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Champion Test System

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Lord Karnage97

Junior Member


I know it has been mentioned,but,it still needs to be done.
The option to play any champ for free,but only in practice games.
Now,this would be used to test many champs you would like to buy or try-out,
to keep things fair,practices in witch you played theses champs (not the rotation week ones),
but the try-out champs,would give you 0 IP and XP,it wouldnt feel right to get money for something you dont have .
Also,i think it would be nice to add more bots (for example a Mordekaiser bot etc) let there be a bot of every champ in the game

Thank you for reading

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Senior Member


I agree on all the points in this post, if only because of my lamentable decision to waste points on Warwick. Totally turned out to be not my playstayle, and now he just sits there in my champ list, Even a short tutorial mission with them would be nice.