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Tear of Goddess/Yorick bug

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Junior Member


I just noticed that the tear of goddess isn't working properly with Yorick.

It says "Mana Charge: Grants +4 maximum Mana (max +750 Mana) for each spell cast and Mana expenditure (occurs up to 2 times every 8 seconds)."

However, it only triggers on Yorick's "Omen of War" skill, and not on Omen of Pestilence or Famine. If they don't count as "spells" then they should still fall under "mana expenditure", as they cost mana to cast.

I had the same problem when it was upgraded to the Manamune.

That's all. Just thought I'd point it out.

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Kazymandias Bot

Junior Member


I'm having the very same problem, except that it's not that simple.

ANY of the abilities can trigger the Tear animation, but not every time.

For example, when I first engage a jungle camp, my first use of any of the three abilities does not trigger the Tear animation. The second ability usually does...but the timer goes much faster than usual. The third one may or may not trigger the animation, but of it does it'll be with the normal speed of the timer.

This pattern doesn't seem to change much, no matter which ability (Q, W, E) I use first, second, or third.

Surely some of you guys have noticed this problem, too. Or feature, if they're doing it on purpose. Is it a sort of nerf of Yorick?

Yorick IS unusual. For example, he is not in the free champion rotation. He's the only one who is not.