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@Riot, Fix your Game Already!

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GodKilleR 999

Senior Member


There's just way too many bugs in this game and too little being done about them, you can buff/nerf champions all you want, but there's a problem when a broken engine makes some stronger than they should be, anyway here's an attempt at recording as many bugs as possible, may they be old or new, maybe if a red shows up some of them might actually get fixed (or be acknowledged at least).

Upvotes are nice and all, but if you don't post anything the thread won't get anywhere, even if you say something like 'this bug is really annoying', it's still something worth saying.

Putting them in the 'bug report' forum seems to be a waste of time to me seeing as rarely anything gets done about them, especially the more major ones.

I'll divide it into 3 categories Big/Medium/Small, nothing complicated really and should be easy to understand when you see the bug in question, so let's get starting (if you wish to add a bug I'll edit it in, just explain it or give a video of it).


1)Interaction between targeted abilties (AA too) and displacement abilities when you go out of the maximum range. It will still go through if the enemy started casting it before you were out of the maximum range. There should be a certain distance (lets say 300) above the max range where the ability/AA should not go through (note think of how Singed/Voli flip used to interact with flash). Here's different versions of the bug.

1.1)Targeted dashes damaging when being stopped/flashing away, I'm sure if you've ever flashed as Fizz/Jax Q's you, you know the pain of still somehow dying to it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFUnsM77khk

1.2)Melee AA going through a flash, that awkward moment when you flash and the udyr bear form still stuns you.

1.3)A targetted CC that was casted a tiny bit before you're out of range, like Ryze W or Lissandra ult still casting when you've flashed over a wall way over their max range.

1.4)An ability going through while you're CCed if you started your casting animation (note that the ability itself has not finished being cast) here's a couple examples:

2)Hard CC acting wrong when using it on someone trying to do something while CCed, happens a whole lot when chaining CC one after another, it is especially noticable when flashing while being CCed.

2.1)http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1xeruc/spoiler_snoopeh_silence_bug_prevents_kill_on/ a reddit post that shows a good example of the bug in a pro match where Thresh is able to flash when being silenced after he has been stunned.
http://youtu.be/suwxAD6Vr_Q?t=2m2s Jinx being able to take the lantern while stunned.

2.2)Zhonya procing when stunned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq-DFoIvl5Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky6ppxF4_nY&feature=youtu.be&t=12m50s
If you look carefully you can see that the status bar of kass (first) and swain (second) show that they are stunned and that hourglass happens a bit after the start of the stun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQj-qTzDGmo&feature=youtu.be Lissandra ulting a Katarina while she's using zhonya and dealing no damage.

3)Empowering your AA with a damage steroid won't work on your next AA if you were already in the process of doing it (its windup time). This is also a reason why blinds seem to buggy, they don't work if the enemy you were using it on was already preparing his next AA, it also feels weird for the enemy since if the blind goes away (lets say he's ranged) while he was charging his AA (before the missile goes out) it won't deal any damage.


1)AA enhancers going away when stopping the AA midway or it procing on a minion when it's about to die (Nasus players you know). It's still possible to apply effect that would normally happen by killing the minion, for example Tristana E can still proc on a minion she came very close to last hit (without getting the killing blow/gold) and it will do the explosive damage around it.

2)AA missile disappearing if you move too fast after doing AA: Made a big thread about it some time ago and it was supposed to be fixed in patch 3.11, but it just made it occur less: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3644284&highlight= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfreb9HRwg

3)Disconnecting while sometimes grey out you summoners or your basic spells, make the whole map appear as if there was no FOW, make the minions become invisible and can also causes the animations (of abilities or else) to be invisible.

4)Being able to move while charmed/taunted but only from your point of view (happens when mass clicking, but it doesn't actually happen from the client POV), look at how derpy mundo moves while I'm mass clicking behind him and being taunted by rammus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28ROKZzPnT4

5)Abilities going on cd or costing mana when an enemy leave its effective range or dies while casting it (happens alot on Twitch expunge for example).

6)Interaction between on hit effects and blind/dodge, a stance need to be taken on this either it goes through or it doesn't, currently it's just very unclear what can be dodged/missed and how much of the AA will deal damage.

7)Effects of melee AA (being sound or animation) going off without the AA being completed, those spurts of blood that appear if you stop the AA late enough or that Jax third AA sound when he switches target mid way through an AA.

8)When an enemy is in attacking something that's in the FOW and you have vision of him but not his target it will look extremely strange as he does little twitches. You should be able to see the AA and spells go toward the target even if you don't see it.

9)Invisible skillshots, do I need to say more? They often happen when you're walking toward their source but the source itself is in the FOW. For example walking toward an enemy ezreal as he's casting his R, you will see the animation, but the projectile will be invisible.

10)Effects coming from spell can be visible in the FOW, it's even more likely if you're very close to the source of it. It's also possible to see effects that had happened in the past and makes it seem like someone is there.

11)Skillshots passing through champions they should have clearly hit, this is one is fairly rare and inconsistent though http://youtu.be/zd7h2W0d3rs?t=9s

12)The last animation you saw from an enemy champion (often his recall animation) will be visible on him when you see him again (also happens often with burn effects such as red buff).

13)Flips working over large mid distance displacements, this used to work against flash (still occasionally does). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmwzZw_MUew&feature=youtu.be

14)Projectiles that go back and forth (ex: draven ult, ahri Q), disappearing when you die.

15)Spells doing no damage upon death (or disappearing).

16)Spells and pets sometimes not following someone who flashes even if they didn't go in the FOW.

Fixed: 17)Shields making the game act like you didn't take damage. If you attack someone who's shielded without breaking it, their recall won't stop. Also you won't get the kill if you dealt damage while they had it and they execute themselves, same for assists some of the time.

18)Moving the source of a spell with a channel time makes it not match the visual of the said spell. For example Blitzcrank pulling Lux as she's channeling her ultimate won't move the red laser or the following burst of light but the damage will still be dealt in front of where Lux is now standing.

19)The ult indicators of your allies are often wrong when it comes to ultimate that have charges or the ones that can be interrupted by death/CC or stopped by its user.

20)Sometimes when champions with a circle indicator (ex: chogath Q) cast the spell from stealth or into a bush the indicator won't show.

21)Ignite damage cannot cancel recalls.

22)Flashing under enemy tower will sometimes remove the aggro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7YUaTGFaLA

23)When doing a targeted dash and getting knocked back, some champions will deal the damage twice.

24)When an AA modifier timer runs out mid AA it can reset/not do the damage of the modifier. Example Kayle E ending mid AA or TF timer on his W.

25)Link effects (such as Leblanc E or fiddle drain) don't check if the the conditions for which they can operate are all valid for each tick, even if you beyond the distance where it can still be linked to you it can sometimes still do it's effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gC1LY4cCyg&feature=youtu.be

26)Abilities and AA (from both champions and towers) going through space when using a big displacement ability. Think of when you use a flash/zed shadow to get away from that last tower shot and it somehow kills you before it even gets to you, in the case of zed you'll notice it'll deal the damage when it reaches the location of your shadow.
This bug occurs alot when doing something to someone who's about to finish his recall.

27)Towers not attacking an enemy champion when they should be http://youtu.be/UrKrvKq3FDQ?t=1m40s

28)When a spell (even summoner spells) is used extremely close to a killing blow the death recap will say that you were killed by it (how people get supposedly killed by flash/smite), easy to reproduce by starting Gragas E and then flashing into the opponent for a killing blow.


1)Walking through a wall after using a targeted jump, this wasn't a lolreplay bug it actually happened and those who saw were like wtf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c5biyDu7IE Edit: Here's a climp of Xpeke doing it with Lucian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UorS0n_NVzA

2)Syndra ball not stunning while being in the air from W (may have been fixed at the same time the rest of her bugs were fixed: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3937349&highlight=) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh8r4Ai3AMY

3)Twitch R missile can miss its primary target and works the same way the old Lucian Q targeted system did, since it's meant to be able to miss this way it should at least use the same targeting system system the current Lucian Q uses.

4)The last attack a tower shoots won't deal any damage if the tower dies while the missile is traveling.

5)When Nasus is silenced after activating his Q it won't proc while he's silenced (may affect other skill that act the same).

6)Champions walking through Jarvan wall through the use of movement speed enhancer and sometimes (though rarely) even without the use of them.

7)Syndra W going on CD when being knockedback (also sometimes happens when knockedup), it's only suppose to go on CD after the second cast of W, but in this case it just becomes unusable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcHn-OoqivE&feature=youtu.be

8)Ezreal's Q sometimes does not fire when autoattacking. Video below. Item effects and animations still take place, no dammage. http://youtu.be/a1WgmYXXJUs

9)When using Volibear Q as an AA reset it will sometimes not flip the target. http://youtu.be/fYweyOkFtFw?t=33s

10)When Thresh Q's someone and then try to flay them will the Q is still taking effect the flay will often not move them and sometimes will. A clear stance should be taken on whether it's suppose to or not.

11)Twitch R cannot damage inhibs/nexus.

12)Caitlyn often cast her E a bit before being CCed (not the displacement kind) and it won't make her move even though the net has been casted.

13)Champions can often walk through Anivia wall if it's casted too close to them.

14)Secondary effects from spells can affect a person shielded by Morgana, for example Caitlyn traps granting vision.

15)Vi ult won't stop even if she dies.

16)Yasuo wall can't stop Velkoz E. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsbQN6wodq4&feature=youtu.be

Client Side

1)The portrait of a champion being stuck on your screen if while you were hovering over his icon someone quits the queue.

2)Client going back to the homepage as the start of every queue pop (ex: when you're in the shop).

3)The chat box from spectator mode and the normal game being interlinked and the normal disappearing when you move it in spectator mode.

4)Checking other people profiles or their rank stats often just show your own or the last person you checked.

5)During the banning phase scrolling or hovering over champion icons will often not work.

6)When finishing a game it can sometimes show the end screen of one you had played before that (often happen with rank teams).

General Issues

1)Pathing when it comes to minions is pretty awful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAUrIGrQXNU

2)Pathing to do actions over walls doesn't work properly. For example if you playing Diana and want to go over the baron wall with your ult the fastest way is through a specific spot, but if you're not on that very spot when you send her to baron she'll go all the way around to the front of the pit instead of taking the fast way.

3)Golems aren't properly mirrored. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4115873&highlight=

4)The loss of a vision condition causes you to lose vision of a target. For example if you're attacking the white wraith over a wall and had gained vision from it due to a spell (think Jinx W) when the vision from it wear off you'll lose vision of the target even though you already fulfill the condition of being attacked by it and will only regain vision at it's next AA.

5)When a ward stealth inside a sweeper vision you'll lose vision of it for a second before you can see it again.

6)When attacking a pink ward and going outside the bush you'll still have vision of it for a bit and will be able to AA it some more.

7)Camera getting stuck in lock mode and requiring to mass click the minimap for it to unlock again.

8)Some old settings needing to be redone every game.

9)Sightstone is sometimes only able to keep 2 wards up.

10)Bushes will play their moving animation after you've already gone through if you weren't looking at them when your champion was moving.

TLDR: Compilation of bugs, post new ones on the thread and I'll edit them in if they're relevant.

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Senior Member


I agree, buff syndra.

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GodKilleR 999

Senior Member


I agree, buff syndra.

That totally not evil plan was already completed in another thread.

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GodKilleR 999:
There's just way too many bugs in this game.

Yeah I agree. We have to find a way to deal with Kha'zix, Kogmaw, Cho'Gath, Skarner,and Teemo.

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The AA thing bugs me.

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GodKilleR 999

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The AA thing bugs me.

Which one lol.

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those bugs helped u out godkiller...riot please fix these bugs by banning godkiller's account

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GodKilleR 999

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those bugs helped u out godkiller...riot please fix these bugs by banning godkiller's account

Which ones exactly?

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The bugs are real.

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a lowly player and >Member tells a big corporation how to fix it's game