alistar as a dps

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Someone was talking about some tournament with

wilddot or shushie

where alister used boots of mobility, mejais, to kill rather than tank

what were they referring to, does anyone know?

"malphite of the month"?

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basically you have to learn to time your heabutt to pulverize combo as close to 100% as you can. Then you can use these two move for absolutely viscous burst and cc on an opponent during the laning phase. You can roam and acquire stacks on him if you are being very successful with ganks. I had an alistar on my team the other game that got pretty fed and was able to do half health to malphite for a kill with his shield up in one combo, and their malphite was their most fed player. Alistar is tough to learn to use well though, and you wont have success with a build like that until you are very comfortable with his mechanics

here is a link i made earlier in the week. I discuss my mindset when playing alistar and how i go about harrassing in the lane phase, runes, masteries, etc. Some of it has changed since I've learned to play him better myself, but my mindset in a lane stays the same.

Reep has a livestream and plays an impressive alistar, i recomend you check out his videos to understand how to set up headbutt effectively.