Teemo Item Build

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Hey guys, this is my strategic guide post on Teemo!

First Item: Bersearkers Greaves
I find bersearkers greaves pretty good on nearly all champs!
Thats one way to kick start off teemo!

2nd item: Malady
I reallly like this item since Teemo is really good at his AP skills
and it provides both AS and AP for teemo

3rd item: Malady
Yes, Malady again! Teemo is known for his massively AS!

4th Item; Zhonya's Ring
I really like this item mainly of it's active abililty; where you can be invulnerable for a few seconds but unable to take any actions during those few seconds! And it's really helpful for Teemo as it give an addition 120+ AP to him

5th Item: Frozen Mallet
Right now, it would be best for Teemo to buy health items as he is really **** squishy!
If you're wondering how you can manage to survive until the 5th items is really simple, stand beside/behind your ally

6th/Last Item: This is personally your choice of item actually. Depending on the situation, I'll buy Phantom Dancer, More AP build, or increase mana/mana regen

Hope you guys liked it

Check out my Teemo Gameplay Video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPsX-dEsbCk

P.S. Part 7 of the gameplay is lost :/