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[Champion Concept] Rocco, The Unbreakable

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Straight to business

ROLE: TOP , Possibly a JUNGLER (nothing to help jungle in his kit but probably ganks well)

HP: 438 (+86)
HPREGEN: 6.7 (+.70)
AD: 53 (+3.4)
AS: .656 (+2.69)
ARMOR: 18 (+3.35)
MR: 30 (+1.25)

Passive: Vis: Rocco gets more powerful each time he receives physical damage. Each time Rocco receives physical damage from an enemy champion or large monster, [baron, dragon, blue and red] he gains 1 stack of Might.

Might: 5 stacks maximum, dissipate 1 at a time after 5 (+.25xcurrentlevel) seconds. (9.5 seconds at max rank) Each stack gives 2 armor and magic resist to Rocco.

Rocco becomes more violent every time he deals damage. Each time one of his abilities land, (on any enemy minion, monster, or champion) he gains a stack of Force.

Force: 5 stacks maximum, dissipate 1 at a time after 15 seconds. (yes 15) For each stack of force, Rocco gains 3 AD and 2% Attack Speed.

Q: Power: Rocco's next auto attack hits so hard that he stuns the enemy opponent for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds and deals 50/75/115/140/190(.3AD) bonus magic damage. This auto attack releases his stacks of Might and his stacks of Force. For each stack of Might consumed in the attack, the enemy loses 2 armor and magic resist for 4/5/6.5/7.5/9 seconds. (champions only) For each stack of Force consumed in the attack, the enemy is stunned for .1 more seconds. (+.5 seconds on stun for 5 Force stacks)

Cooldown: 12 seconds Cast: Auto Self Cast

W: Painful Pride: Rocco becomes prideful and charges headfirst into the first enemy in his way. Upon activation, Rocco plants his foot and channels for .5 seconds before shooting forward in a full sprint, dealing 90/120/140/160/200 (+.4 AD) to the first enemy in his path. Deals 300% to minions. If an enemy champion is hit, Rocco gains 1 stack of Force. (Channel can be interrupted)

Cooldown: 8 Seconds Cast: Skillshot (dash)

E: Body Slam: Rocco slams his massive body into the ground smashing his targets in a 350 AOE Range, slowing them by 15/25/30/35/45% and dealing 75/100/140/195/220(.25AD) Physical damage.

Leap Range: 600 Cooldown: 15 Seconds Cast: AOE Skillshot

R: RAGE!: Rocco slams the ground with his fist and slows every enemy and himself by 30% for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds and deals 200/360/650(+.35 AP) magic damage within a 500 range radius. After the duration of the slow, Rocco goes into a frenzy as his muscles pump and bulge. He gains 10% movement speed, 2 stacks of Force and 2 stacks of Might instantly, and 35 AD for 7 seconds. He becomes immune to silences and blinds for the duration as well.

Cooldown: 85/75/65 Cast: Auto Self Cast

Now you are probably wondering what this guy looks like.

APPEARANCE: He's like a super oversized Lee Sin. He's shirtless, ripped, and wearing kind of torn up pants. He has wavy brown hair down to his neck and is usually screaming at stuff. Kind of tan. Brown gloves.

LORE: I don't really have a lore for this guy. HELP!
I figure he was trained since a young age to be so strong, maybe he was leader of some fist fighting clan.
I don't know!? Help!
He is from Noxus, though.
CHAMPION SELECT: *Lets out a gruesome manly battle roar.*

Joke 1: I don't tell jokes. I crush people. *brief pause* That wasn't a joke.
Joke 2: You know what is a joke? MY ENEMIES!

Taunt 1: Puny people will suffer!
Taunt 2: I will crush anyone who fights against Noxus!

Laugh: *nothing happens* *after 15 seconds of silence if laugh isn't interrupted*
Ha. Hahaha. There, are you happy summoner?

Movement 1: Alright.
Movement 2: When can I crush stuff?

Dance: *Flexes. A lot.*

1. You can initiate and peel very well, choose which one suits your team best in team fights.
2. Try to gain stacks of Force before stunning someone, .1 - .5 seconds could make all the difference in a kill!
1. Don't get caught by his charge, take note when his foot gets placed down. Dodge it before the channel finishes!
2. Click on Rocco to figure out how many stacks of Might and Force he has. Make sure you know what he can do before engaging on him.

IMPORTANT: The picture attached comes from Google images. I do not claim the artwork! Let it be whoever created it.
Anyway, I imagine the figure looking similar to this photo, but possibly with long wavy brown hair.

Strong man img.jpg

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Bump since its been forever