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Why put healers in the game if you hate them so much?

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Critical Error:
Pretty sure the 65% number was out there because when you had a lot of people playing healer/had heal summoner spell, it was pretty powerful. Kind of sucks for the lone healer in a more balanced squad though as with 3-4 healers, even with 65% debuff you could pump out heal, but as a solo healer you just cant compete.

a problem that was handled by changing how the heal mastery worked and by reducing the healing of allies by 50% if they've been healed recently.

exec's calling took absolutely no part in removing 5 summoner heals from the metagame. all it can claim to have done is make certain champs useless.

If you read the Test Realm patch notes, they're buffing Spirit Visage to increase healing and regen by 30%

Yeah, and that's awesome, but that doesn't address Exec's calling at all. That's really a dumb way to "fix" Exec's,

Hmnm, healing is not important. healing should not be important. end thread.

Then remove healing champs, mr pr0sawz.

Exec > Soraka takes skill.

She's still viable.

Since Exec's was buffed, every game I've played as Soraka that the other team built an Exec's.. we lost. Every game I've played as Soraka and the other team did NOT build Exec's, we won. With more varied builds and play styles than you could imagine.

Exec's is simply too hard of a counter to healing at 65% reduction for one piddly autoattack. Most heals in the game only heal 1 or 2 melee hits late game anyway, add an exec's and Wish is healing for about as much extra damage as that carry is picking up from their Infinity Edge. Totally awesome.

To negate 65% of what any other champion gets you need 300 armor or magic resist, that's expensive. Or if their thing is CC, you can get that from merc treads, but it's nowhere near a 65% reduction and I think we'd all agree that would be over the top. So why neuter healing so hard, so cheaply, so easily? It was to break the summoner-heal minigame (which was not related to push teams, that was more a Promote cheese than a Heal cheese, and sorry but if they didn't have Promote they were just a low-DPS, high-survivability team).

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The only thing it's caused me to do is stop playing my favorite champion because I'm useless with a single item on anything with an autoattack (oh wait...)