its range, feint. Repeat. You will get some damage, but you will deliver 100, or 140 without mitigation with each vorpal. If they are under 100 hp, and have no Heal, Ignite them. They will die. Write CLASSIC in the /all channel.
If they stand Vorpal their minions and heal. Repeat the combo. They will run away, or die.
If there is just one guy on low hp. Approach him, make sure ki strike is ready. Target him with G for you teammate. Ki strike him, vorpal, ignite, dash away. Make sure you have at least 250 hp. If you didn’t kill him, your teammate did.
Rape the tower.
NOTE: You want to keep your ignite for situations like this one. Never start a fight with it. It looks like you are panicked, and you probably are. Use it to kill.

Stand United
Good ult. Not great, but **** good.
The ult teleports you directly behind the guy you use it on. If your target dies, before you finish the 2.5 sec channeling, you won’t get teleported. If they break through the shield, but your target is still alive after the 2.5 channel, you will get teleported. Sometimes you will ult in a team fight, where you can’t see anything, because they are all on top of each other. Press your E, and watch for its direction arrow. Direct it at baddies end left-click.
The first objective of your ult is to deny kills across the map early and mid game. You need good map awareness. Keep an eye on the health bars in your upper left screen. Quite often they will not refresh, unless you scroll the screen to the respective player. Crappy. Ask your teammates to ping for ult in the beginning of the game, and ask them again, when you hit level 6.
There are a lot of noobs, who think Shen is required to watch them, and hurry to their rescue once they messed up. They can’t believe you are actually quite busy in your own lane, and you need focus on what’s happening there. If anyone ever accuses you of not ulting to save him, just ask him what would he do if you weren’t there? There are always noobs, who will try to blame you for their own mess. Make sure they know it is their own fault dying in the first place.
However, you don’t want to miss saving them, because you will most probably miss a kill, or two. You are not your teammates’ guardian angel. You are a predator on the prowl, and map awareness is very important.
Keep an eye on corridors, where champs are below half their health. Fifty percent chance something is about to go down. Make sure the enemy has committed to killing a teammate—he is low on health, and focused, or he is running, and they are chasing him. Ult on him. Dash away from him. Vorpal and Ki. Ninety percent there is a kill right there. Chase the other one, try to kill him, take the turret down, if you can.
Sometimes you can ult for strategic purpose. The other lane has scored a double kill, but they are low on health. Ult on them and push the tower, together you can make quick job of it.
The notable “turret dive ult”. More a legend than actually a viable move.

When not to use it.
Three guys chasing your teammate, in the jungle far from friendly towers, or players. DON’T. He is probably already dead, so when you ult on him, things will quickly turn into 3v1. They killed twice, not once.
The resident feeder has once again got himself "ganked". DON’T. Using your ult on this guy is a waste. Let them have their gold, and you will probably use your ult in the next minute on someone that matters.
You are too low on health. It’s a judgment call. Sometimes they will kill you, but you will give them a fight. Sometimes you will kill them.


There are many definitions of mid game. To me it is when their tower is down, or mine is down. This is killing time for Shen. Once you hit vorpal lvl 4, and feint lvl 2, you become quite unpleasant.
Attack enemy turrets, where people are still laning. Do the harass under turret thing, but if you have two more players backing you, and the enemy is below average on health(or they are squids), make sure you G an enemy and initiate with Ki and then Vorpal. You can Ignite, and then Feint and run. Chances are you will kill them both under “the deceptive safety of their turret”. Even if you get only assists, we know who killed them, right?
Focus on three things: farming, pushing, and ganking.
Get creeps, get minions; teleport to a lane to get a large minion wave. Ult to a team fight to get a kill or assist. Assist in an intelligent gank.
You don’t want to spend much time with the team. The more you are, the less experience you gain. You want to outlevel the enemies at all times. You want your teammates to act intelligently without you. If they defend a tower, you push a lane. In this phase, they can usually hold a tower against an overwhelming force. If things get sour, ult in, or teleport in. Use your judgment. Don’t give in to excessive pinging on your icon, unless things are going bad.
Another reason you need one more tank in the team: you are so good by yourself.

Escaping a gank
Let’s say you are pushing a lane, and two or three guys come out. If they are squids with no disables, have fun. Harass them. Keep an eye for the rest of their team, though. If they are not on the minimap, they are coming your way.
You want to be close to a jungle barrier. They will chase you, but you must dash across. Ping to your team. They will still chase: there might be someone faster on their team, who believes he can catch you: Rammus, Kass, Trynd. Let them chase you, but make sure you ping to your team. If it gets hot dash across another jungle patch. By this time a lot of your teammates will be somewhere near, if they are greedy, bloodthirsty, vicious predators like yourself. Set up the ambush and enjoy the outcome.

End Game
There are three possibilities:
a) The enemy is broken, most of their towers are down, and you and your team are working for your first inhibitor. You have a good lead in kills, and you are better geared. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. There is little chance they will turn it around.
b) It is evenly matched: towers down, kills, champions. You need to do what you do best. Deny kills. Even if your teammates fall down, chances are you will be the last man standing.
c) They are kicking your ass. It happens. It is probably well known why it happens. Address the issues change your strategy, improve the tactics. It is all team play now, and there is still chance for a turn around. Not if they have twenty kills more, though.
5v5 Fights
There is so much I can say here, but it is more of the game mechanics, and less about Shen.
The best case scenario is someone else initiates and you get to ult on someone being focused. Shen is not the best initiator, but he is not bad either. Dash for someone, and feint. This is where they unleash everything on you. You will probably fall under 50% health. Vorpal their carry, and stick to him like glue, or start backing and pick off the ones who chased the bait. By now the cavalry is right behind you, and hopefully making a mess of them. Dash again if you get a chance, but don’t be afraid to start backing to base. Quite often I will look so miserable after initiation, that their whole team will be on me trying to kill me. Hopefully, your whole team is picking them off. Feint as often as possible, dash when you get a chance, and ki as much as you can. Keep a vorpal in the mix as well.
Shen is a powerful champion, who can absorb a lot of damage, and annihilate most squids. But it is a 5v5 game. Be smart and useful for your team. Don’t get cocky. I have pulled a quadra kill with him once or twice, but I had a team behind me. Dash as often as possible!!!
This is the one true way to play Shen. There is no point investing in dash, when you gain so little of it early game. This way is more viable, better for the team, and most of all great fun.
If you are recklessly aggressive, and like to be a tank and carry, Optimus Shen is your guy. I had moments with him that made me laugh, cry, and shout. He had my heart in my throat one second, and my fist victoriously in the air a second later. If you feel like a ninja assassin, if you imagine to be a gladiator champion, if you think you need to be the autobot leader, and no one else…
You won’t regret it.

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I had to cut out 3000 characters, so if something is unclear, please ask.
I welcome any recommendations, question, discussions. Please rate the guide.
If someone feels offended by anything I said, I apologize. I tried to be mildly entertaining, while writing this.
I hope it will get added in the guide section, since it is a different approach to Shen.
I sincerely hope, you will find this useful.

EDIT: OK, it is official: Optimus Shen is in the Guide Directory. Thanks, Riot.
I will make some edits in the main section of the guide during the weekend. I admit some parts sound pretentious as hell, and others are just not politically correct.
Thanks for all positive posts, and all constructive criticism. There are some really good ideas for item builds, which can really benefit Optimus Shen's style of play. I will try and include them in this second post, so they are more visible to players. I will include contributing players' credits as well, since they are well deserved.
I hope with a little more work we can make this guide better, and popularize a valid approach to playing Shen.

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Good guide!

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good guide...pro samail

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why dont you just put it up on leaguecraft or something, this guide is going to disappear from here eventually.....

and tl;dr

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wow this is a really bad guide

1. ok dont taunt let the enemy rape your carry instead
2. yeah keep vorpaling enemy melee minions so your pushed up ont heir turret and get repeatedly ganked by the enemy jungler
3. get 1-2 warmogs on one of the worst farmers in the game
4. talk **** in the beginning of the game so you are more embarassed when u lose

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Why do you say FoN is, paraphrased, "so-so"? You're grabbing Warmogs so you're going to need MR to counter Bloodrazor. The % health regeneration is great considering how much HP you get from Warmogs alone, on top of its own non% regen. To top that off, it gives you bonus movement speed which you claim in your guide as being something Shen needs and why you prefer Swiftness over all other boots. I'm not sure why you would only rate this item as average considering the strategy.

To livestock: you get Warmog stacks on champion kills or assists, not just minion kills. It also takes less time to max on top of that while providing more upfront. It's not just a "farmer's item" anymore.

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"wow this is a really bad guide

1. ok dont taunt let the enemy rape your carry instead
2. yeah keep vorpaling enemy melee minions so your pushed up ont heir turret and get repeatedly ganked by the enemy jungler
3. get 1-2 warmogs on one of the worst farmers in the game
4. talk **** in the beginning of the game so you are more embarassed when u lose"

And we have the first hater

1. I don't let anyone rape my carry. If Shen wasn't in the game, would it be Shen's fault for the carry to die? Shen doesn't kill his own carries. Their sheer stupidity does. They have escape mechanics of their own. They have common sense.
Besides I never said "don't taunt". I argue it diminishes Shen's effectiveness to invest in taunt more than one point. One point can be enough to save someone.
2. Good point for the jungler. Obviously I missed a good point of advice. If there is an enemy jungler and you are laning against two enemies, then ward the shrub and be careful. If you are laning against a single opponent just be careful.
3. I am usually top two or three for minion kills. I am usually the number one assist. I am usually top three for kills. In most games I complete my core set, and it is gg. If it takes awhile, I usually buy, whatever I want in all slots, and have gold remaining.
4. Yes and no. No, I am not embarrassed, even if I lose. I did well all game. Talking played a part for me doing well, no matter how big or small it was.

On a side note. I just had a game against a tank Shen. He was very good early game. Very aggressive and very skilled. He made me and my teammate back to my tower. He had Morgana on his side, I had GP. Both of them good. They made me, and my teammate go back to the base. Then we made them go back to theirs. We managed to kill them at lvl 6, which in my experience means we had competent opponents.
He went tank build with taunt>vorpal>feint.
At level 10 I was 6/2/6, and he was 4/4/2.
At this point I would initiate team fights with taunt just to get close, and punish the carry. In a fight 3v3 they strike back, but surprisingly they hurt only my feelings, because I feint. One of their carries is almost dead thanks to me. Then tank Shen taunts me, and I auto attack him. He has Randuins, I have Sunfire plus negatron and a giant's belt. I auto attack him with Ki, while taunted. My Ryze ults him, and Shen runs for their base. The stupid carry I attacked earlier is still there, and I just finish him. My guys finish the other one, while the turret hits me.
My point being: he spent his points in taunt, and he grew weaker for it. His teammates failed to deliver for his sacrifice. He ended up really annoyed with them, and they flamed at him on top of that. He had a positive kill/death ratio.
I invested in Ki, vorpal, and feint, and my team would often follow me into turret dives, knowing I can deliver. I would tank just by being between them, and the attackers, by being hyper aggressive, and hyper dangerous.
By being a real threat.
Ryze beat me by one kill, but I was top assists.
We won.

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1.You can win normal games regardless of team comp, and ranked games aren't worth dodging.
2. Horrible items. Warmogs on Shen? Boots of Swiftness? Most games will be over before you even finish your core items. That's not what core items are.
3. Gold quints and energy regen quints are horrible.
4. Ignite + Teleport Shen is worse than Smite Pantheon.
5. Don't max W over E
6. This is just really bad and I never actually read the guide, I just scanned it. I'm sure I would rage even harder if I read the whole thing.

Edit: Oh wait, one more thing:


You're really, really, really, really bad.

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You should not be building items aiming to increase ki strike by some more. It's a helpful passive, but letting it dictate your build is a terrible idea. Warmogs at base increases your ki strike by 32~ damage, at full stacks its 48~. Great, you do an extra 48 magic damage every couple of seconds. How worthless (the damage bonus, that is). Unless you get a really good taunt on multiple champoins, the dps from this is terrible.

Since your build emphasizes feint, why the hell don't you build resists before warmogs? Your ability is the equivalent of giving you temporary hp, which works best with damage mitigation, not straight up more hp.

Warmogs isn't "worst item in the game anymore" but you need a really REALLY good reason to get it before resists. Shen's passive is not such a reason.

it's also quite silly to be ignoring aegis on shen. It's hands down the most cost effective item in any fight that isn't 1v1. Just becaues it's not as obvious as OMFG SUNFIRE BURNING doesn't mean it's bad. No, it won't solve people playing bad, but really what does?

another thing, boots of swiftness is usually inferior. If you're chasing, then it's better to have less duration on cc, because you can catch up with taunt. If you're being chased, you want less duration on cc so you can survive long enough to dash through a wall. It's very nice if you can get ninja tabi instead (if they have lots of AD) because with taunt + mobility mastery, you will almost always proc the bonus move speed in a teamfight.

agreed with alex on poor choice of quints.

As for whether feint is actually better than taunt... i disagree for a few reasons, but it's a legitimate build and i'd like to see your responses to these criticisms first

just my 2c from playing shen in ranked