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[Guide] Evelynn - Ninja Style v2.0

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Very nice guide! i just came across it today, myself being an eve addict. I was using those items aswell a while ago while i changed to dps eve. both has their advantages but to have a different playstyle i had to try the dps build (got bored of AP at some point) i would just get cd reduction runes with magic pen red..going for a 9-0-21 masteries for mana regen early game + the cd reduction from masteries starting at 20% or so. getting stealth as the first skill (of course), ravage at lv2 and spike at lv3, stealth again at lv4 and maxing out ravage then hate spike (i play more agressively, thats the way i like it and it works great) sheen, boots of mobility, rabadons - finish lich bane - get rylais..it worked well for me (never really read a guide about evelynn before today) ..the lack of hp from early game was a little annoying but i got used to it and played agressively while being cautious at the same time. never had much problem with it.

Now for the dps its awesome aswell laning with it. either AS runes or crit chance runes. i choose AS runes if i want to use a madreds to tear off tanks (with the atk speed from ult + madreds its fascinating how its deadly). just starting off with a sap crystal and 2 hp pots. getting around 1.3k gold to finish sheen and get basic boots by lv6. if i choose crit runes i go for trinity force (15% crit+ 22% from runebook+masteries) gettin a bf sword (35+50 AD) with the active of trinity and the crit jumping in..usually the game ends by then with a win unless my team r really not working together. if the game didnt end by then with a surrender, i upgrade my bf sword into either an infinity edge (25+37% crit = 62% crit and 260% crit dmg) with a 21-0-9 masteries. the active from trinity force makes this build quite scary. Or i get a black cleaver to get rid of defense (with ravage + black cleaver its awesome) the insane atk speed from eve's ult makes up for the loss of rylais with trinity force (35% chance) it just depends what kind if eve you prefer playing, i dont think theres any weaker eve, just the one playing it that really makes the difference. ah and for those that thinks that dps laning eve sucks..think twice when seeing a crit eve stunning u early game gettin 2-3 crit in a row while his/her teamate comes in ..and i dont rly care if ppl think this build sucks XD since ive tested it myself and it works like a charm. anyways after trinityforce or black cleaver i usually get some defensive items (if the game even gets any longer) like banshees, GA and atmas if i have over 3k hp. (2% of 3k hp = 60AD to have 18% crit and 48 def)

for the info about the oracles and towers its quite interresting..i never actually went between behind tower to be honest, i found it a bit risquy since i didnt know the ''safe'' spot between them even tho ive killed running champions there ocasionally. the range on oracle is good to know since i always been trying to avoid it by ''instinct'' and it worked so far..but knowing the real range is very useful.

in any case good work in that guide! makes me want to play eve even more than i already did lol

Could add a little thing aswell: ask your mid lane to ping if he needs a gank (even if ur only lv2) it could lead to an easy first blood. That happened to me quite frequently asking my team to ping if they needed gank. i had to move to mid when i was lv2, flash in stealth near the guy so i dont give him time to run away (by the time u get mid, they probly already wrote mias, and hes running back to his tower already, if hes smart) thats why i flash so i dont lose time (unless the guy has flash aswell, i dont waste mine) and then once the stun is over, i exhaust an finish him. its a 90% first blood most of the time. another useful spell is teleport...start ur stealth and press teleport right away..as u teleport on the other lane ur stealthed and can get an easy kill or assist..just gotta be aware of ur oposing team's health

btw sry talking about dps eve here, just wanted to share my experience as both eve and giving comparison..in the end from my opinion..THERE IS NO better eve, just the one playing it..and choosing her items is important, the way one plays is different from another. what i'd like to do is find a runepage that would work perfectly with both kind of eve in order to choose between dps or AP eve ''during'' the gameplay as one is building a sheen to adjust whether the team needs more AP or more dps.

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this Guide By far beats the rest always go 20+ Kills with only 5 or less deaths with her Love it makes me want to create my own guide