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riot, i would like to be alerted when the people i reported are banned

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Completely agree!

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Tyrant Zell

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I wish it would show us how many people we banned from our reports.

Kind of like the tribunal. Except you actually know your reports DID do something

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I agree with some of the other players here, we have to break down the feature and problem space.

I think players want strong feedback loops for every action they have in League of Legends (or really, anything you do in life). If you Honor someone, you might want to get some feedback about that action--did that person unlock an Honor ribbon later and you helped them do it? Did the person continue on a 3-game winning streak afterwards? If you Report someone, you might also want some feedback that the action did something. Did the player end up improving their behaviors, or getting a chat-ban?

However, having feedback for every action is not the same as encouraging vindictiveness or revenge behavior. We've talked about more feedback for Honors and Reports in the past, and we're definitely open to the idea and have a few designs in mind; but, we'd probably never reveal player names in any of the feedback due to privacy issues and the fact that it'd create some unnecessary witch-hunting behaviors.

For now, the player behavior team is heavily invested in trying to get Team Builder in a state that players would enjoy on Live servers. Our research shows that a lot of bad behavior results from good people experiencing triggers or contexts such as having a bad day, having a bad game, etc. We haven't seriously invested time in preventing these contexts or triggers, and believe Team Builder is the highest value to players right now compared to working on things like improving feedback loops for our other systems.

i thank you for taking time to read and respond to my thread

i feel the honor system was a total blow out and having a feedback system for it would be like beating a dead horse.

of course i think team builder is a fantastic idea and would make champ select and the overall game's environment much more friendly. i would agree that teambuilder is of higher priority than this report feedback system

i would greatly appreciate consideration of this type of system into the game after all the big priorities are taken care of.

best of luck and may 2014 bring good things