Help me with my udyr build!

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Hello, so in the weekend udyr was free (as were all champs) So for some reason i ended up playing like ~10 games with him, and i had so much fun! So i bought him and i just wanted to get some feedback of my build, and some recommendations for runes and/or other thoughts about udyr in general
So i get:
Heart of gold

And as for skills i get: Turtle first, then tiger/bear and phoenix last. Phoenix used to be the way to go, but after the nerf i heard alot of people say that getting tiger is better, so any thoughts on this?

And the sunfires is a situational item so could have been a FoN or a thornmail aswell
I usually do veeery well with this build, and in some of the games i actually "carried" my team :P

Ty in advance!