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How to change buddy icons!

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**NOTE:These changes are only client-side and have no influence over other players**

So I found a funny little way to change the buddy icons in-game to anything you'd like.But as stated above this is client-sided so only you will see the new picture and also the picture which you'll replace will be seen on all the other players that used the original image.

Anyhow...first find an image you'd like to have as your buddy icon.Now I do not know if it has to be the exact same size but feel free to test this.So make the image the same size as the other buddy icons which is 128x by 128x.And now rename the image to profileIcon and any number from 0 to 28.Other number won't work.So as an example if you'd want to replace the first buddy icon with your preferred one it should be named the absolutely the same - profileIcon0 .
And you're done,of course you have to replace the original image with the new one but I think that's the next logical step,right? =p

Would be fun if others could actually see it. ;D And if this violates any rules(though it being client-sided I couldn't see how)please delete this thread.