Hi everyone,

I wanted to drop by and announce that we're kicking off our new tournament rules beta test starting right now!

Why beta test a rulebook? Well, we want this to be a living document that grows and evolves along with the community. This first version is the starting point, and we'll keep iterating as often as we need to.

We want the tournament rules to be a great resource that organizers and players can use to have a consistently great event experience. We've packed this doc with tons of information and guidelines, but in order for this to work best for players and organizers, we need to know if we're missing anything or leaving out crucial info.

If anything is confusing or impossible to understand this is your chance to help clarify and ask the questions you need the answers to. The info in this doc is designed to help you and improve event experiences, so if it's not working for you, let us know.

Check out the new rules here, and get started with our prized events over here. I'll be answering questions in the forums, but I wanted to address a few right here.

Why only English?

Eventually we'll release tournament rules in all of our supported languages. For now, we're still heavily iterating on the doc, and before opening a wider feedback loop, we want to focus on improving this first version.

Is this supposed to be for LCS or Challenger Series play?

Nope. While this was produced with guidance from the rules gurus on the esports team, the LCS and Challenger Series have their own rulebook that focuses on the highest level of competitive play. These tournament rules are a resource for community organizers that anyone can choose to use to help ensure a great experience for every level of competition.

Is this required for Riot-sanctioned tournaments?

Not at this time. While we're developing this program, we want to provide guidelines, helpful hints, tips and general advice for running awesome events, not require organizers to use one set of rules. Visit our prized events page to learn more about what we expect from Riot-sanctioned events.