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Mundo + Warwick + DFG + Bloodrazors

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Baron Corm

Senior Member


Basically my strategy was outlined in the thread title, but here's some numbers. I'm assuming no Magic Resistance, which is foolish, but you have to consider that the combo will deal more than 100% of an enemy's maximum life. With something like Abyssal Scepter to help out, it will work even better.

1a. Autoattack whenever possible to deal damage equal to 4% of the enemy champion's maximum health with Madred's Bloodrazors. This is essentially how to compensate for Magic Resistance.
1b. Activate Mundo's Deathfire Grasp to bring the enemy champion to 70% of its maximum health.
2. Activate Warwick's Deathfire Grasp " 49% ".
3. Throw Mundo's Cleaver " 36.75% ".
4. Use Warwick's Strike " 16.75% ".
5. Use Warwick's ultimate to hit 6 times with Madred's Bloodrazors, dealing 24% of the enemy champion's maximum health in damage, which is overkill (bringing the enemy champion to -7.25% of its maximum health).

This combo has a cooldown of 100 seconds due to Warwick's ultimate, but if they haven't stacked Magic Resistance, you can pull this off without it. This changes the cooldown to 60 seconds due to Deathfire Grasp.

Essentially, you're going to kill any champion, including a fully-stacked Cho'gath, nearly instantly, at a pretty decent range. Granted, it gimps your items, wastes all of your resources on a single target, and I would never use it in an actual game, but I thought it could be fun . If you want to gimp your items further, there's no harm in adding Sorcerer's Shoes and Void Staff into the mix, nearly guaranteeing the swift kill. Also don't forget the 15 Magic Penetration mastery. If they have stacked Magic Resistance so much that even this does not kill them, go physical Warwick and Mundo instead, and tear them apart!

If you want something more realistic, put the DFGs, Abyssal Scepter, et cetera on your mages, and have your Warwick and Mundo go physical, but keep the Bloodrazors. This will create nearly the same effect, you just have to work together. On a dedicated mage, the DFGs will deal damage closer to 40% of the enemy champion's maximum health, and Warwick and Mundo will be contributing more physically, to make up for their magical loss.

This combo can instantly kill a troublesome player in a late-game team fight, and leave your champions ungimped so that they can continue to rip the other team apart in a 5v4. Not to mention, Mundo + Warwick + Mage + Mage + Physical Carry is actually a pretty good team composition.

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Haha sounds like a nice combo.

Byebye Yi or Twitch